Monday, January 30, 2017

The Current State of Things

There were 3 things that needed to be acknowledged at this very harsh point in time. 

#1 Both sides claim to want the same thing: Peace with the other side. 

Actual Republican posts:

Actual Democrat posts from the Women's March

Both sides ironically consist of mostly Christian people. Both sides also are comprised largely of white people. The problem comes where diversity in both religion and race and other matters becomes an issue -where practice isn't following what's being preached and some seek Exclusion and others seek Inclusion: 

And so once again there are 2 divided sides -only this time these sides are divided into 2 ways over many many issues making it that much more complicated. Thankfully the solution is still the same: Seek WISDOM and Rise Above. God is the ultimate side and God doesn't take sides and I take solace in the knowing God is unifying in the souls of all people in the end. 

I choose to stand with Unity -including the Inclusion of Diversity -for that reason. 

And there is a way to rise above the fray without getting caught up in the noise so this solace is maintained and the focus on these truths aren't lost. Where faith in humanity and man-kind's ability to look after people compassionately is lost: There is God. God remains the absolute solution. And good will come through the people that are in genuine alignment with that. 

#2 Moves on a Checkerboard 

I wondered what God's pan was for all of this since it's all ramping up towards Something. And a couple months ago I was given my answer -it's just become that much more obvious to me now. 

When playing the game Ticket to Ride -which is basically the new Monopoly -I decided to do it with God. If I win it will be with God and if someone else wins I will rejoice in the knowing it was their turn to and I will be happy with them.

I noticed a pattern. When I was genuinely going to win, from the beginning of the game I was calm and even enthusiastic.  I took my time, I collected my cards, and then I waited. Every one else was fast to lay down their tracks and make headway on the game -increasing their points swiftly while mine remained the same. And I waited. And I KNEW. 

Then the time came and in one hand I laid down 6 tracks where others only laid down 2 per turn. Because I laid down that number my points were also increased more than if I had only laid down a few at a time. The next turn... BAM! Another 6 tracks laid. Suddenly I was reaching my destination and moving ahead of everyone "out of nowhere". Even towards the end when it seemed uncertain: I KNEW. Because I had laid the tracks down as 1 single track and not divided, separate ones I got an extra 10 points and took the win. 

This is how God moves. Hell will seem to gain grown and ruin things taking instance by instance like water creeping unto a land, swallowing it below, making everything sink beneath. But God waits. Then when it's time, God moves with BIG impact and changes everything. It makes the efforts of Hell amount to nothing and seem empty. 

Patience is needed. Deep patience. And the KNOWING that this is how God works. 

#3 Chained to an Elementary School 

This needs to be acknowledged as well. The real reason everyone is displeased and deeply discontented right now. The bigger issue. 

There are past lessons that have been learned and have become understood to the majority of people. These people -as it is with children in school -are now in high school and understand things beyond kindergarten days. 

Unfortunately some kids in the class weren't paying attention and you are seeing history repeat itself again as a student would repeat a grade because they didn't learn enough from the one they were just in. 

Because we are bound to one another in these times, high school students are now being forced to sit in the 4th grade with students their age who have progressed in understanding. They are frustrated and angry that this is required of them because they have already learned these things and seek to progress to greater knowing. 

The 4th graders are also angry because they are stuck in a  classroom with high school students telling them they should know more than they do and explaining things they genuinely don't grasp in understanding. 

This creates a DIVIDE within a shared classroom. Those that have learned from the past and see it repeating and hate it, fear it, and want to move beyond it. And those that like the past because they don't understand why it was wrong or mistaken in he first place. 

God will also provide peace as this as well. We need patience though. We that understand beyond 4th grade need to understand the lack of understanding within those in the 4th. You can't hate a 4th grader for not understanding Geometry. They're not there yet. And apparently they're still struggling with multiplication and in this case Division. 

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Angel Cards and Dreams 1-24-17

Things have been intense lately. Thank God that God is around. 

I'll praise God for God. I can do that...

Things have been frightening and frustrating in the world. I take solace in the ability to hand it all over to God knowing it is not my world but God's world and that I am only here as a tiny part of it with no ultimate control over it. It's better in God's hands -especially when you see the mess mankind makes of it. 

So these were my angel cards the other day and kind of the theme of this year in general: 

Yup. There you go. 

It's not that bad things aren't going to happen -you can see them like crashing dominoes from a mile away. It's that God's got moves to make on this checker board as well and they are great, profound, and loving. 

In other news, had some interesting dreams recently. 

Dream 1/05/17: 

Been a follower and fan of Jason Mraz for a while now. Someone once posted on Facebook that they wished there was a celebrity they could name that championed multiple causes instead of just one as she was doing and so I listed him and she thanked me. 

