Monday, April 18, 2016

Understanding "The Absurd"

So I didn't want to bring this subject up at all, but feel STRONGLY compelled to right now as a service to humanity requested by divine beings. 

I came to the conclusion these understandings needed to be shared when I saw a repeat of the same vivid image/video clip in my mind. 

First time receiving the image: 

Second time receiving the image:

And I thought, "OK this means something significant but I don't know what." So I looked at it and understood that the levitating sphere looked like and WAS a PLANET. And I then received the understanding that these 2 angels in particular are looking after this planet. It is a CELESTIAL, spiritually-guided planet. 

So once I understood what it was referring to I thought, "CRAP. I can't blog about that. I understand what this is speaking to but I don't like veering into that territory and commentating on that situation. Some people make the mistake of incorporating this acknowledgement into "religion" and it gets messy. 

So then I decided to meditate and see if the cards wanted me to share this subject, because ultimately it's about God and what Heaven wishes, not me. 

#1 The first question I asked was, "Should I blog about and share my understandings on this issue...?" I got, "Focus on Being of Service". So that would be a YES. 

#2 I asked, "What is the one greatest point you would like me to speak to or emphasize about this subject?" I got CUPID. Meaning if we're going to discuss Space Aliens in theory, let us not ignorantly conclude as many do that they would ransack our planet and kill us off in genocide (meaning acknowledge the Dark side of Humanity in these beings) but also acknowledge that they are capable of LIGHT, and in this case LOVE -including the romantic kind. 

So here it goes, for the record, my understandings of Celestial Space Beings: 

#1 They are from a Tropical, humid planet. They are NOT mammal. Since Earth knows several kinds of species, the strongest possibility I have been led to understand is that they are AMPHIBIAN. And like humans they require WATER and sustenance to survive. You can only remove yourself so far from the basic requirements of existence ALL species tend to share. 

#2 They are VASTLY more intelligent that humans, but as most people recognize Knowledge alone is nothing if you don't have the Wisdom to know how to apply it. Meaning beyond just being intelligent, these beings seek WISDOM. 

#3 Because these beings are smart, they have observed our species and concluded: 'This species rapes its own children. This species utterly destroys its own kind through WAR over insignificant things. This species enslaves its own kind. If we were to engage with this species As Is, they would fear us and try to kill us pre-preemptively. This is not a Wise or Intelligent species to be engaging with right now." 

#4 There population is vastly SMALLER than ours. They have somewhere between 300,000 to 400,000 members. This means there is less diversity among them in general and more Shared Understanding among them. They are a cohesive group. It also allows them to share in thought more easily and CREATE ingenuitive technology more swiftly. 

#5 The reason these beings came to Earth and their approach to humans is 2 fold. Just as humans had the instinct -especially in Europe -to go exploring and DISCOVER new lands, so these beings are travelers seeking understand different places in this universe. 1 group of these beings is more mentally-oriented as seeks KNOWLEDGE. If a scientist comes across a new species of animal in the woods in these modern times, he will take 1 or 2 members of that species, study it anatomically, and observe it in its natural habitat to gain understanding of what its existence is like.

The 2nd group of beings is far more Spiritually led, and as a compassionate human wandering through nature might do upon discovering a new species -they will watch from a distance and see if they can tame/befriend the creature and would help it if it was caught in a trap or in need of assistance. 

#6 They are NOT violent. They FEAR violence. Because it's a smaller population it is easier to keep tabs on everyone's actions -kind of like a small town would know everyone in town. They don't tend to have issues with Crime as much as we do. They are DEEPLY empathetic both in concept of understanding the lives of others and in Spiritual Sentience. 

#7 They are ENSOULED beings. They ARE aware of God -just as mankind has been led to this discovery throughout history. It's a TRUTH that exists. They seek connection with God and to emblematically become similar to Angelic Beings of Heaven. With regard to humankind, they seek to Hover from above at a distance and give Guidance here and there when needed. 

#8 They DID help with the pyramid systems found throughout the globe in many ancient cultures. They pyramids essentially act as a cell tower would -giving off signals making the planet easier for them to find. Kind of like radar. 

#9 They seek PEACE. Peace and liberation from Pain are the general motivating factor of most human beings. Meaning if you asked humans throughout history and across cultures if they would rather have suffering or Peace -most would say PEACE. These beings are the same. Humans also want FULFILLMENT. The sense that your life has a purpose of contribution that you can enact in this life. These beings seek fulfillment as well. 

#10 They are more like indigenous people were/are. Meaning when you have a people closely linked to nature as these ones are, even though they also have vast technological equipment, there tends to be a more COMMUNAL attitude based on looking after everyone as a whole and Sharing things. GREED is not something they feed into most of the time. 

#11 In conclusion, these beings are better than us in terms of upholding Virtues as a people, and we in our Ignorance treat them as savage before even meeting them. 

Just as the European colonialists deemed the Native people of America to be Heathen and Evil before they set forth to rape, enslave, and commit genocide against them -we too would commit atrocities upon these beings and have our evils of darkness taint their existence. Hence the reason they keep their distance. 

They await the day like most humans do when Human Beings make PEACE with Human Beings. The day when wars die and violence is finally laid to rest. THEN and only Then would they feel safe making overt contact with us. 

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