Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Africa?: Receiving Clarity in Dreams

Had a dream 2 nights ago that was pretty vivid. I was walking with a bunch of American tourists through a jungled part of Africa. As I saw the tourists head off with the tour guide, I saw some African children walking down another path and instead decided to follow them. They walked to a small nearby village of mostly women and children. 

There in the village as I talked with some of the people I found out that 90% of every girl there is Raped before the age of 10. I was deeply troubled by this and wanted to lend aid anyway that I could. Then I woke up. It felt like I was being given a glimpse into God's world of concerns -especially for the country of Africa. 

Africa and the Middle East in particular are suffering some of the most devastating atrocities known to mankind right now -Every Single Day. Things most humans in America can't fathom. And so the thought came to me, WHY? Why so much pain and conflict in these particular regions? 

Multiple theories abound, but one of the main ones is this: Europe and America (as well as similar countries) have had their atrocities already. Horrific days of genocide, torture, rape, war... for centuries. Now has come a modern time where such acts have been criminalized and sought to be ended outright. 

The Middle East and Africa have had their past sufferings, but in this day and age are at their peak. It is my thought that like Europe and America have evolved and grown -so will these countries. They just need time and enlightenment. It is the world's job in the regions where peace largely pervades to Extend that grace with patience and understanding. 

It seems like my dreams in general are getting slowly but surely more vivid. I'd say about 30 -40% of my dreams throughout any given night will have significant instances of Heavenly guidance and influence. You can FEEL these kinds of dreams and SEE how vividly they play out. 

Monday, April 25, 2016

Angel Cards #8

The problem with Angel Cards is I don't post them regularly enough. Then I've got about a month's worth to post about and I can't remember very well what was going on with each one. Luckily I've made notes by some of them as a reminder of what each card was speaking to. Past me always remembers that future me is an idiot that needs to have things mapped out well. 

Doreen's Cards April 5th, 6th, 7th + 10th:

This was the angel's way of saying, "You know what path you're on, but if you keep avoiding it and putting it off, we're going to start sounding like a broken record constantly reminding you that you have a Spiritual Purpose and it WILL happen at some point. You can only put off your destiny for so long..." I'm meant to write, create artwork, and heal -animals in particular -at some point. 

Doreen April 11th + 14th:

I keep looking for a job. Have been for 6+months now. I've officially gotten the sense that 2 months from now -in JUNE -things will finally work out. But the stress of trying to still find one is crappy. So a lot of the cards speak of the long process it is taking to manifest a good job for me, and that I need to stick with Poisitivity in the moment. 

Doreen April 14:

This was a bad week for me. I had a friend who basically supported beliefs I believed to be inherently negative -which he argued were neutral. He then went "religious" on me and told me if I could validate my beliefs by quoting the Bible then they didn't count and weren't right. I wanted to maintain our friendship but he was pressuring me to adhere to Christianity in ways I genuinely believe are not founded in spiritual reality. I asked God, "Am I wrong? Should I concede to his perspective?" The cards I got basically told me I was on the right path and needed to stay with my perspective while maintaining respect for him as a person on his own life journey. 

Doreen April 15th, 18th + 19th:

Basically these cards affirmed that I am meant to contribute to this world spiritually and give Grace to humanity in whatever ways I am lead. 

Me April 17th:

In general I've been encountering more Indian Begins of Divinity. Drew this card which essentially told me not to worry about money. That God would provide. That abundance would come. 

Me April 18th:

I saw an image when I was laying in bed on this morning. It was the Eye of God, and as I looked into His eye I saw a kind of clouded pathway opening up to the Heavens above. I think it was God's way of saying, "I see you and I want you to see Heaven." 

Doreen April 19th:

The thing about Heaven is it cares about you in ALL ways. It cares about deep traumatic pains you have that it would alleviate from you and it cares about the mundane concerns of every day life. This day I went through box after box trying to find my dang business cards which I've been looking for for a month now. Got frustrated, pissed, and angry. Then this card popped up basically telling me to call on Saint Anthony. 

Doreen April 21st:

This day I went to go House Site for a friend and watch her dog Annie for a couple days. 

Doreen April 23rd: 

I was lazy over the course of these past couple days. Tired, lounging around a lot, unmotivated in general. So I started worrying about finding a job again and the future. 

Doreen April 25th:

Given the dream I had already about "Aroma" and the old lady from Heaven, not sure if this card is speaking to my recent dream or an upcoming one. 

