Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Create URSP

I mentioned this in a blog long ago when I first started opening up about having serious ghost issues. I think there should be a place -which I now call the Union of Religious and Spiritual Protection - which establishes centers to help those who are spiritually afflicted by negative entities. This place is not really a sanctuary -like some would assume a church to be -or a place that hands you some Holy Water and then sends you on your way. This place would have people who empower others to face whatever kinds of problems they are having along side them and informs others about spiritual truths often touched on by various religions.

Monday, August 25, 2014

A Never Ending Story

So here's a cool thing I learned about spirituality/Heaven:

You remember how in the movie Never Ending Story the boy was told that whatever he dreamed up would become reality? He was creating his own reality with his own imagination. And instead of it being just a fantasy it became REAL. To the extent that other people could then see it. Welcome to Heaven! 

If you want a flower that has each petal one color of the rainbow on a golden stem and you envision it clearly and God sees the good in it, He will add it to Heaven especially for you. This also includes things you have seen in movies, on TV, and in literature. If you want the a 9 headed Hydra (that's peaceful and doesn't destroy anything) God will add it to Heaven. In fact the greatness of Heaven is limited only by the human imagination which God gave the spark of His own limitless creativity.

You want a golden chariot led by purple swans -it's yours. In Heaven. 

And it doesn't stop there. Because we as stupid human beings in what we think is a physically limited world imagine that those things -even if they exist in Heaven -cannot exist here on earth. And they can! Let me give you this basic, logical equation to explain: 

We ARE souls (in bodies). Souls = Spiritual. Heaven = Spiritual. We create things in Heaven spiritually. We create things here on Earth spiritually. These things become Reality. 

If you want an amethyst rose with a golden stem in a vase made of pure diamonds sitting right in front of you -it's yours. Once the Holy Spirit is in you and you are connected to God and Jesus -you can create ANYTHING (as long as it is not harmful or destructive). 

Try this: Try a rose in a vase. A simple rose in a vase. If you have done it right you will smell the scent of the rose afterwards. Try it. This is real.

It can also help you with physical things in life. Most people shoot for MONEY. They ask God, the Holy Spirit, the Divine Trinity, and ALL the Saints to help them with money. But those people are idiots. I think, and this may sound stupid, the really important ways the Saints in particular have helped me is in my day to day life when one of 2 things happens: 1. A Small issue will arise, like losing car keys in an emergency when you need to go somewhere right away, and St. Augustine is who I turn to. 2. A BIG issue will arise like a rabid ferrel dog comes near and you have NO ONE to turn to and no possible physical way of saving yourself -call on Saint Abigail.

And so it goes. Whenever I hit a wall I just connect with the Heavenly Divine Hosts and ask if there is a way to get over it and what that way might be. And then I'm saved.


I think the main thing I've struggled with over the past 3 weeks are the "doubts" that keep coming up. 

Initially it was: This is TOO BIG. Demons can't be bothering me, Jesus can't be reaching out to me, this can't be real. 

Then it was I'm too small. I'm not that special, why would I be the one to do this, I can't handle this on my own, why would God choose to make me special, it can't be me, this must be Satan/demons messing with me. 

You start to feel like your life is one big conspiracy theory. The biggest doubt: "What if this is a possession and I'm just seeing/hearing a LONGGGGGG series of manipulations meant to torment me and make me think that I'm in control and then sweep the rug from under my feet." 

But then there are things that have happened that prove to me it isn't. Like my empowerment. And the Symmetry of "behind the scenes" symbols and hidden meanings to the spiritual reality of life. And then the ultimate thought, "How is it so easy to believe Satan is concurring here and God is so little?" I pray to God, Jesus, and Blessed Mother Mary. And St. Michael the Angel. Why would Satan lead me to reach out to them and feel like they're protecting me? Wouldn't he want to accomplish the opposite. And yet every time I've been in danger from dark entities either they stepped in or showed me how to defend myself. 

As long as my faith in God is consistent, how can things go in the opposite direction?

Visions v. Dreams v. Heaven

Heaven is weird. There are times when I'm clued into what pieces of Heaven look like. Unfathomably grand. Illustrious. Amazing. 

Then there are times were I'm either in Heaven or sent into a spiritual state where spiritual things are happening outside my body somewhere. It's been happening more lately.

