Saturday, December 20, 2014

Innocence and Wisdom


The interesting thing about innocence is that people often associate it with the Young -namely children -and then NO other age group. Maybe the elderly, but not often. 

Innocence is a state of original purity, wonder, grace, peace, joy, and virtue. People believe that as you get older and more "tainted" by the world and its pains you LOSE this innocence. In fact if you aspire to be seen as "innocent" as a teen or adult you are often judged harshly and called a prude as if there is something wrong with you -so far removed from innocence people are at that time in their lives. 

Innocence is then condemned or deemed some state people can't reach past youth and those that aspire for it are seen as strange or highly unusual. 

But I know that innocence has nothing to do with whether or not you saw or experienced bad things. It IS a state you can return to because it is a State of Being and a Mentality. Because of this, it is Unconditional or can be unaffected by external conditions. At the end of the day it is a reclaiming of the inherent nature of the soul. It's light, grace, and peace. 


Wisdom on the other hand is often associated with the Elderly and very few other age groups. Wisdom is more than just the knowledge of facts, and can in fact be had by the illiterate and those who lack an education. Wisdom is a Calm and a Spiritual Knowing. A certainty towards the unknown. Wisdom is the use of what knowledge there is to bring about peace and enlightened understanding in some way. 

Since it is Wise to be Innocent and full of Grace, I would argue that Children are often some of the wisest people on the planet. NOT because they know everything logically, but because of their intuition, their trust, their unquestioning understanding and acceptance of things others struggle with. 

If Jesus appeared to an elderly person and told them to walk across a lake of water, the elderly person would over-think things and not be able to. Their Mind would get in the way of their Soul. A child on the other hand would have the inherent wisdom of knowing certain possibilities can exist without need for explanation thanks to Trust. A child could walk across water where an adult wouldn't be able. 

In the end, Wisdom and Innocence know no age because they are both inherent to the soul and can be connected to at any time and any age inspite of anything and everything. 

The Golden Formula

I feel like my soul is made of dough and it's under a roller that keeps stretching it out further and further into the infinite. Each week and each month brings new thoughts and breakthroughs. My most recent revelation was this: 

If you let go of your past, acknowledging what happened but not Feeling its pains, you can become renewed over and over. Instead of focusing on past pains or current pains you can hold tight to the inevitable Future Joys for your life and the world. You can live as Angels do: present to the moment, well aware of the past, but resting always in the comfort of the future glory that will be brought to All. This is a goal. This can be a way of living. 

The second revelation was the main purpose of life. There are 2 that go hand in hand: 

1. To BE. To honestly BE the way you were intended to BE. Full of peace, love, and light. Just BEING without having to do anything or be anywhere in particular. Just to Exist in this state. BE. 

2. To have Compassionate Connection to ALL. With no resistance, hatred, or division. To approach life as if every single person was your friend -as it is in Heaven. To BE United. 

The last revelation was a culmination of all the other ones that came before. It's what I like to call "The Golden Formula". 

Be Compassionately Empathetic, Understanding, and Respectful to ALL things

People find excuses to limit their compassion and so become limited beings, Strive to be like God and Angels: Infinite. No limitations on your ability to give God's Grace. No limitations on life at all. 

Sunday, December 14, 2014

Where Have I Been

It's been 3 weeks since my last blog post -which is sad. But big changes have occurred and I officially left my job and moved out to the country. I don't go on the internet as much now in general -which is weird. When I had a 9 to 5 job involving the computer I WAS on all the time. Now I have to make an effort and I don't like the internet. I can't keep up with Facebook or Twitter or the News it would take ALL day. 

I'm supposed to be focusing in spiritual things anyway. I'm trying to learn how to heal people via spiritual means and God's grace. It's hard. I KNOW it can be easy when you figure it out, but trying to figure it out and practice like you would any other skill is difficult. But as I go along things keep happening that let me know this IS where I'm supposed to be. 

1. My Aunt Vicky is sick. She has been having circulation issues in her legs, a hard time accepting her colostomy bag, and just got diagnosed with diabetes. 

I've been spending a lot of time with my mom going over to her house and hanging out. A couple things have occurred that allowed me to bring more peace to Vicky's life that I couldn't have predicted. For instance, I've been a vegetarian for the past 2 months and Vicky now needs to eat healthier. While trying to figure out my own diet and what vitamins are in what foods I was also able to create a diet for her that was low in sodium and higher in Iron which she needs. 

I also brought a lot of candle with me when I moved -which I had accumulated over the years. I went to give them all over to my mom who actually likes them and she saw that I had Lavender candle and told me that was Vicky's favorite kind and her candle got knocked over and broke so now she doesn't have one and is super bummed about it. So my candle gets to go to Vicky now. 