Dream - Connection - Someone from Heaven

I've been having some pretty vivid dreams lately. Was hoping I would get one that would help me with finding these business cards I've been looking for going on about a month now. The problem with finding the cards is I keep getting Saint Anothy of Padua and Saint Augustine of Hippo confused. 

Note to Self:

-Saint Anthony of Padua = Finding LOST Objects
-Saint Augustine of Hippo = Miracles and Overcoming Addictive Behavior 

Anyways, I was going to bed the other night and I was just laying there thinking to myself when suddenly I smelled what I thought to be Frankincense. I was surprised and confused so I started smelling my hands, the sheets, my shirt... everything. Couldn't figure out where it was coming from. So I smelled for it, thinking I was mistaken, but not only did I smell Frankincense, I FELT the spiritual effects of it -meaning I started feeling my soul and a light round of slight disorientation. 

3 minutes later the scent was gone and couldn't be retraced. So I go to sleep. 

Then I have this dream that there is an old woman talking to me and she says, "There is an angel called 'Aroma' and it is in charge of positive scents in Heaven." She then went on to tell me she lived many years ago and was diagnosed with cancer at the age of 5 years old. She started seeing visions of Heaven and started talking with angels around that time. She didn't end up dying of cancer, but instead lived well into her 80s. She said she would Talk with divine beings of Heaven frequently as if they were right beside her because she could perceive of them. 

I woke from the dream thinking, "Well that was interesting." Then as I was laying in bed the scent of Frankincense came to me AGAIN. That's when it dawned on me, "OH, the woman was explaining to me that an angel was sending me the scent for some reason." 

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

What is "Freedom"?

Someone recently tried to debate me on the morality of Enslavement. His argument was -as it was also with a southern evangelical man after the Civil war ended -that slavery itself was not inherently negative. That the abuses slaves endured were sin, but not enslavement itself. He went on to argue that slavery could be a "good life" for someone considering they would get food and shelter where otherwise they could be destitute on the streets. 

I should have never argued this with this at all. It's an absurdity. Especially given the horrors echoed throughout history of every human soul that was ever demeaned in that way. Slavery is NOT a necessity for our survival. And given it as a "luxury" -even in a nicer future than this one -would ALWAYS include abuse. Slavery has never existed in any country, culture, or era -even the ones praised to have "treated slaves well" without abuses going along with it. 

There have always been humans that treat other humans well regardless the circumstances and there have always been humans that treat humans with cruelty regardless the circumstances. 

My main point hinged on Freedom being a human right. My friend replied, "FREEDOM? What is that exactly.? Different cultures and times have had varying definition. It's just a word."

I said, as I say to you now, "Freedom it the acknolwgedment and respect of every human's AUTONOMY and FREE WILL and then the ability of any human to ACT upon that Free Will." 

If you deny another human's autonomy and free will -you act against that person and their existence. If you deny another human's right enact their free will and autonomy -you act against that person and their Freedom. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Understanding "The Absurd"

So I didn't want to bring this subject up at all, but feel STRONGLY compelled to right now as a service to humanity requested by divine beings. 

I came to the conclusion these understandings needed to be shared when I saw a repeat of the same vivid image/video clip in my mind. 

First time receiving the image: 

Second time receiving the image:

And I thought, "OK this means something significant but I don't know what." So I looked at it and understood that the levitating sphere looked like and WAS a PLANET. And I then received the understanding that these 2 angels in particular are looking after this planet. It is a CELESTIAL, spiritually-guided planet. 

So once I understood what it was referring to I thought, "CRAP. I can't blog about that. I understand what this is speaking to but I don't like veering into that territory and commentating on that situation. Some people make the mistake of incorporating this acknowledgement into "religion" and it gets messy. 

So then I decided to meditate and see if the cards wanted me to share this subject, because ultimately it's about God and what Heaven wishes, not me. 

#1 The first question I asked was, "Should I blog about and share my understandings on this issue...?" I got, "Focus on Being of Service". So that would be a YES. 

#2 I asked, "What is the one greatest point you would like me to speak to or emphasize about this subject?" I got CUPID. Meaning if we're going to discuss Space Aliens in theory, let us not ignorantly conclude as many do that they would ransack our planet and kill us off in genocide (meaning acknowledge the Dark side of Humanity in these beings) but also acknowledge that they are capable of LIGHT, and in this case LOVE -including the romantic kind. 

So here it goes, for the record, my understandings of Celestial Space Beings: 

#1 They are from a Tropical, humid planet. They are NOT mammal. Since Earth knows several kinds of species, the strongest possibility I have been led to understand is that they are AMPHIBIAN. And like humans they require WATER and sustenance to survive. You can only remove yourself so far from the basic requirements of existence ALL species tend to share. 