I descirbe the states like this: 

-When I see a vision I have NO control over it. It flashes in front of my shut eyes like a movie. Right now it's still not very clear. It's like a series of gifs. Brief clips of fragments of a succession of moments. No sound. But the message/main point of what is occurring is understood.

-When I have a dream I awake afterwards and it's pretty clear that it was a dream because everyone's used to dreams. The times when you think, "Was that a dream?" are usually the times that it wasn't. 

-Heaven/Spiritual Experiences while physically sleeping: 

It feels physically real. Dreams can sometimes but when you wake up afterwards I'd almost compare it to being drunk. Like you were disoriented and experienced things and can remember most of what happened and the memory itself is kind of blurry but at the same time you FEEL physically like it occurred. Like if your soul took a jog and you woke up you'd feel exhausted and tired from the run.

Trips to Heaven when they occur you wake up not necessarily remembering what happened but very certain that it did. I ask the Holy Spirit if I went to Heaven and get an assured, "Yes".

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Lessons from God Today

1. Even Evil Ultimately Leads to Good 

We downplay the good in life so often. Evil for us has no limits in our minds. A news report can show that a man decapitated and ate 3 infants and we'd believe it without hesitation and with great horror because that's life and that's what happens. But it's often harder to believe that a man would find and save 3 children he randomly came across and adopt them as his own and give up what little money he has to seeing them raised with the best education and in the best home possible. Good in our minds is far reaching and rarely seen. 

But then comes the realization that even when good people are put through horrible experiences, a greater good can come from it. For example, the 3 children being killed in the example above would lead to parents loving and embracing their own children more, more processes implemented to ensuring children's safety, and more research being done on why someone would be led to cannibalism in the first place so we can try to prevent it in the future. The human will and desire to eradicate evil pushes us forward beyond that evil to achieve greater good. It always has and it always will like a great current in a river overcome rocks and boulders in the way.

2. Spiritual Force Running Through Our Souls From God Has It's Own Flow and Rhythm

This is important. The understanding that this force is like an ocean moving forward and seeping into every aspect of our lives. How often do we see people falling prey to the 2 greatest underlying sources of evil: Control and Selfishness? We are either trying to control everything around us or focusing too much on ourselves. Even when you look at Personal Development tactics like S.M.A.R.T. and G.R.O.W. they both come down to trying to control the achievement of goals you decide you want. 

Will these goals ultimately fulfill you. Maybe not. You only suspect they will. And the whole time you will spin your wheels attempting to achieve them to either "become a better person" because you don't feel good enough as is, or gain something you desire because you don't think you have enough as is or are enough as is. It's a pushing of ourselves because we are not happy where we are now and think "happiness" and peace and fulfillment are at the end of the rainbows we've created for ourselves in our minds. 

But when you connect to God, The Holy Spirit, and this energy that flows from these sorts of connections, there is no "trying". You are told where you are meant to go and what you are meant to do. You are led clearly and directly towards a greater objective than you could have ever imagined for yourself on your own. This notion of creating your own goals and pursuing them is the same as a child playing with an easy bake oven creating muffins -it's an imaginary representation of achieving something you think you want, but in God's eyes is something foolishly adorable in comparison to the greater reality of who you actually are meant to be and what you are actually intended to do.

People telling people to "follow your dreams" is a crock at this point. That point has been made for over a decade now. People are told by those who have "succeeded" to just go out on a limb and reach for the stars. But people don't because they either aren't shown how or don't discover how within themselves. At the end of the day it's not something you can suggest people do. It's something that people do on their own by connecting to their own soul. That's the only way they can.

Only in Heaven will the cards be laid out flat on the table for everyone to see who really "achieved" greatness in this life and lived the way God intended them to.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Henry's Poem

Henry sent my sister Emily 2 poems. Em being the writer she is wants to edit the first one. This is the second poem she wrote from him. He wants me to know he's there watching over me from Heaven (since he hasn't been able to be around during the second half of these trials of handling negative entities). 

"I want to be the streak across the sky that makes you look up on a still night. Make you realize the dark waters you are standing in are rising higher than before. Get out of those waters friend, come back to the shore. I will be waiting for you, rest assure. I will always wait for you. Longer than now, longer than the universe takes to spin 'round. I can't count the days I've waited to see your face brighten from the light of the stars. Just look up, my friend,  and find out who you are. As crazy as it is, when you feel down, I'll be your shooting star. So wish upon me and you'll remember who you are." 