My mom also mentioned that our Grandma Wailing had a Colostomy bag her whole life and made peace with it. I told my mom that occasionally people in Heaven (who aren't Saints) CAN come down on behalf of God for a minute or two to help someone they know and love in a way that is familiar to them. We can essentially call on Gma Wailing to help Vicky out, as well as other Saints, Angels, and Jesus. 

2. Oranges and Kitties. Vicky has a LOT of huge oranges on her orange tree but never picks them. So a bunch of huge ripe oranges were one the tree weighing down its branches. Her neighbor also has a lot of cats that she doesn't take care of that keep breeding. Vicky likes to feed the cats that come over by her back door. 

I went out and picked a bunch of the oranges on Vicky's tree for her and myself to ease the tree and provide much appreciated healthy fruit. I'm also able to help out with the cats and one day hope to be able to help Heal them by spiritual means since many have huge cuts and scrapes on their body from where other cats ripped at them. 

3. Incident at the Doctor's Office. This was the weirdest thing to happen to me since being back in the country. My mom and I took Vicky to her doctor's. We were waiting in the waiting room when this guy came in. For a good 15 seconds he just stood there. And when I went to go glance at him because both mom and Vicky were confused by him I looked and he was just standing there staring right at me intently. It was creepy. 

Then he walked over to his seat. He started up a conversation with my mom and as he started talking to her moved to a seat closer to where we were sitting. When I looked at him sitting down it's like there was a transparent vibrating aura around him and I was on edge like something was OFF with him. I decided to bless him in the name of Jesus, The Blessed Mother Mary, and Michael the Angel. Then his "aura" left and his tone and topic of conversation changed. He was a little less overt and aggressive and more calm. I got the sense that since he was so large in stature he Could and Would cause physical harm to someone if he wanted to, but in general wasn't much of a threat to anyone. 

It felt like I was meant to acknowledge that even though I'm trying to go down the route of Healing people, I STILL need to know and remember how to handle negative entities -including when they're influencing the actions of a person. 

Update on the Updated Prayer

A guy on Twitter added me and tweeted me "James 1:13 +14". And that was it. So I looked it up and it reminded me of what I had said about "The Lord's Prayer". Either it's a strange coincidence and that's how he greets all people he chooses to follow on Twitter or he's making commentary on my previous blog.

Then I looked at my previous blog and a friend of mine also commented on it mentioning the whole Temptation thing. 

So just for the record here's what Jame 1:13-14 has to say about it:

"13 When tempted, no one should say, “God is tempting me.” For God cannot be tempted by evil, nor does he tempt anyone; 14 but each person is tempted when they are dragged away by their own evil desire and enticed." 

Thank you Bible for providing greater clarity on the matter so people don't go around blaming God for "tempting them" into some kind of hypocritical cycle of punishment. 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Updating the Lord's Prayer

I saw the Lord's Prayer being quoted in a magazine the other day and I liked some parts of it, but then there were other parts that weren't "jelling" with me or coming off as genuine to me when I spoke it to God. And it's an important prayer because people often say it in times of dire NEED when they're up against odds they can't face alone.

The main problems I see with it are the quote becoming "rote" or being spoken out of conditioning rather than genuine meaning. Kind of like saying the Pledge of Allegiance everyday but not listening to the words and FEELING their meaning.

Original "Lord's Prayer":

1) "Our Father who art in Heaven,
2) Hallowed be Thy name,
3) Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done,
4) On Earth as it is in Heaven 
5) Give us this day our daily bread,
6) And forgive our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us,
7) And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil" 

A couple issues with this prayer:

#1 The word "Prayer" -I don't like the word because for me the connotation it carries means "an obligatory or ritualistic asking of God for something you want".

#2 The words "Thy" and "art". When I use this it's because I'm in a dark cave with a bear and I don't want to get eaten and the only thing I can think to do is ask God for help. Using language that died with the 1800s doesn't help me reach God HERE and NOW. 

#3 "Lead us not into temptation" -GOD doesn't lead people into temptation, that's the other guy. Hell invented temptation and pains people call "sins". Why would God "tempt" someone?

#4 "Evil" is a concept that fails to see Transformation. Some people could say the Disciple Paul was Evil for burning people alive. But then Jesus came to him and Paul became a great, devout, GOOD man afterwards. So "Evil" or that which we perceive as Dark/Evil can ultimately become GOOD when God gets involved. So there's no real point in calling something Evil, in fact it's kind of a judgement. And that bear in the cave with me isn't Evil, it's just a bear that might eat me.

