Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Assaults on Campus

Last night as I walked to my car at 9pm from the community college Photoshop class I had taken I couldn't help but think: 1 in 4. Who would help me if I was attacked. Are there any police around? What would I do after?

Then it occurred to me, there are girls that go to this college full time and probably take night classes frequently. They could walk in this same fear every single night.

Why is it that people have to wait until College to learn about CONSENT? Why isn't it mandated in ALL high school? 1 in 4. #SexualAssaultAwarenessMonth #SAAM

I posted this on Instagram and my friend responded:

"Pepper spray, take a self defense course. Cause you can fight back sometimes."

I responded back:

"I have pepper spray, but when I honestly think about unzipping my purse, turning the nozzle on the spray, and aiming it as some guy is punching me... It doesn't sound as plausible as some people seem to believe it is. Leaning towards a taser, but it's so bulky to carry around. Self defense sounds good, but it's just frustrating that rape has become this systemic and women now need to prepare as if everywhere they go is a potential war zone. :( "

Then on the news today:

9 women have come forward complaining that over the past couple years the college has utterly ignored their accounts of rape. Especially since some college football players were to blame in several of the incidents. They are now suing the college. 

Something HAS to change. And I think it begins with Education. Informing teens of Consent and Sexual Health. 

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