#2 They are VASTLY more intelligent that humans, but as most people recognize Knowledge alone is nothing if you don't have the Wisdom to know how to apply it. Meaning beyond just being intelligent, these beings seek WISDOM. 

#3 Because these beings are smart, they have observed our species and concluded: 'This species rapes its own children. This species utterly destroys its own kind through WAR over insignificant things. This species enslaves its own kind. If we were to engage with this species As Is, they would fear us and try to kill us pre-preemptively. This is not a Wise or Intelligent species to be engaging with right now." 

#4 There population is vastly SMALLER than ours. They have somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 members. This means there is less diversity among them in general and more Shared Understanding among them. They are a cohesive group. It also allows them to share in thought more easily and CREATE ingenuitive technology more swiftly. 

#5 The reason these beings came to Earth and their approach to humans is 2 fold. Just as humans had the instinct -especially in Europe -to go exploring and DISCOVER new lands, so these beings are travelers seeking understand different places in this universe. 1 group of these beings is more mentally-oriented as seeks KNOWLEDGE. If a scientist comes across a new species of animal in the woods in these modern times, he will take 1 or 2 members of that species, study it anatomically, and observe it in its natural habitat to gain understanding of what its existence is like.

The 2nd group of beings is far more Spiritually led, and as a compassionate human wandering through nature might do upon discovering a new species -they will watch from a distance and see if they can tame/befriend the creature and would help it if it was caught in a trap or in need of assistance. 

#6 They are NOT violent. They FEAR violence. Because it's a smaller population it is easier to keep tabs on everyone's actions -kind of like a small town would know everyone in town. They don't tend to have issues with Crime as much as we do. They are DEEPLY empathetic both in concept of understanding the lives of others and in Spiritual Sentience. 

#7 They are ENSOULED beings. They ARE aware of God -just as mankind has been led to this discovery throughout history. It's a TRUTH that exists. They seek connection with God and to emblematically become similar to Angelic Beings of Heaven. With regard to humankind, they seek to Hover from above at a distance and give Guidance here and there when needed. 

#8 They DID help with the pyramid systems found throughout the globe in many ancient cultures. They pyramids essentially act as a cell tower would -giving off signals making the planet easier for them to find. Kind of like radar. 

#9 They seek PEACE. Peace and liberation from Pain are the general motivating factor of most human beings. Meaning if you asked humans throughout history and across cultures if they would rather have suffering or Peace -most would say PEACE. These beings are the same. Humans also want FULFILLMENT. The sense that your life has a purpose of contribution that you can enact in this life. These beings seek fulfillment as well. 

#10 They are more like indigenous people were/are. Meaning when you have a people closely linked to nature as these ones are, even though they also have vast technological equipment, there tends to be a more COMMUNAL attitude based on looking after everyone as a whole and Sharing things. GREED is not something they feed into most of the time. 

#11 In conclusion, these beings are better than us in terms of upholding Virtues as a people, and we in our Ignorance treat them as savage before even meeting them. 

Just as the European colonialists deemed the Native people of America to be Heathen and Evil before they set forth to rape, enslave, and commit genocide against them -we too would commit atrocities upon these beings and have our evils of darkness taint their existence. Hence the reason they keep their distance. 

They await the day like most humans do when Human Beings make PEACE with Human Beings. The day when wars die and violence is finally laid to rest. THEN and only Then would they feel safe making overt contact with us. 

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jesus as the Lion of Peace and Lamb of Grace

I genuinely believe all humans have both a Positive/ Protecting/ Leadership-side and a Kind/ Caring/ Peaceful -side. The "Lion" side is for ACTION. Taking noble action in a powerful, assured way that achieves its goal and adds value to life. The "Lamb" side is for BEING and carries the person with a soft, emulating presence of embracing love. 

Jesus as the Lion of Peace:

Jesus was a Lion about 50% of the time on this earth (mostly out of Necessity rather than desire). Jesus had many things to accomplish -people to help and miracles to perform -so His "lion side" was called upon a lot. I believe now it would only be used about 20% of the time since Jesus is in Heaven now and more about Being and Giving Peace, Love, and Caring. 

