Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Next 100 Years

Ok over the next 7 years crazy spiritual stuff will start to happen. Here's why:

If things kept going the way they are now on this trajectory without SERIOUS intervention, the world have deep pains by 2100. 

1. Environmentally Speaking: Most scientists have already projected that between global issues of Water Scarcity, Rising Sea Levels, Famine, Drought, Extinction, Natural Disasters, Pollution, Deforestation, Animal Trafficking... The world itself doesn't have 100 years left to live -it's more like 70.

2. Children: Homelessness, Starvation, Rape, Child Marriages, Death from War, Poverty, Disease, Murder, Pedophilia, Rape Trafficking, Enslavement...

3. Women: Domestic Violence, Poverty, Starvation, Death in War, Rape, Rape Trafficking, Forced Marriages, Torture, Murder... 

So between the planet and those you would consider to be most at risk, WE don't have 100 years left.

God has always sent someone to liberate the oppressed: 

-Noah, Moses, Abraham Lincoln, Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr... and since this oppression is hitting Multiple People and Animals on a Global Scale MANY people need to be sent or "called" to stop these kinds of oppressions and abuses.

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