Thursday, October 30, 2014

Ironies of Hell



"Legion" was a word often used by demonic beings from Hell to try and frighten a person into believing there were more of them and the singular person was therefore outnumbered. "We are legion". "We are many". 

It's ironic. GOD is UNION and seeks Unity between and with ALL living beings. The concept of Unity is based around the notion of a group of beings coming together for a common purpose. Inspite of existing to spite God, dark entities still cling to the ideology of some form of Unity. And if they didn't and each genuinely separated and acted independently, Hell COULDN'T exist. It would be disbanded and would not be "run" by anyone.


If you were to talk to a random demon of Hell, and you asked it, "Do you want glory?", what would it say? Because GLORY is associated with God. It's associated with GREATNESS. So the second you say you don't want Glory, you're essentially saying you're a piece of Crap that's worth nothing and you aspire to be less than nothing. Most demons struggle with EGO issues of dominance. The second you say you're a piece of crap, you give POWER to the other person and demean yourself. ALL beings of Hell would then have to say they wanted Glory in some form or another. 


If you were to throw Holy Water at a demon it would get VERY pissed off and say that it "burned" with pain. Demons inflict pain, but they can also be subjected to it. This means they are STILL spiritually sentient. They are not "numb" to self pains. They still have instincts for SELF PRESERVATION. This leads to an irony. They say PAIN is GOOD when they're causing it. But they then themselves HATE pain when it's inflicted. They also say that God and Good and EVIL. But technically by logical standards that's a fallacy and shows a lack of understanding of the concepts being spoken of. 

Blasphemy by Hypocrisy

Why would demons try to corrupt religion? To insult GOD. It makes sense. But in order for you to insult God, you have to acknowledge what is a BAD act to use against God. In order to perpetuate blasphemy you first have to QUALIFY it by knowing what the insult would be. They would have to feel the insult as grave before they could say it was a grave insult. Thereby acknowledging what was sacred and trying to uphold it. You can only demean something knowingly if you first understand the VALUE of what your trying to take value away from. 


If you REALLY wanted to deviate ENTIRELY from God -who is EVERYTHING, you would have to strive for an ultimate state of NOTHINGNESS. 

Dark entities have sort of tried to achieve this in 2 ways:

1. Numbing themselves and people to Significant things

2. Killing off people to erase humanity into "nothing"

But they fear their SELF becoming “deleted” and turned into nothing. A demon version of atheistic death where you are destroyed as a spiritual being and NOTHING comes after. Which wouldn’t or CAN’T occur because at their source a spiritual being is still a LIGHT LIFE FORCE that CANNOT DIE. At the core of their being lies the irony. In order to create spiritual demonic beings they had to breathe “life into them” by using the only source spiritual life comes from –The LIGHT God ensouled them with.  

And erase the demons from the equation and leave only the Satans, THEY still have that light in them. If they didn’t then they wouldn’t exist. They would spiritually “not be”. Like an empty body lies in the grave. But they have no body, they just have their spiritual BEING. So no escaping the light within except by distracting yourself form it and trying to bury it. 

Main Point

Even at the greatest extreme of deviation from God, HELL and all the beings from it CANNOT diverge entirely from God. 


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