Monday, August 11, 2014

Saints in Creation and Action

I've had need of various Saints over the past week and Jesus and the Holy spirit have shown me which ones to call upon. 

Saint Agatha. I was Saint Agatha in a past life and have heard her speak now. When a person becomes a "saint" their soul is severed from the "saint" and the soul goes on to live in Heaven and reincarnation and the Saint keeps working and being called upon from Heaven to help people. Agatha is from ancient Celtic times. She is known for protecting children from harm. But I have called her to protect me from demons, bad people, and car accidents/driving. She covers you with her body like a shield from harm.

Both of the top saints have had instances with controlling or casting away BEES for some reason. BOTH celebrate their Feast Day on February 11th. Both are form Ireland

Saint Abigail. Feast Day is also February 11th. He is from Ireland. I have no idea what he is known for but when I asked which Saint to call on to get rid of mass amounts of demon animals I was told him. Also rumored to fight off swarms of bees. He is the master of animals for the most part in general.

Saint Michael the Archangel: The most powerful angel and destroyer of demons. He has a sword with a heart on fire at the end of it. The song "Michael row the boat ashore" was written about him saving people from a boat drowning. 

Saint Jude: Heals body and soul by going inside and using a paintbrush with white paint, paints over wounds with white healing grace of God. He's more known for performing miracles though.

Saint Joseph: Saint of Good Works. If there's any level of project you want to succeed -look to him. He's also for step-families and fathers. 

Saint Christopher: Protects those who Travel on long journeys.

How is a Saint made? 

Saints are made into "angels" by choosing to become instruments of God that serve His purpose of protecting and helping people or bringing things about that are meant to be. 

Saints start off as normal humans that consciously choose to follow whatever path God chooses for them. they then become aware of what God has intended for them, which involves God working WITH them and THROUGH them to help embetter the world. In the beginning of humanity there weren't many Saints. After Jesus came, more Saints rose. Saints chose to follow God, but were warned that doing so would bring harm -which it usually did. Saints then usually experienced sufferings that ranged from: Disease, Illness, Poverty, Imprisonment, Torture, Rape, Beheading...

At some point when the pain was inflicted on the Saint, inspite of God's best efforts to spare them the pain, they then needed to FORGIVE whatever had caused the pain and the pain itself. This then put the Saint in a position to Give GRACE to specific kinds of pains and sufferings. Once the Saint reached the point of giving Grace, the human soul and the "saint" get split in two. The Saint gains wings and goes to Heaven and can be known as an "angel" from that point forward. The human soul carries on as souls do on Earth. The two do not become one in Heaven but stay separate -although one day they will be reunited again.

No "religious" ritual is involved, although aid by other Saints, Jesus, and Angels is usually involved for the human to reach Sainthood.  

Saints in Heaven are still distinct from pure Angels though. An Angel like Saint Michael can be present in multiple places at once. A Human Saint like Saint Agatha can only be at ONE place at one time. Saints can help out in ways not specific to their "specialty of service", but it's usually not as consistent. Saint Jude for exmaple is the saint associated most with MIRACLES. But because Saint Jude's Children Hospital is named after him he's often more associated with Healing. Healing someone of cancer IS a miracle, but healing itself isn't generally what his area of expertise is.

Blessing Places on Earth

2 Main Points. 

1. I am to bless GOOD places on earth that serve people

2. Certain places on Earth are close replicas to Heaven in that they have a blending of cultures or references to them.

*Panera Bread = A GOOD place that gives its left over bread to the homeless at the end of each day. The food is also really good.

*Cheesecake Factory = It's design is found in Heaven. The combining of Renaissance, Egyptian, and spiritual design into its interior settings depicts the blending of cultures -still individually distinguishable but coming together in complimentary ways. The food is also really good. 

-I also found the "Eye of Sauron" there. It's a design that was originally found in Heaven and then mocked by Satan in the movie Lord of the Rings (which is based on another world that does in fact exist). My sister drew something similar during one of the automatic drawing sessions.

*Fry's Electronics = Each building has cultural theme like Greece, Mesopotamia/Egypt (here in San Jose), and Wild West. 

*Marshals = Variety of designs and spiritual artistry in well priced, quality products.

*Michaels (sorry Hobby Lobby but no dice -you're tainted) = Variety of artistic styles and CARPENTRY to some extent. A flourishing of influences from different places.