With that said I decided to make a "Call" rather than a prayer that I would genuinely use in times of need and desperation of reaching out to God for comfort. It follows the original prayer, line by line, but is put in a language and wording I would use.

"Call to God": 

1) "God and ALL of the beings that carry your Light and Grace in Heaven,
2) You are sacred TO me and sacred IN me,
3) I let Your Grace and Your Peace pass over and through me, 
4) I ask to You reach out to ALL that surrounds me on this Earth, 
5) Please sustain my body and my soul so I can carry out Your will WITH You,
6) Give Grace and Peace to the Pains I carry or cause as I give Grace to the pains I find in this World, 
7) Guide my soul so it does not waver from this path"

It's still a little too long and regimented. I also included ALL of the beings of Heaven because if you're really in need don't just call upon God, call upon Jesus, The Blessed Mother Mary, The Angels, The Saints and even the people of Heaven. Any one of them can and would help you. Bring everyone in so you KNOW you're not alone.

In all honesty if I was in a cave with a bear, the main words I would speak to God would be this: 

"May You fill me with your Grace and surround me with Your Peace that this animal may know You through me. May the animal be filled with your light and your peace that it feels no pain and inflicts no pain. May we both experience You God. May this bear also be filled with the Love and the Grace of Jesus Christ, the Angel Ariel, and the Blessed Mother Mary."

When you give Grace to Fear and Pain you end the war between these forces and bring Peace to it all.

Thursday, November 20, 2014


It's weird. About a month ago when it was made clear to me that I needed to go "full time" in pursuit of the spiritual path I was being called to I thought, "Who is going to support me in this?" 

All I knew was my mom "believed" me and my sister affirmed I wasn't crazy. But I never thought that the rest of my family and friends would agree it was a good move for me to quite my 9 to 5 job and pursue a "spiritual path" -especially since that path itself wasn't clearly defined and doesn't give a regular paycheck guarantee.

I thought my dad would be my biggest opposition. But instead he had intuitively sensed it coming and gave me his full support and encouragement. And my friends Leslie and Jos agreed it was the right path for me and were proud I was going after it. And even my co-workers Andrea and Laura supported me after they found out why I was leaving the company I've worked for the past 3 years in. 

It's weird. You don't think people are going to have your back when it's something like this, but the people who know me best are more like, "Well what took you so long?" 

The only person I've come into a little bit of an issue with was my step-dad. It sounded like he had gone off on an "intuitive tangent" in his life at some point and was worried I was going to be carried away on a fanciful whim rather than logically decide what the best strategy would be. I reminded him of my analytical, logical, rational mindset and my risk-avoiding tendencies in life. I wouldn't be doing this unless I was 100% sure about it. 

Outside of family there are a few "friends" I worry might judge me harshly for leaving the practical for the spiritual. Mostly just engineers with atheist tendencies who don't believe the soul even exists in the first place. It's hard talking with them because you can try to share genuine experiences you've had and they ignore you and write it all off as "your imagination". I wish them well, but I also wish they wouldn't put people down for believing in more than just the physical reality that surrounds them.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Next 100 Years

Ok over the next 7 years crazy spiritual stuff will start to happen. Here's why:

If things kept going the way they are now on this trajectory without SERIOUS intervention, the world have deep pains by 2100. 

1. Environmentally Speaking: Most scientists have already projected that between global issues of Water Scarcity, Rising Sea Levels, Famine, Drought, Extinction, Natural Disasters, Pollution, Deforestation, Animal Trafficking... The world itself doesn't have 100 years left to live -it's more like 70.

2. Children: Homelessness, Starvation, Rape, Child Marriages, Death from War, Poverty, Disease, Murder, Pedophilia, Rape Trafficking, Enslavement...

3. Women: Domestic Violence, Poverty, Starvation, Death in War, Rape, Rape Trafficking, Forced Marriages, Torture, Murder... 

So between the planet and those you would consider to be most at risk, WE don't have 100 years left.

God has always sent someone to liberate the oppressed: 

-Noah, Moses, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr... and since this oppression is hitting Multiple People and Animals on a Global Scale MANY people need to be sent or "called" to stop these kinds of oppressions and abuses.

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Time Management

Building off of the Fishbowl Effect, we can now move to the concept of TIME. 

Time is fluid like a river. It goes infinitely in one direction form the past to one direction called the future. Technically the "Past" is more like "Up River" in that it STILL exists, it is just harder to reach since we are moving steadily along in a canoe downstream. 

#1 Connecting to the Past 

There are 2 ways a person can "reach" the past. The first is by going a couple seconds Back in time In Body. This can be done through the Fishbowl Effect but has a very limited capacity because it's done Physically. 

