Monday, April 25, 2016

Angel Cards #8

The problem with Angel Cards is I don't post them regularly enough. Then I've got about a month's worth to post about and I can't remember very well what was going on with each one. Luckily I've made notes by some of them as a reminder of what each card was speaking to. Past me always remembers that future me is an idiot that needs to have things mapped out well. 

Doreen's Cards April 5th, 6th, 7th + 10th:

This was the angel's way of saying, "You know what path you're on, but if you keep avoiding it and putting it off, we're going to start sounding like a broken record constantly reminding you that you have a Spiritual Purpose and it WILL happen at some point. You can only put off your destiny for so long..." I'm meant to write, create artwork, and heal -animals in particular -at some point. 

Doreen April 11th + 14th:

I keep looking for a job. Have been for 6+months now. I've officially gotten the sense that 2 months from now -in JUNE -things will finally work out. But the stress of trying to still find one is crappy. So a lot of the cards speak of the long process it is taking to manifest a good job for me, and that I need to stick with Poisitivity in the moment. 

Doreen April 14:

This was a bad week for me. I had a friend who basically supported beliefs I believed to be inherently negative -which he argued were neutral. He then went "religious" on me and told me if I could validate my beliefs by quoting the Bible then they didn't count and weren't right. I wanted to maintain our friendship but he was pressuring me to adhere to Christianity in ways I genuinely believe are not founded in spiritual reality. I asked God, "Am I wrong? Should I concede to his perspective?" The cards I got basically told me I was on the right path and needed to stay with my perspective while maintaining respect for him as a person on his own life journey. 

Doreen April 15th, 18th + 19th:

Basically these cards affirmed that I am meant to contribute to this world spiritually and give Grace to humanity in whatever ways I am lead. 

Me April 17th:

In general I've been encountering more Indian Begins of Divinity. Drew this card which essentially told me not to worry about money. That God would provide. That abundance would come. 

Me April 18th:

I saw an image when I was laying in bed on this morning. It was the Eye of God, and as I looked into His eye I saw a kind of clouded pathway opening up to the Heavens above. I think it was God's way of saying, "I see you and I want you to see Heaven." 

Doreen April 19th:

The thing about Heaven is it cares about you in ALL ways. It cares about deep traumatic pains you have that it would alleviate from you and it cares about the mundane concerns of every day life. This day I went through box after box trying to find my dang business cards which I've been looking for for a month now. Got frustrated, pissed, and angry. Then this card popped up basically telling me to call on Saint Anthony. 

Doreen April 21st:

This day I went to go House Site for a friend and watch her dog Annie for a couple days. 

Doreen April 23rd: 

I was lazy over the course of these past couple days. Tired, lounging around a lot, unmotivated in general. So I started worrying about finding a job again and the future. 

Doreen April 25th:

Given the dream I had already about "Aroma" and the old lady from Heaven, not sure if this card is speaking to my recent dream or an upcoming one. 

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