I believe when Jesus was in His "lion" mode, He was like a straight-shooting arrow that could NOT miss its target. The level of power behind His actions and the level of assurity with which he enacted them is immeasurable. He would wait with Patience for the time to come for Him to act in ways He already saw coming. But in those moments of inaction He was not bored, but instead was deeply founded and connected to His surroundings and God above. Feats that would seem impossible came with amazing ease to Him because of the glory and infinite nature of God. 

Jesus as the Lamb of Grace: 

Where the Lion was Jesus in ACTION, the Lamb was and IS Jesus in Peace and Love. As the Lamb, Jesus led a life that was caring, grounded, humble, honest, and comforting. He would never impose thoughts upon people but instead sought to SHARE understandings with people. He explained things to them with as much clarity and simplicity as he could. 

In this mode, He was more focused on connection. not just connecting to the people around Him, but helping them connect to spiritual understandings they needed. He deeply sough to reach people and help them receive grace. 

Healing Animals -Breakthrough

Had a big breakthrough last night and this morning with understanding. But first there are 2 incidents I need to acknowledge. I wasn't going to talk about them at first, but now feel they are deeply relevant and should be shared.

#1 A couple weeks ago I went to the aquarium and after I first walked in decided to give blessings to the animals, bring Yaweh into the space, and call upon saints to connect me to the fish and watch over them. I felt pretty spiritually in-tune walking through. The last "exhibit" was a pool of manta rays you could essentially pet as they swum by. So in a state filled with grace and compassion tot he animals, I silently prayed over them and reached out. I pet a few small manta rays which was cool, and then finally at the end of 5 minutes a BIG manta ray swam right straight towards me, turned just below me, and I got to pet it. I felt in the moment like it was something Fated/Destined. Like Jesus was present. I then let go of my attachment to staying and felt complete. 

#2 Went to Cherokee Castle yesterday, which is a home modeled after a 15th century Scottish castle. It was high on a mountain ledge overlooking the vast city below. I felt into each room instinctually and started bringing God in. The main dining hall seemed kind of heavy. Some rooms were actually pretty light. Only 2 families had ever owned the home -which was made in the 1920s. 

I started learning about "Tweet" -the last woman who had owned the home until she died. We actually had a lot in common. She was an avid fan of art and an art collector. She was also spiritual, loved animals, and had shown animals in various fairs which she won prizes for -like I had rabbits. So at some point I actually reached out to Heaven and told Tweet directly as if she could hear me how much I appreciated her life and the wonderful things that she liked and did. I also appreciated that she didn't sell of her home, but turned it into a foundation so all people could see it. 

Then we went to the tower. I've been in high places before, especially in Europe and even Scotland viewing the landscape from original castle towers. Not afraid of heights. But up there as soon as I got close tot he edge it FELT like I was going to fall. There was a 5 foot wall around me, and I couldn't rationalize this fear at all. It was entirely unfounded. So I called in Jesus, God, some saints... anyone who could help. 

After about 3 minutes this CALM washed over me and I felt like I wasn't alone, like Jesus was with me, and there was nothing to fear. I couldn't understand where this feeling came from, but I got the sense that one day this tower would FALL. And I was feeling the Future impact of that event. So I prayed to Yahweh, Jesus, and Michael to protect the tower and the homestead. 

#3 I got an Angel Card yesterday that was posted by Doreen Virtue that was kind of interesting. Basically it said, "If you ask for your dreams to be guided to bring you clarity -they will be," And I do want to have greater clarity for what I'm meant to do and meant to be doing so I did put that out there to Heaven in general to help me out on.

Then last night I dreamed that I heald someone's dog. It happened so easily. The "light" just came through me as if it was Meant to be. Then I turned to one of the men that was around and said, "You may not believe me, but if you ever hear of an orca whale needing healing reach out to me because I feel I'm meant to heal that animal." 

I woke up and though, "Well there's some clarity. They basically just confirmed that I'm meant to heal animals. So then the immediate thought after was, "But HOW do I do it? What do I need to learn or DO?" Then the understanding came to me, "It's not something you have to Do, it's something you have to Be." 

And so I came to the understanding, "This is about Being connected to God's energy and Uniting with it. 

Then as I was laying in bed I could feel my soul extend beyond my hand. I've been able to control that/do that since I was about 23 years old. I do know what it feels like to extend the soul Outside of your body. So then I thought, "Maybe this is what I'm meant to do/be. I need to practice letting my "soul out of its cage" more." And you can also hand your 'head' over to your soul as well. It feels like you're watching your life rather than living it. Like you're in the back seat and you are instead seeing through your Souls eyes rather than the other way around. 

Mind is separate from the Soul, but the goal is to Unify them. Which is where intuitive perception comes from ultimately. 