*Flee Markets = NOT all flee markets are good. But some master the art of blending and sharing cultures and art as they do in Heaven. Fairs also do this by providing a place for artisans to sell their commodities.

*Target Stores = I would hesitate to say Target only because of their discrimination towards gays. But Target is a consistently good, lower-priced place to go that usually has everything you need in one spot.

Emily's Writing

My sister Emily was asking me/The Holy Spirit/ Jesus which of her writing stories she should pursue. She had some excerpts in there that as it turned out pertained to me. Here they are: 

“The Broken Butterfly”

Larva bugs are all together talking. They wonder what they might become. Some beetle, others moths, and some have the potential to become butterflies. 

One such caterpillar had the potential to become a beautiful butterfly and everyone knew it. Then the cocoon stage came and they all got excited. But someone came and ripped the caterpillar from his cocoon. He lay at the side, partially developed, without any potential. He lost everything; no one admired him. No one cared anymore. He lay there as the useless bug he was. He could not go back to being a caterpillar, which was beneath his level and the level he was at. He couldn't develop further into a butterfly, he had lost his chance. All he was left with were partially deformed wings with no ability to fly.

Translation: Jessica was born human/normal and like everyone else wondered what she would become. But was hindered in some ways by life from her path to being spiritual/psychic and was “wounded” from that potential. She could not go back entirely to “being normal” since she still had spiritual abilities and connection to God, but she also could not fulfill her spiritual potential  -which made for a tragic state of in between. 

“Distant Shores”

I must obtain the keys to unlock my future, only then will I be free. I cannot forceably move on. I cannot walk the path others have set down before me. I can only wade through these waters or rest upon the creigy shore. I may not step out of these restless seas until I am able to quell the storm inside. Lost amongst the wreckage I must find myself. I will forever drift, I fear, farther from my true self. Though two winds may overlap, a single storm swells. I may never rest in peace. All I want is to regain what there once was to make up for the lack of what is.

Translation: Henry’s thoughts after the shipwreck. 


Oh dread the comings of realization that victory has been pushed out of grasp. To woe the loss of a passing, the most splendid vessel ever to hit the seas. To never see the finest ship again is worth a good mourn. Hark! To lose the whole fleet at once! Such a travesty has been born yet I fain to believe it. May my eyes be deceived. I shall wait on those withering shores, to see the bloom of sails once more.

Translation: Henry mourning a different shipwreck I was not on.

“Porcupine Story”

Porcupine, no one can get close to one. The other animals think it must be lonely but the porcupine likes it just fine. He is happier if others stay at a distance. He hates being touched. Other animals try to solve his problem but he accepts himself as he is. It is protection to keep others at a distance & it is not lonely at all. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone needs to be around others on a constant basis.

Translation: Me being fine being alone, but having issues being around other people who keep telling me I’m “wrong” for not being or doing things they want me to, to “fit in”. So I build walls and keep people out –instinctually. 

“Weight of Greed”

Fishermen dive down in the ocean. They find a contraption that will only allow one person to take an item. When it opens, all the divers rush in and grab a treasure. The last, and most hesitant one, grabs hold of a treasure. But before he can tract his arm all the way, the claw-like door comes down on his arm. It snaps off. He holds the small fortune in his other arm while they all head for the surface. The arm bled, leaving a trail behind them. Sharks from all over came looking for the source. They all got eaten except for the one who had lost his arm. His treasure was light enough that he could swim faster than the rest.

Translation: I’m obviously not the “everybody else” in this story and I’m not the shark –but it’s obviously about me since I got eaten twice by sharks. Men are greedy and seek much in life they feel entitled to. I don’t take much and don’t expect much and am grateful for what I have. I am hesitant to take. “Grabbing treasure” also means following the same patterns/lifestyles of those around me. It doesn’t work out and I end up losing more than I gain. In this case my spiritual path. No one helps me out or has my back. Sharks coming trailing my blood that doesn’t harm me, but harms the others can be interpreted as demons chasing after me, but instead harming my family and friends. In the end I prevail because I lacked greed and followed the right path.

Me and Pisces Revelations form Heaven

I found out Jesus was a Pisces. He was born February 28th and it was told He was born in December to appease people who were celebrating the winter season. Pisces are "the FISH" and represent Spiritual WATER. They also represent Grace and the dual nature of the "Lion and the Lamb".