If a person were to leave their body and be in a conscious "ghost-like" state, they could then travel Further into the past and see what was. Their ability to interact with the past would be limited, being in a spiritual state, and it would mostly be to Observe the past rather than change it.

#2 Altering the Present 

Things that can be done in "present time" In Body include Slowing Time through the Fishbowl Effect and Speeding Up Time.

#3 Connecting to the Future 

Like the Past Situation, there are 2 ways a person can reach the future. The first is Physically In Body "passing through" time. This allows for a seemingly "teleporting" kind of effect where you slip through Time for a couple seconds forward into the future. In order to go Further into the future, you would have to leave your body in a spiritually conscious state and again mostly just be able to Observe the Future. 

Observing and Perceiving the Past and Future also work in another way: 

1. Past leaves memory on the Earth -especially with very Traumatic and Emotionally impactful moments. These memories can then be "tapped into" or come across by people who perceive them. This is how some people get "residual haunting" effects in places where wars took places. 

2. The future to my knowledge is seen in 2 ways: Either God sends you a vision of what's going to happen, or your psyche itself is in tuned with that trajectory of knowing what is coming down the line from the future.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Fishbowl Effect

Sunday Morning I came across an old revelation that hit me anew. I call it "The Fishbowl Effect" -kind of like a scientific phenomenon similar to Gravity, only it's more of a spiritual/metaphysical principle.

I use the Metaphor of a Fishbowl to explain this phenomenon. In a literal Fishbowl, a FISH can swim afloat of the bottom of the bowl because the water carries it and makes it weightless. The fish moves WITH the water and "goes with the flow" of its force. This creates a sort of union with fish and water where the two move in a similar way and correlate energy. The fish can choose to move THROUGH the water and WITH the water. The "weight" of the fishes body becomes secondary and insignificant as it swims up and down as it chooses in defiance of "gravity".

In a similar way, a PERSON can create a fishbowl effect with God. If you surround yourself with God's grace and energy -or rather tap into the energy force that is ALWAYS present and there -and carry God's energy force of Grace WITHIN you and then make a UNITY between these two forces, your body becomes irrelevant to Gravity's Law. Your body is like a thin layer of paper stuck between two magnets linked together. The paper can then be moved at will by the two magnets moving in Union as they choose. 

What relevance does this principle have to our physical reality? Moses. When Moses reached the sea he used the energy of Grace in his being and connected it to the External energy force of God around and the SEA became the paper between two magnets. The sea's relation to the laws of gravity was made irrelevant. God's force could be used to part the seas and Moses could direct the seas to stay parted. 

In kind, levitation could occur under this principle. If a person chose, they could harness God's external grace energy and the energy within their own body and physically rise above the ground because gravity's principles would have no hold. The weight of gravity and any other PHYSICAL LIMITATIONS would be defied by the SPIRITUAL Force and Energy. It would make the physical seem like an illusion mankind had been oppressed and defined by. The soul would be held back by NO physical limitation. 

This principle goes on and can be applied to other ways a Soul in UNION with God in this Fishbowl Effect can impact other aspects of physical limitation. The body having a Cancer or Disease for example could be effected in such a way that the Body and Disease would be Sandwiched in Between God's Energy Force AND the Energy Force of God WITHIN. The Disease, Pain, Physical Limitation could then be Given God's Grace Energy and be eradicated. 

In practice it would be hard to tap into this energy and achieve this kind of spiritual state within yourself. Not easy. But it is THERE. It's there for the taking. It's available to be tapped into. 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Have Too Much Crap

My blog titles are getting pretty elaborate and creative I must say. 

For the past 3 months I've been slowly getting rid of my stuff. I've made about 20 trips to Goodwill truck at this point. But I STILL have a lot of stuff. My "stuff" includes: 

1. Writting in MANY Notebooks
2. MANY blank Notebooks
3. MANY Actual BOOKS 
4. Lots of Artwork
5. Lots of Art supplies 
6. Random nick-knacks 
7. Literally Sacred Artifacts like a chunk of stone from the Sphinx in Egypt
8. LOTS of music/DVDs

It's like I'm FROM Barnes and Nobles... and Michaels. 

How do you get rid of things that Actually mean something and are worth FAR more than money? 

I'm getting rid of 80% of my jewelry easy. GONE! 

70% of my clothes GONE!

Furniture = Leaving it all at the apartment for my sister to inherit. 

It's easy getting rid of the stuff most people hold onto, but I can't sever myself from the things that are kind of a part of me in some way -like art and books and music and other things I carry in my soul. 

I have too much crap that isn't crap. 

