Thursday, November 13, 2014

I Have Too Much Crap

My blog titles are getting pretty elaborate and creative I must say. 

For the past 3 months I've been slowly getting rid of my stuff. I've made about 20 trips to Goodwill truck at this point. But I STILL have a lot of stuff. My "stuff" includes: 

1. Writting in MANY Notebooks
2. MANY blank Notebooks
3. MANY Actual BOOKS 
4. Lots of Artwork
5. Lots of Art supplies 
6. Random nick-knacks 
7. Literally Sacred Artifacts like a chunk of stone from the Sphinx in Egypt
8. LOTS of music/DVDs

It's like I'm FROM Barnes and Nobles... and Michaels. 

How do you get rid of things that Actually mean something and are worth FAR more than money? 

I'm getting rid of 80% of my jewelry easy. GONE! 

70% of my clothes GONE!

Furniture = Leaving it all at the apartment for my sister to inherit. 

It's easy getting rid of the stuff most people hold onto, but I can't sever myself from the things that are kind of a part of me in some way -like art and books and music and other things I carry in my soul. 

I have too much crap that isn't crap. 

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