Thursday, April 14, 2016

Jesus as the Lion of Peace and Lamb of Grace

I genuinely believe all humans have both a Positive/ Protecting/ Leadership-side and a Kind/ Caring/ Peaceful -side. The "Lion" side is for ACTION. Taking noble action in a powerful, assured way that achieves its goal and adds value to life. The "Lamb" side is for BEING and carries the person with a soft, emulating presence of embracing love. 

Jesus as the Lion of Peace:

Jesus was a Lion about 50% of the time on this earth (mostly out of Necessity rather than desire). Jesus had many things to accomplish -people to help and miracles to perform -so His "lion side" was called upon a lot. I believe now it would only be used about 20% of the time since Jesus is in Heaven now and more about Being and Giving Peace, Love, and Caring. 

I believe when Jesus was in His "lion" mode, He was like a straight-shooting arrow that could NOT miss its target. The level of power behind His actions and the level of assurity with which he enacted them is immeasurable. He would wait with Patience for the time to come for Him to act in ways He already saw coming. But in those moments of inaction He was not bored, but instead was deeply founded and connected to His surroundings and God above. Feats that would seem impossible came with amazing ease to Him because of the glory and infinite nature of God. 

Jesus as the Lamb of Grace: 

Where the Lion was Jesus in ACTION, the Lamb was and IS Jesus in Peace and Love. As the Lamb, Jesus led a life that was caring, grounded, humble, honest, and comforting. He would never impose thoughts upon people but instead sought to SHARE understandings with people. He explained things to them with as much clarity and simplicity as he could. 

In this mode, He was more focused on connection. not just connecting to the people around Him, but helping them connect to spiritual understandings they needed. He deeply sough to reach people and help them receive grace. 

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