What It Feels Like

It feels like I'm in a dream, and in this dream I've just gained acknowledgement that it IS a dream I'm in. And I'm like, "Am I crazy for realizing this is a dream? Does anyone else realize this is a dream?" And I look around and NOPE. No one else realizes we're all in a dream. And so I go on the internet in this dream and try to find proof that I'm in a dream through external validation and it comes in 2 forms:

1. Ongoing messages from God as to my Calling and the Wake of Reality

2. A FEW souls on this planet that are also tuned into what's happening 

So I look around and wonder, what the Hell is "life" on this planet anyway? and I've come to the conclusion that life on Earth should be Pre-Heaven. ALL it is, is life BEFORE Heaven that comes From Heaven. This is Limbo. This is the state of waiting and learning to get into Heaven. 

But everyone else acts the opposite. For everyone else THIS is the only reality there is and Heaven is a distant concept that is of no real import right now. 

I feel like I'm on a classroom and everyone's focused on the lesson and I walk up to the teacher and share what I know about the subject and she then asks me to Teach HER as if she were the student. And I'm not a teacher! I'm just a kid in a class made aware of certain things I acknowledge as Truths other people CAN know.

Why does no one else see the things I see? Or why do so FEW pay any attention or understand spiritually what's going on? 

Why is it EVERYONE freaked out over 2012 and the Mayan Calendar but FEW ever bothered actually understanding what it was saying or what was being implied by the Mayans? 

I've been LED to this point. I was MEANT to understand the reality of this situation called "life on Earth". It's BIG and I feel ALONE, but ultimately I cling to the fact that it's all GOOD news. If it were bad news I don't know what I'd do with myself. Thankfully it is all Good. 

***Issues I've run into so far on this journey: 

1. Self Doubt and a Questioning of the "ME" in this Big Picture Scenario

2. Clinging to Desire for Logical Proof to help reassure me with Issue# 1

3. Attempting to share my findings with people has hit a road block because at some point I realized people either aren't in the right frame of mind of understanding to really take in what I'm sharing or they don't care 

4. Too FEW people are on the same page, I need more people

5. I left my job to pursue this that's MY level of certainty, but how will I make money? Not entirely certain, leaving it up to God since I was told from above that it Would be taken care of. 

6. Knowing the areas in which my mental capacity for knowing currently run short. There are aspects to the Bigger Picture that include Geometric Principles, Complex Mathematical Structures, and Things I can't quite begin to Fathom. And I'm cool with this because trying to figure it all out now gives me a headache. 

7. Talking to religious people. I never thought I'd run into issues discussing religion with Religious people. Instead I share things I've learned and they tell me I'm either right or wrong -as if I was reading incorrectly from a text book when in reality I'm receiving word from the Holy Spirit and Visual/Logical proof from external sources. I feel like I have to choose between the religion of the person I'm talking to or what I KNOW is right. 

It's like knowing the Basics of physics and then being divinely led to understand things By physics then trying to explain these things to a physics professor who tells me I'm RIGHT about things I could NOT have known on my own given my limited for-knowledge and yet WRONG about pre-conceived notions that THEY have wrong based on misunderstandings I can't explain to them without opening a huge can of worms. 

Conclusion: I am to go out on my path, I am to speak SELDOM of the knowledge I've been given (and only to people I know I can trust), and I am to PROVE with my actions what I know is the Truth about spiritual principles and reality. 

Then when I'm REALLLLLY old right before I die I publish a couple books explaining EVERYTHING I've learned, hand over ALL the Truth I've accumulated, and then DIE and just let people make their own peace with the truth like I have.

Blaming God

I've been hearing a lot of people say things like, "Why did God give my friend cancer?" 

And, "We pray to God everyday, why did he allow the life of my son to be taken?"

I think people are forgetting who God is. God doesn't cause suffering or pain. God is PEACE and LIGHT. 

Death, disease, and pain are kinds of DARKNESS.

Why would God promote Healing people like Jesus did if He also likes to CAUSE disease??? 

Logically speaking, God does NOT cause disease. It is AGAINST His nature. 

He also doesn't cause people to die. DEATH is Against His "eternal life" policy. 

Think for 5 seconds about who ELSE might be the spiritual being who WOULD go about causing, death, disease, and pain. 

Why are people blaming God when they should be praying to Him for Peace -aka Liberation/Freedom from Pain. 

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Testimonial 2

I don't have much external verification that I'm on the right spiritual path. Lucky for me I have a sister who's in a similar boat and often picks up on the same things I do.

A couple weeks ago I was learning about Saint Germaine Cousin. She was starved, beaten, and left out in the cold regularly by her step mother. She spent most of her youth talking with God while looking after sheep. One winter when she was around 12 years old, she asked God to help her find a way to make her step mother happy. All she wanted was for her step mother to be happy. 

