Saturday, December 20, 2014

The Golden Formula

I feel like my soul is made of dough and it's under a roller that keeps stretching it out further and further into the infinite. Each week and each month brings new thoughts and breakthroughs. My most recent revelation was this: 

If you let go of your past, acknowledging what happened but not Feeling its pains, you can become renewed over and over. Instead of focusing on past pains or current pains you can hold tight to the inevitable Future Joys for your life and the world. You can live as Angels do: present to the moment, well aware of the past, but resting always in the comfort of the future glory that will be brought to All. This is a goal. This can be a way of living. 

The second revelation was the main purpose of life. There are 2 that go hand in hand: 

1. To BE. To honestly BE the way you were intended to BE. Full of peace, love, and light. Just BEING without having to do anything or be anywhere in particular. Just to Exist in this state. BE. 

2. To have Compassionate Connection to ALL. With no resistance, hatred, or division. To approach life as if every single person was your friend -as it is in Heaven. To BE United. 

The last revelation was a culmination of all the other ones that came before. It's what I like to call "The Golden Formula". 

Be Compassionately Empathetic, Understanding, and Respectful to ALL things

People find excuses to limit their compassion and so become limited beings, Strive to be like God and Angels: Infinite. No limitations on your ability to give God's Grace. No limitations on life at all. 

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