I also got the sense that when you do this, your SOUL knows what to do. Your soul will do what is needed. Meaning if you want to heal an animal, hand over the reigns to your soul and it will Heal without you having to Think about it. 

Then Jesus made His presence felt and came close to me. I welcomed Him in and then started asking questions. 

I asked, "Will I find a job? Will I get a place of my own soon? will my financial troubles be remedied..." And as has been the way, He of course said, "Yes there is nothing for you to worry about." And I did feel alleviated and "calmed" for a moment, but I told Him, "I still worry about these things. You try to bring me peace and I know you want me to trust, but from time to time I still worry." 

And He calmed me again and I felt at peace again -as if there were nothing in the world I needed to concern myself over -and He said again, "I know you worry. Don't worry. All will be well. You are taken care of." 

I love Jesus. I don't care what religion you are or aren't -you could believe anything or in anything and I wouldn't care. What I really wish for people is that they could FEEL this loved. That they could FEEL this watched over and cared for. What I would wish for people is not merely the acknowledgement of Jesus' existence, but instead the Connection we can have with Him and the love He has for us. 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Assaults on Campus

Last night as I walked to my car at 9pm from the community college Photoshop class I had taken I couldn't help but think: 1 in 4. Who would help me if I was attacked. Are there any police around? What would I do after?

Then it occurred to me, there are girls that go to this college full time and probably take night classes frequently. They could walk in this same fear every single night.

Why is it that people have to wait until College to learn about CONSENT? Why isn't it mandated in ALL high school? 1 in 4. #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth #SAAM

I posted this on Instagram and my friend responded:

"Pepper spray, take a self defense course. Cause you can fight back sometimes."

I responded back:

"I have pepper spray, but when I honestly think about unzipping my purse, turning the nozzle on the spray, and aiming it as some guy is punching me... It doesn't sound as plausible as some people seem to believe it is. Leaning towards a taser, but it's so bulky to carry around. Self defense sounds good, but it's just frustrating that rape has become this systemic and women now need to prepare as if everywhere they go is a potential war zone. :( "

Then on the news today:

9 women have come forward complaining that over the past couple years the college has utterly ignored their accounts of rape. Especially since some college football players were to blame in several of the incidents. They are now suing the college. 

Something HAS to change. And I think it begins with Education. Informing teens of Consent and Sexual Health. 

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jesus' Thoughts

As I was lying in bed circling the thoughts in my mind, I noticed the presence of a divine being come in. Took me a second to recognize it as Jesus's peaceful energy. And so I wondered, "What does Jesus think about?"

So I asked Him, "Do you worry like I do, do you think about humanity and all of its issues, do you try to see the bigger picture behind things, do you have hope, do you wish you could intervene more, do you think about your own life -your past, present, and a future...?"

Then He calmly replied, "I don't worry... I KNOW." And I received the understanding that He sees ALL -especially Heaven and the Future. So He KNOWS that everything turns out ok and He knows souls are looked after in Heaven. He doesn't wonder or worry about anything. He KNOWS.

And it was kind of a "DUH" moment for me, like Why didn't I think of that before? He's an infinite divine being of God that was once enfleshed. Why would He worry?

Friday, April 8, 2016

Visions in April -Discovering Ganesh

April 6th I wen tot bed and a vision came to me when I woke up the next day of what I sort of distantly recognized as the Hindu elephant deity.

I was confused by this for multiple reasons.

#1 Although I adopt Buddhist understandings, I am not Hindu and do not believe in "deities" -only divine beings of Heaven like Saints and Angels.

#2 It's an Elephant. While I do believe some animals are saints like Balto and Hidalgo, most sainted animals do not come across to humanity as being more or less human-like themselves in mannerisms and behavior.

#3 I didn't even know his name. I thought it was "Gamesh".

But this image came to me and seemed important to draw. The main significance of this being to me was that when he looked at towards me it felt like he could "See" me. Like he understood me. This is an intelligent being of wisdom and/or knowing more than anything.

Then I went to watch my friend's house April 7th, yesterday. My friend is very business savvy and distantly spiritual/open-minded. But when I was sitting on the floor I saw this note attached to a wall hanging she had:

I thought, "Wait is that the elephant guy I drew???" I started noticing some Buddhist/Hindu/New Age books around her place and then kind of decided to give her the book Our Appointment with Life by Thick Nhat Hanh. I had lent my copy to my friend Agatha about a year ago and bought an extra copy for myself thinking I'd never see the original again. Last week the book came back to me after she mailed it. So now I have an extra copy of a Buddhist book that has elephants on the cover and I'm thinking I'm meant to give it to my friend Katie whose house I'm watching.