One winter shortly thereafter her step mother saw Germaine walking towards the barn with something in her apron. Assuming the little girl had stolen bread and was trying to hide it, the step mother ran to her and started beating her. The Germaine fell to the ground and her apron opened. Fresh, vibrant, spring flowers fell out.

The step mother asked, "Where did you get those flowers???" Germaine said, "God gave them to me to give to you so you'd know you were Forgiven." It was the dead of winter during a time of famine when nothing would grow. So the step mother acknowledged the unusual nature of this experience and then tried being nicer to Germaine. 

This was the extent of the story that I knew -other than Germaine then continued to live in pain and her body finally gave out on her when she was 22 years old. 40 years later her body was exhumed and it was found without decay. She was then sainted shortly thereafter. 

My sister woke up from a dream 2 days after I found out about Germaine. I didn't tell her anything about Germaine. This was the dream my sister told me: 

"I saw a young girl in an old village. The girl would go around town handing flowers to people -she was very close to God. The town was starving at the time because there was a drought and famine. When the villagers saw the little girl giving fresh flowers, they asked her how she got them. She said God helped her grow them. 

The villagers then decided to "test" the girl. They took her to an open patch of dirt where nothing would grow. They gave her some seeds and told her to make crops grow. The girl then spent a couple of weeks talking with the plants, nurturing them, treating them as if they were her Children. She prayed to God to help make them grow. And they DID. The villagers were grateful for the miracle, but also hungry, so they went straight for the food and gathered up all the crops. The girl was sad to see this happen, but understood and let her plants go." 

My sister was given deeper insight to a profound Saint I just learned about. I love Saint Germaine -she's one of the Saints I feel closest to. Her love is great, simple, and genuine. She suffered so greatly and was so young, and yet gave so much GRACE. Bless Saint Germaine.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ironies of Hell



"Legion" was a word often used by demonic beings from Hell to try and frighten a person into believing there were more of them and the singular person was therefore outnumbered. "We are legion". "We are many". 

It's ironic. GOD is UNION and seeks Unity between and with ALL living beings. The concept of Unity is based around the notion of a group of beings coming together for a common purpose. Inspite of existing to spite God, dark entities still cling to the ideology of some form of Unity. And if they didn't and each genuinely separated and acted independently, Hell COULDN'T exist. It would be disbanded and would not be "run" by anyone.


If you were to talk to a random demon of Hell, and you asked it, "Do you want glory?", what would it say? Because GLORY is associated with God. It's associated with GREATNESS. So the second you say you don't want Glory, you're essentially saying you're a piece of Crap that's worth nothing and you aspire to be less than nothing. Most demons struggle with EGO issues of dominance. The second you say you're a piece of crap, you give POWER to the other person and demean yourself. ALL beings of Hell would then have to say they wanted Glory in some form or another. 


If you were to throw Holy Water at a demon it would get VERY pissed off and say that it "burned" with pain. Demons inflict pain, but they can also be subjected to it. This means they are STILL spiritually sentient. They are not "numb" to self pains. They still have instincts for SELF PRESERVATION. This leads to an irony. They say PAIN is GOOD when they're causing it. But they then themselves HATE pain when it's inflicted. They also say that God and Good and EVIL. But technically by logical standards that's a fallacy and shows a lack of understanding of the concepts being spoken of. 

Blasphemy by Hypocrisy

Why would demons try to corrupt religion? To insult GOD. It makes sense. But in order for you to insult God, you have to acknowledge what is a BAD act to use against God. In order to perpetuate blasphemy you first have to QUALIFY it by knowing what the insult would be. They would have to feel the insult as grave before they could say it was a grave insult. Thereby acknowledging what was sacred and trying to uphold it. You can only demean something knowingly if you first understand the VALUE of what your trying to take value away from. 


If you REALLY wanted to deviate ENTIRELY from God -who is EVERYTHING, you would have to strive for an ultimate state of NOTHINGNESS. 

Dark entities have sort of tried to achieve this in 2 ways:

1. Numbing themselves and people to Significant things

2. Killing off people to erase humanity into "nothing"

But they fear their SELF becoming “deleted” and turned into nothing. A demon version of atheistic death where you are destroyed as a spiritual being and NOTHING comes after. Which wouldn’t or CAN’T occur because at their source a spiritual being is still a LIGHT LIFE FORCE that CANNOT DIE. At the core of their being lies the irony. In order to create spiritual demonic beings they had to breathe “life into them” by using the only source spiritual life comes from –The LIGHT God ensouled them with.  

