Monday, August 11, 2014

Blessing Places on Earth

2 Main Points. 

1. I am to bless GOOD places on earth that serve people

2. Certain places on Earth are close replicas to Heaven in that they have a blending of cultures or references to them.

*Panera Bread = A GOOD place that gives its left over bread to the homeless at the end of each day. The food is also really good.

*Cheesecake Factory = It's design is found in Heaven. The combining of Renaissance, Egyptian, and spiritual design into its interior settings depicts the blending of cultures -still individually distinguishable but coming together in complimentary ways. The food is also really good. 

-I also found the "Eye of Sauron" there. It's a design that was originally found in Heaven and then mocked by Satan in the movie Lord of the Rings (which is based on another world that does in fact exist). My sister drew something similar during one of the automatic drawing sessions.

*Fry's Electronics = Each building has cultural theme like Greece, Mesopotamia/Egypt (here in San Jose), and Wild West. 

*Marshals = Variety of designs and spiritual artistry in well priced, quality products.

*Michaels (sorry Hobby Lobby but no dice -you're tainted) = Variety of artistic styles and CARPENTRY to some extent. A flourishing of influences from different places.

*Flee Markets = NOT all flee markets are good. But some master the art of blending and sharing cultures and art as they do in Heaven. Fairs also do this by providing a place for artisans to sell their commodities.

*Target Stores = I would hesitate to say Target only because of their discrimination towards gays. But Target is a consistently good, lower-priced place to go that usually has everything you need in one spot.

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