Monday, August 4, 2014

William Prefers "Henry" 8/02/14 and 8/03/14

Saturday 8/02/14

In the morning: 

I've gotten really good at "channeling" and allowing 'William' to move my arms for me. I found out his name is William 'Henry' -last name or middle name -but he prefers to be called "Henry". He also let me see his face. He looks like Paolo Nutini but with smaller lips and longer hair. He was born January 16th -so he's a Capricorn with some Virgo tendencies. I've also gotten familiar with his attitude/personality traits. He's very clean and organized and does things with great precision and accuracy. He's very meticulous. He's also very patient -doing things efficiently the first time instead of ineffectively in a rush over and over again. 

1976 was the year we died -not 1956. The 70's were our era (which also explains his love for similar music). 

He also showed me a flash of the boat. It was like my sister Emily had drawn with a sort of canopy on the top of it, but the canopy was wooden? and more like a large shed. I didn't want to see more because the emotions started flooding and I realized just how emotionally devastating it would be for me to see/recall the boat and what happened.

We also shared similar insights to life. "How you see the world in your mind is how you see it through your eyes". I've never felt so accepted by anyone before. Normally if I'm in a relationship or thinking about being in a relationship with someone I'm very self-conscious and feel very physically inadequate. But with him it's like I could be buried in 90% scars and deformities and he would still find and only see the 10% of me that was beautiful and unmarred. He looks right past the flaws as if they weren't there. 

Then my sister Emily and I (and Henry) went to mom's house for the weekend. I decided to ask Henry about the ghost that's been haunting there for so long. I went upstairs into my old room. Immediately I felt unnerved and uncomfortable. The whole upstairs is creepy. I did my meditation and brought God into the room. I filled the room with God's light and energy and then it felt warmer and more comfortable. I sat down and talked with Henry. After about 10 minutes of trying to connect with him, I got them name "S--ler". Then my mom walked in and asked if I was ready to do the automatic drawing session. 

So Emily, mom and I got in the room. I gave them their pieces of drawing paper and laid out the colored pencils. I just had a pen and paper and would right what words Henry told me. 

I got: 

-Bob "S--ler" or "Whistler" or "Wisler" 
-Died 1913? or 1927?
-Suicide, heartbreak
-Wants to make his presence known, like a soft hand on the shoulder

My mom got: 

-He was a gentleman farmer
-Family died in a house fire
-He was there but wasn't able to save them
-Is afraid to go to heaven because he thinks he'll see his burned family and they will be angry at him 

Emily got: 


Emily was pretty closed off. She hates the ghost and said she didn't really care who he was -she just wants him gone. So I went into Emily's room and brought God in. The room got a lot warmer and more open. I told her that Henry would look out for her during the night. I asked Henry if he had any message he wanted me to give Emily and he said, "Tell her that I care about her". So I did. Henry's really heart-felt. 

Sunday 8/03/14

In the middle of the night I woke up to a feeling of big energy filling the room in an overpowering, aggressive way. It frightened me and I thought it might be the other ghost and I'd pissed it off. Then I felt a hand on my arm and realized it was Henry. But I didn't know why he was ramping up. So in the morning when he was beside me in bed I asked him, "What happened last night?" 

"I was standing in the doorway looking in". Then I saw an image in my mind of him looking into my bedroom from the doorway. "I was keeping the 'other man' out." Then I saw in my mind an image of a really tall man. 

I asked if "Bob" had left my sister alone during the night. Henry said, "She kept her door shut. He stayed in the upstairs. I was a valiant protector (sarcasm)."

Then I asked if Bob was a "bad man". And Henry kind of laughed at me and said, "No he's just curious about you and Emily." I asked more about Bob after that. 

What happened to his family? "They were burned"

What did his family consist of? Wife/kids? "He had a wife and a son named Michael." 

What is Bob's full name? "Bob Ira 'Whi'?Sterling" 

Are there any other disembodied people here? "No it's just us guys". 

Would you be friends with Bob? "Bob needs to go to heaven. He needs to be with his family."

Then I smelled bacon because my step-dad was making breakfast. so I asked Henry, "Do you like bacon? Because I love bacon..." And he said, "I'm vegan." And I thought, Oh crap that makes sense since he's from the 70's -the hippie era. I wonder if I should go vegan for him so he isn't upset by me eating meat. I should verify 100% that he's vegan though before I give up bacon. 

Unfortunately Yes/No answers don't come across as clearly to me. So finally after about 10 minutes of trying to get clear I told him: "Send me the image of a steak or chicken on a plate if you eat meat and a salad if you're a vegan." I got the image of roasted chicken on a plate. "So you're not a vegan I asked?" And he said, "NO." I realized he was joking when he had said he was a vegan. He was just messing with me. And I said, "So you like bacon?" And he said, "YES". 

I called him a dork and he thought that was hilarious. I don't think he's ever been called a dork before. He called me dork later when I was trying to help my sister wash her car and I accidentally sprayed her with the hose. 

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