And erase the demons from the equation and leave only the Satans, THEY still have that light in them. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t exist. They would spiritually “not be”. Like an empty body lies in the grave. But they have no body, they just have their spiritual BEING. So no escaping the light within except by distracting yourself form it and trying to bury it. 

Main Point

Even at the greatest extreme of deviation from God, HELL and all the beings from it CANNOT diverge entirely from God. 


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Mental Justification for Spirituality

My sister has a book on her desk at work. 300 pages long. It is a deep, indepth examination and justification for Metaphysical (spiritual) Phenomenon. 

And I was thumbing through it, waiting for her to come back so I could talk to her, and thought the entire premiss of the book was sad. It examines Theology, Philosophy, Research, History, Biology... ALL to justify and explain things like how a person can be psychic and how meditation helps a person get more in touch with their own spiritual energy. 

The fact is, if you can't explain Metaphysics in 3 pages -you're trying too hard. It's simple. You FEEL your soul and/or the souls and spiritual matter of those around you. You can feel like like people feel electrostatic charges rubbing a full balloon on their head making their hair stand on end. It does NEED scientific explanation -even though it can be scientifically explained. Even LESS helpful is philosophical reasons why the phenomenon would occur.

Basically what happened was a bright, intuitive individual had some spiritual experiences and FELT mentaphysical energy in some capacity. Then because he didn't want to look like an idiot when trying to explain this to friends, he wrote 300 pages explaining why something like that might occur -thereby justifying in his mind that he wasn't crazy. The book went on to gain next to NO popularity and ran into issues revolving around the fact the General Population is not going to waste their time reading 300 pages on in depth research on something they can borderline PHYSICALLY experience in person.

It's like blindfolding a person from birth and only TELLING him about a substance called fire without allowing him to see it. Writing a book about it and describing it would be USELESS unless you made him feel heat and warmth -or he experienced the pain from its flame. You can't justify 300 pages trying to justify an experience you can have in person OFF the PAGE.

It's a mental insecurity to think that 300 pages are needed to justify something you know in your mind and your soul to be true. Especially if other people are capable of experiencing these things themselves. Sometimes people let their heads get in the way of their souls. It's an instinct and an insecurity that then severs people further from their soul. In an attempt to justify your own nature and the nature of humanity from God -you instead sever yourself further from it.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Pay Outs

There is a formula used in the Forum that CAN be useful if used in the right way. 

#1 What is the perpetual COMPLAINT/Issue you keep on having -either about yourself, someone else, or life in general

#2 HOW to you ACT when this complaint/issue Arises?

If your Reaction is one of the Following:

1) YOU Being Right or Someone/Thing ELSE Wrong
2) Being Dominant or Avoiding Domination 
3) Justifying Yourself or Invalidating Others
4) You Winning/ Someone Else Losing 

You are then depriving yourself of: 

1) LOVE/ Affinity/ Connection
2) Genuine Self Empowerment
3) Self -Expression 
4) Self -Fulfillment/ PEACE

For example, with ME: 

-I complain/struggle with NOT Feeling Like I'm Good Enough
-I react by closing myself off and avoiding "taking risks" 
-I do this by Justifying myself, by saying things like, "Well YOU can't do that amazing thing..."
-It then costs me Self-Expression and Sharing myself with other people

So stop giving into everything you're not. Take back what you deserve. Love, Power, Peace, Fulfillment.

Who is God?

I've been running into issues with religion lately. Mostly because of who I know God to be and who other people occasionally mistaken God to be. Here is God: 


This is the nature of God. Anything that deviates from these 5 simple principles is a walking AWAY from who God is. Let's keep it simple. 

Past a certain point religion becomes more of a doctrine than a reality. More like a bunch of Rules rather than Reality.Especially when people use it to spread hatred. We ALL want to know the secrets of the universe and the bigger picture of things. But to lose GOD in the pursuit of that knowing by then HATING people for not agreeing with our views is to walk away from God in pursuit of theories about HIM.


I went to a Landmark Forum this weekend and got 2 very important revelations.

First was a reminder: You are NOT your Self Doubts. You keep saying you want to be At Peace and Empowered and Sale Assured. What makes you think you're NOT all those things Right Now? DOUBT. You KNOW you are all those things. You are NOT your doubts. Sever them from yourself. Let them go. Do not act on them. This is how you follow the assurity in your soul.

