Friday, April 29, 2016

Why Africa?: Receiving Clarity in Dreams

Had a dream 2 nights ago that was pretty vivid. I was walking with a bunch of American tourists through a jungled part of Africa. As I saw the tourists head off with the tour guide, I saw some African children walking down another path and instead decided to follow them. They walked to a small nearby village of mostly women and children. 

There in the village as I talked with some of the people I found out that 90% of every girl there is Raped before the age of 10. I was deeply troubled by this and wanted to lend aid anyway that I could. Then I woke up. It felt like I was being given a glimpse into God's world of concerns -especially for the country of Africa. 

Africa and the Middle East in particular are suffering some of the most devastating atrocities known to mankind right now -Every Single Day. Things most humans in America can't fathom. And so the thought came to me, WHY? Why so much pain and conflict in these particular regions? 

Multiple theories abound, but one of the main ones is this: Europe and America (as well as similar countries) have had their atrocities already. Horrific days of genocide, torture, rape, war... for centuries. Now has come a modern time where such acts have been criminalized and sought to be ended outright. 

The Middle East and Africa have had their past sufferings, but in this day and age are at their peak. It is my thought that like Europe and America have evolved and grown -so will these countries. They just need time and enlightenment. It is the world's job in the regions where peace largely pervades to Extend that grace with patience and understanding. 

It seems like my dreams in general are getting slowly but surely more vivid. I'd say about 30 -40% of my dreams throughout any given night will have significant instances of Heavenly guidance and influence. You can FEEL these kinds of dreams and SEE how vividly they play out. 

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