I was chosen to be a Pisces born 1 day before Christ's birthday. It was meant to make my spiritual path clearer. I was also shown other images that depict aspects of my nature I am intended to know.

I was shown this image and told "You will surf the waves like Jesus walked on them." I am meant to master the water.

Pisces are also dark and mysterious. This image reveals multiple things about me. My favorite color is deep navy blue. IRIS is my favorite song and also represents the EYE which is a powerful symbol for me. She also has designs on her arm like the ones I draw on my hand (spiritual designs). The bee to the left is ironic because bees were chasing a little girl I was watching the other day, but they did not chase me and I was able to keep them away with my energy. 

This is my Jaguar. I call it Kitty. It eats small, negative, non-human entities that try to harm me. The bottom image is actually an Ocelot and shows the general size of my jaguar here on earth -which is smaller than it is in Heaven.

Jesus is the Lion and the Lamb. I am the Jaguar and the Deer. (I found out originally I was going to be the Cougar and the Giraffe, but they changed it). Deer, like fish (and lamb), represent grace and the inability to fight back. Because of their defenseless nature they are swift and need a "protector" -hence the reason for the Lion and Jaguar.

This image was to remind me of my previous life in India and the designs I draw on my hands.

This image represents Grace in the Body -which is something I'm going to work on that Jesus will help me with. 

I was told this is an image of me from a past life.

This is an image of my sister Emily and I -more of a spiritual representation than what we used to look like. Our bond.

This represents Henry and I. Orange and Blue are actually Jesus' favorite colors (hence the reason the SUN is orange and the sky is blue). I am the blue in this image and Henry is the orange with "homes" by our side and the Holy Spirit resting on our heads.

This represents me up until this time. I have been uplifted from Earth into Heaven -an impossible realm. But I'm so used to caging my soul and ignoring the spiritual world around me I don't even realize it. I also don't see that the cage is open and it's time to fly free.

The Divine in Heaven + on Earth

This is the Holy Spirit (only the Holy Spirit is usually Gold and White).

I found out today that these are what the crowns on people's heads look like in Heaven. "Halos" are essentially portals into your body/soul through which the Holy Spirit enters. 

This is what fairies look like. They have branches coming out of their hair and are very "naturey".

Art in Heaven

There are 2 main principles that must be known and understood in the nature of Art in Heaven. 

#1 Mandalas are everywhere (including nature). They are spiritual and are meant to focus spiritual attention.  

#2 There is a Design to Nature itself that can be found here on earth. Mushrooms look like Jellfish. Veins in leaves look like branches in trees look like veins in your arm. Sea shells designs can be found in plants. There is a repetition of patterns observed in nature.

God gave mankind itself a spark of creativity. Sometimes people draw spiritually and create things found in Heaven (like our cultures). Other times they veer from that path and create something different entirely (like Jackson Pollock). 

Makeup and fashion also follows this pattern.

We paint what we see what we are.

Artchitecture and Nature in Heaven

Thank God for Tumblr and Pinterest. I went through images and let the Holy Spirit tell me which were inspired by or found in Heaven. Basically nature is grand, vast, and highly saturated in vibrant colors like a macaw parrot.

Architecture varies and has blending of different cultures and can maintain separate artistic styling as well. It can be modern or have strong Indian and Islamic influence. Rather I'd say that countries with deep spiritual tendencies and ties have a more ornate sense of Heaven's design. For the U.S.A. this translates into more "modern" looking structures, for Europe it's their cathedrals with Mandala designs in the stained glass (which can be found everywhere in Heaven), and for Eastern and middle Eastern countries it's the symmetry, floral designs, and mandalas.

There is also a central "hub" to Heaven. A giant marketplace where multiple cultures (found here on Earth and some we haven't seen) come together and can be found. A sharing and a blending of colors and flavors and designs.

People also have their "Totum Animals". These are companions to your soul and protect when you;re here on Earth when needed. Most people don't get their totum animal UNTIL they go to Heaven.These animals can "talk" -but it's Tarzan speak in which the basic concepts are spoken but they are not intellectual or conversational. Jesus' animal is a Lion named Aslan that can talk and is very wise. C.S. Lewis was very "in tuned" with things. My animal is a Jaguar and my sister Emily's is an Owl.

Modern Architecture in Heaven tends to be mind-boggling:

Then there's the more "rustic" or classically artistic style of designs often found here on Earth in Mosques.