I was then having trouble with: How do I make peace with PAIN. Not just that, but specifically Men who murder children. I'm supposed to have the capacity to Forgive anyone anything like God can, why can't I? And a revelation followed:

I've always been blaming my lack of PEACE on things. When I was younger it was my past and my mom issues. Then I realized it wasn't my mom's fault and my past is just my past. So then I blamed myself for my lack of peace, but realized that just deprived me of peace. Then I blamed the world for my problems by saying it was the world's fault for not understanding me. Then I realized you can't blame the world's problems for the world's problems and expect anything to change. So then I blamed HELL. I blamed Demons and Satan and said THEY were the reason humanity was suffering in the first place. Blame is ALL on them. Then I realized, Demons can't be blamed because they're just "tools" of Hell meant to carry out Satan's wishes. And SATAN can't be blamed because you don't know WHY he did what he did. You don't know what the underlying reason is. Hate for hates sake DOESN'T Exist. There's always a reason. 

So then I blamed PAIN itself in all its forms. People belong to Grace, Peace, and Empowerment and PAIN takes these away regardless of how it comes about. Pain is to blame.

Then I came to this Revelation: BLAME is a form of HATE. You cannot have Hate and Peace at the same time. Saying, "It's his fault or it's his fault" is pushing Hatred onto people and things. God doesn't do that. God doesn't keep score and say, "Well he did this and he did that so he doesn't deserve peace or forgiveness..." He let's GO of Blame. He let's go of keeping score. He just embraces everything. He still FEELS pain, but He then Forgives it and Looks Past it and then OVERCOMES it the way Christ did.

When you perpetuate blame for pain, you perpetuate and carry around the pain itself. Blame detracts and distracts from Peace. Blame is a game for someone else to play -not you. It is LIBERATING not to have to keep score and figure who you hate and for how long you have the right to hate them. It's liberating not to have to place blame.

Testimonial 1

Last week I learned about the Angel Azrael. I found out Azrael was one of the main 12 angels in Heaven readily available to help people on Earth in their own individual ways. I was made to understand that Azrael does 3 things:

1) "Forgives" and gives grace to physical pains in people, including blindness, disease, and disability.

2) Helps the dying cross over without Pain and in Peace to make the transition easier. 

3) Helps people who are grieving, dealing with deep emotional pain, or are contemplating suicide.

From what I've come to experience so far you don't just randomly get handed information about a particular angel and then call it a day. Stuff then happens in which the angel you just learned about NEEDS to be called on. Like hearing about a chapter in science class and then being given the test. 

So my friends mom was sick and I figured THAT's what Azrael is for. So I told my mom to pray over her friend and allow Azrael to heal her with Jesus. 

But my mom's friend has been sick for a while and as it turns out, that wasn't the primary reason. 

After I left my mom's house last week I got a call a day later form her. "Jessica I need your help. I just found out my friend tried to commit suicide. Her husband committed suicide 2 years ago and she's been depressed for a long time and hasn't been able to let go. She just let us know what she attempted to do and i'm going over to see her in an hour. WHO do I call on???" 

And I thought, I just learned about the Angel Azrael. Wow. So I told my mom to call on Azrael to (1) Help the soul of her HUSBAND cross over in peace if he hasn't already and (2) give peace to her friend who tried to commit suicide. Along with bringing Jesus in. I also told her that if the husband is still around it may take a couple of days for him to cross over -it's a transition.

Then I was in my room 2 days later listening to music. The music I was listening to was pretty uplifting and it was about connecting to God. Then I felt strangely drawn to the song "One Headlight" by The Wallflowers. As I was listening I tried relating to the song. The song is about a man who lost a friend to suicide and is saying he wishes she had held on to this life. He then contemplates suicide himself because of the pain of her loss, but reminds himself of the encouragement to live he had extended to her, and decides to keep living. 

I was having trouble figuring out why I was listening to the song, because no one I know had committed suicide. Then this sense of sadness came from somewhere within me, and I realized it WASN'T ME. I realized the HUSBAND had crossed over and this was his way of letting me know. I then felt strongly compelled to send his wife this song. So I texted it to my mom to send to her. 

A couple hours later my mom called me up. "Jessica you won't believe what happened! I called my friend and told her about you receiving the song and thinking her husband had crossed over. She said that since I left the house has gotten Lighter. She also feels like the depression has lifted. When I told her about the song she said, 'Oh my God. At my husband's funeral I, our 14 year old son, and our daughter each picked out one song to play for him. My SON chose that exact song. He's been having trouble coping with the loss. He's been in a dark place and isn't opening up to anyone about it. I've been really worried about him. I think this is my husbands way of letting him know he sees his pain and doesn't want him to hurt himself.' 

My mind kind of exploded at that point. Because I had doubted and questioned sending the song and letting her know. And instead it became the father's way of reaching out to his son through me and through the song. It was kind of an affirmation to me that THIS is what I'm meant to be doing. I'm on the right track.