Monday, August 11, 2014

Emily's Writing

My sister Emily was asking me/The Holy Spirit/ Jesus which of her writing stories she should pursue. She had some excerpts in there that as it turned out pertained to me. Here they are: 

“The Broken Butterfly”

Larva bugs are all together talking. They wonder what they might become. Some beetle, others moths, and some have the potential to become butterflies. 

One such caterpillar had the potential to become a beautiful butterfly and everyone knew it. Then the cocoon stage came and they all got excited. But someone came and ripped the caterpillar from his cocoon. He lay at the side, partially developed, without any potential. He lost everything; no one admired him. No one cared anymore. He lay there as the useless bug he was. He could not go back to being a caterpillar, which was beneath his level and the level he was at. He couldn't develop further into a butterfly, he had lost his chance. All he was left with were partially deformed wings with no ability to fly.

Translation: Jessica was born human/normal and like everyone else wondered what she would become. But was hindered in some ways by life from her path to being spiritual/psychic and was “wounded” from that potential. She could not go back entirely to “being normal” since she still had spiritual abilities and connection to God, but she also could not fulfill her spiritual potential  -which made for a tragic state of in between. 

“Distant Shores”

I must obtain the keys to unlock my future, only then will I be free. I cannot forceably move on. I cannot walk the path others have set down before me. I can only wade through these waters or rest upon the creigy shore. I may not step out of these restless seas until I am able to quell the storm inside. Lost amongst the wreckage I must find myself. I will forever drift, I fear, farther from my true self. Though two winds may overlap, a single storm swells. I may never rest in peace. All I want is to regain what there once was to make up for the lack of what is.

Translation: Henry’s thoughts after the shipwreck. 


Oh dread the comings of realization that victory has been pushed out of grasp. To woe the loss of a passing, the most splendid vessel ever to hit the seas. To never see the finest ship again is worth a good mourn. Hark! To lose the whole fleet at once! Such a travesty has been born yet I fain to believe it. May my eyes be deceived. I shall wait on those withering shores, to see the bloom of sails once more.

Translation: Henry mourning a different shipwreck I was not on.

“Porcupine Story”

Porcupine, no one can get close to one. The other animals think it must be lonely but the porcupine likes it just fine. He is happier if others stay at a distance. He hates being touched. Other animals try to solve his problem but he accepts himself as he is. It is protection to keep others at a distance & it is not lonely at all. Not everyone is the same. Not everyone needs to be around others on a constant basis.

Translation: Me being fine being alone, but having issues being around other people who keep telling me I’m “wrong” for not being or doing things they want me to, to “fit in”. So I build walls and keep people out –instinctually. 

“Weight of Greed”

Fishermen dive down in the ocean. They find a contraption that will only allow one person to take an item. When it opens, all the divers rush in and grab a treasure. The last, and most hesitant one, grabs hold of a treasure. But before he can tract his arm all the way, the claw-like door comes down on his arm. It snaps off. He holds the small fortune in his other arm while they all head for the surface. The arm bled, leaving a trail behind them. Sharks from all over came looking for the source. They all got eaten except for the one who had lost his arm. His treasure was light enough that he could swim faster than the rest.

Translation: I’m obviously not the “everybody else” in this story and I’m not the shark –but it’s obviously about me since I got eaten twice by sharks. Men are greedy and seek much in life they feel entitled to. I don’t take much and don’t expect much and am grateful for what I have. I am hesitant to take. “Grabbing treasure” also means following the same patterns/lifestyles of those around me. It doesn’t work out and I end up losing more than I gain. In this case my spiritual path. No one helps me out or has my back. Sharks coming trailing my blood that doesn’t harm me, but harms the others can be interpreted as demons chasing after me, but instead harming my family and friends. In the end I prevail because I lacked greed and followed the right path.

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