Tuesday, February 18, 2014

3 Day Weekend

This past weekend I...

Saturday: I went to visit with a woman I once met named Liz. Liz sells services from a business called SendOut Cards. She sent out invites on Facebook to invite people to meet up wither her on Saturday at 11am to go over the services offered. I decided to go, more out of a place of support. But then after she went over what her business offers I decided to get an account an start using it. 

Then I went to my dad's house to see if my sister wanted to come to an introductory speaking coach class later that day. She wasn't there so I invited my step-mom instead. Basically the woman hosting the class was another woman I met through our women's group named Lynn. Lynn helps people embody the message they want to share. Lynn had us greet members of the group by silently looking at one person at a time in the eye. No words -just trying to send out he message of "I'm glad you're here." Then each woman got up in fonrt of the group and spoke for about 1-2 minutes on "What makes you happy." It was harder than I thought it would be. Always nervous speaking in front of a new group. Then each woman spoke 1 word to positively describe the woman who just spoke. My accumulated words from the group were: 

-Pure Soul

I really want to sign up for the class, which consists of 4 sessions. But March is too busy of a month so I have to wait for a later date for the class to pop up. My step-mom also saw one of her friends at the class and we went out to dinner with her to Fish Market -which I had never been to before but will go to again because it was delicious. 

Sunday: Slept in, finally. Then went to Jos' house at 1:30pm to do strategy session for our women's group. She's basically booked every Sunday until the end of time for the small, internal PHB business to strategize over things. These meetings consist of Me, Jos, Leslie, and Hollman mostly brainstorming and attempting to accomplish things -which as I've said before is hard because they are brainstorm-oriented, not data-entry implementers. 

Then I had to leave the meeting early at 4:30pm because my Uncle Brad, Aunt Mary, and 2 cousins were in town and we had to drive to Oakland to meet them and my other cousin Elly. We went to an Ethiopian restaurant -first one I'd ever been to. It's kind of like Chinese where you get a combination of different food on one large, shared plate that everyone then picks off of. Only we didn't have individual plates -instead we had bread/burrito kind of stuff to scoop all the things we wanted to eat into.

Monday: Me Leslie at Starbucks at 11am in Sunnyvale -a pretty far distance form my place. Went over plans for me to finish the infographic she's paying me to work on as well as sending her the logo so she can use it as an avatar on her Facebook. Also discussed plans for her website.

Then drove over to East San Jose to pick up my mentees for our first outing -like I've discussed in a previous post. Despite all the planning, my first mentee I went to pick up called me and said "I'm not at my house, I forgot we made plans to go out. Oh well..." This was moderately surprising, but not really. My mentees have a habit of being kind of flaky -especially since they're teenagers. So then I went to pick up mentee 2 who was able to go. We then went to her location of choice: The Winchester Mystery House, which I hadn't been to in years. I've decided to start reliving my childhood through my mentees and just take them to places I went to as a kid and loved and haven't been to in forever. The mystery house was interesting for me, because I've been there a couple times before but never noticed the Mandala Designs on the walls as well as the use of Spiderwebs in the designs -which are like mandalas as well. Very spiritual lady.

Then I dropped of my mentee and headed out for my final life coach session with Nadine at 4:30pm. Nadine gave me a final worksheet to fill out on my own and we discussed all the things we'd accomplished over the past 6 months. Basically I'm closer to my goals than I was before, but I'm still on the journey.

Then at 7pm I headed over to Outback Steakhouse to have a dinner to catch up with my buddy Alex.

Monday: Catch up one the 13375836 billion emails sent to me (mostly by Jos and Toastmasters) over the 3 day weekend. Jos sends me one saying: 

"Hollman (a nutritionalist health coach, cook, and event planner) brings snacks to each of the internal strategy sessions on Sunday. She is allotting a budget for herself from $10-15. Would you be interested in pitching in either with money or food for these meetings."

This is why our women's group/ business isn't succeeding as well as it could be. Instead of using these meetings as a way to really hammer in some nails we're now distracting ourselves with the logistics of bringing in food to snack on during the meetings. Have people bring their own food if they're hungry -making food a priority is getting away from the ultimate goal of accomplishing sh*t at these meetings!!! I hate the feeling of wasting my time -especially since I don't have as much of it, and even less to myself. Let's make things happen and keep focused on what matters. 

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