Still don't know that much about Ganesh, other than how to spell his name correctly now. Not sure that that being does, only that Katie seems to have a connection to him and God found a way to reach back through me.

The other weird thing about the image I saw was that the elephant moved, so it was again almost like a video clip. He was clearly wearing some kind of vest/jacket and appeared in front of some kind of mandala/chakra/flower design.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Makeup at Macys

My friend had a gift card for Macys and wanted to use it so we stopped by there yesterday. I don't usually go into places like that because they're wayyy too expensive in general. When you walk into Macys and fine their beauty department they have about 8 different stations covering areas from lipstick to face wash to eye shadow and then different brands like Clinique and Revlon. 

The first thing I did was notice all the pictures of models everywhere. First I tried to distinguish any Photoshopping that had been done, which in some instances was quite apparent. The next thing I noticed was all the models featured were white. Out of 20 different images of models featured only 3 were black and only 1 was Asian. 

Next thing I noticed were prices. $35 for a brush to apply your rouge, $45 for a Michael Kors keychain, $20 for lipstick, $50 for bronzer. 

Next was the multitudes of variety found in the makeup itself. 40 different shades of lipstick. 

And at the end of it all being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of products and the prices of each all I could think was, "Everything is sooooo organized. And women have such a variety here. You could easily see a women dropping $175 on makeup alone." And in spite of the elegant arrangements of colors in eye shadow and foundation, this is all I could picture in my mind:

How did we get here? A place where in one country a woman can spend $175 on vanity that inevitably will come to an end just as surely as the sun sets each day, but an entire life of a child can be ended so swiftly by the treacherous nature of their environment alone, without even taking starving to death into consideration.

How do we do this? How can we live in a world that is so informed and understanding so readily available and yet we be so ignorant of the most significant things in this life? How do we not care of one another and instead put vice and superficiality above human beings themselves? 

I can try to make sense of a lot of things in this life, but the price a woman can put on her face outweighing the price humans must pay in the knowing that we neglect our own species isn't something I can reconcile in my mind or my soul. 

Monday, April 4, 2016

Angel Cards #7

I've been keeping less and less of a track on the Angel Cards. In general they're still accurate, with some being freakishly accurate, but I find the visions I draw to be more significant in general even if they don't speak to what's going on in my present life. 

Doreen's Card March 18th + 21st: I've been struggling with finding a job and have the instinct to sink more and more into positions I don't want for companies I don't like. These cards came as a reminder to "stick to the path" and be patient. 

Doreen's Card March 22nd: I keep veering from healthy eating and self-care. These reminders pop up about once a week for me to eat healthier and go outside and do something. 

Doreen's Card March 23rd through 29th: Again another reminder to be consistent and don't veer from the path. It's hard with so much uncertainty to trust Heaven to align everything swiftly. Control is a hard thing to let go of. 

Doreen's Card March 31st: These I feel have something to do with my spiritual life purpose and future. I saw an ad for Reiki Healing class, but ended up signing up for a Photoshop class instead. But chakra healing keeps popping up. I think I'm meant to get educated on spiritual healing so I can help "heal nature". I know chakras/spiritual healing and nature are a major component of my future. 

Doreen April 4th: I'm supposed to succeed at something today. I succeeded in going outside for a while and not stressing out as much. Did not succeed at eating healthier. Was hoping to succeed at finally finding the right job... 

Me March 29th: Sometimes visions will come to me in a still framed image and other times they'll come to me like a moving video clip or gif. This was about a 3 second clip. This round orb came slowly down and several angel beneath it "bowed" in a echoing semi-circular motion. As their wings unfolded down, it created this movement as if they were clearing a path for the orb. No idea what it means though. 

Me March 30th: Kind of had a break through. Found out that if you call on the Holy Spirit and let your soul lead, your soul will "lock arms" with the Holy Spirit almost in an embrace like a hug and you can then push forward through space against a negative entity that is being invasive. Attempted to draw this phenomenon. As I push through the space I think words like "Autonomy" and "Grace" to help the energy flow over me like a protective shield. 

Me March 31st: Decided to pull some cards from my 2 favorite Angel decks. Got PLAY -which basically means stop stressing over the job thing and enjoy life. Got "follow your heart" with homage being payed to nature and animal kind (part of my life's purpose). I got energy work and spiritual protection -which I had just used the night before.