He cares about LGBTQ+ Rights, Ending Child Slavery, and Environmentalism/Farming in particular. So this dream came and it was interesting to see. 

Dreamed I went to the Jason Mraz Foundation -which was essentially a big, colorful building. There was a giant playhouse/tree house for kids to run around in. There were lots of animals around -including animals just wandering the grounds and a station to pet them in. There was a LGBTQ+ department. There was a giant field for farming various crops anyone could then come by and eat for free. He also had a gift shop and was capitalizing on all things vegan-related. 

And so I got the chance to meet him at this place and he requested that I look after a kiddy pool full of small turtles. This was important because I've had a hard time relating to turtles and looking after them. They are a hard animal to connect with in any way and I once referred to them as "moving rocks". So I think the dream was encouraging me to stretch compassion to all animals and seek understanding of them better because one day I might be called upon to look over them. 

Dream 1/06/17:

Had a very vivid dream that I was IN a video game. In the game I was working somewhere, drinking coffee, and doing marketing and graphic design. I've had a couple dreams about work since my old position ended and I'm back on the hunt for a job. I'm actually better than I was last time though -very patient and deliberate with what I'm doing. 

Dream 1/12/17: 

This dream was particularly important. Had a dream -like many I've had before -that I was running around and in an abandoned 20 story building avoiding being eaten by 2 T-Rexs. Then the dream turned into a video game and I had the ability to kill the dinos from above with any number of guns from the Xbox game Halo. I went with rocket launcher. 

When the dinos were shot they turned into bones, only to be reanimated back to life and complete health again 1 minute later. When I realized I couldn't END the situation, I just went back to avoiding them. 

Then I came across a BABY t-rex. I immediately treated it like any other baby animal and started watching over it and feeding it. I realized: This animal can grow to trust me and can protect me form the other 2. Then at one point I went out onto the balcony of this building and all the other people running around had gathered below with all the herbivore dinosaurs like a Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus. 

When I woke up I realized the balcony scene -which even in the dream seemed random and didn't make sense to me -resembled the scene from The Lion King. You have a young carnivore almost like a king-to-be looking and presiding over a variety of herbivores. 

And this is weird because I have felt pretty compelled to watch that movie lately for some reason -but don't own it. I think there is some kind of prolific or futuristic message in the movie sort of being prophesied. 

Vision 1/14/17: 

This is a vision I saw while awake that just kind of appeared out of nowhere in my mind. I could have drawn it down, but didn't feel like it. 

There was a warm and radiant sun above and it beamed down rays of light. These singular rays then appeared as chords attached to a vast array of people below. The people were dressed in a variety of colors making the appearance of a kind of rainbow-like spectrum when standing together. 

I think it represents God's unity with people and the desire and fulfillment achieved by UNITY in general. 

Thoughts on Women's Issues and Life

It seems like this year my desire to post is less frequent, but my desire to post deeply relevant things upon greater pondering has increased. 

Horses and Women: 

There was a movie I saw once that was about a girl and a horse and it went into the history of horses in general. There was a time when horses lived alongside mankind and were treated with respect and consideration. Many native and indigenous tribes considered them to be almost family. 

Then the day came when the relationship between man and horse was fractured. Horse became slave, object, and property. They were used and thrown away with little consideration. Horses have always been intuitive creatures and what became ingrained in the genetics, the lineage of decedents, and the souls of these animals was a FEAR of mankind. 

Things have shifted and most people treat horses with most respect and seek to have some kind of bond and partnership with them so they can both once again enjoy that kind of unity. 

In kind, women for millennia were treated as slave, object, and property. Written in the genetics, the lineage of decedents, and the souls of women is the instinct not to trust men inherently. In fact, most people -men and women -would consider you an idiot if you did. To blindly trust a man you do not know is to risk your own safety and well-being. 

And so it is that a time must come when men heal this relationship with women-kind and the two can find between them a mutual respect and partnership. Until then, you can't expect any woman to inherently trust man anymore than you could ask a horse that an unknown man was approaching to do so. 

Women in Power:

Was looking at the examples of "Bloody Mary" and Queen Elizabeth again. Some people like to argue that women in power are unfavorable and will list prior negative examples while ignoring the history of the reign of various men. Others will argue that women would be better in positions of power while ignoring those women that acted woefully and can be named as being less than desirable in terms of leadership. 

In the end, it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with which HUMAN is in power, how they respect or abuse that power, and what kind of influence they have over the people they claim to serve. 

Taking Credit: 

This came up this morning actually. There was something in the Bible that said, "Do things anonymously and take no credit for yourself and life will essentially be better for you." Paraphrasing there a little bit. :) 

And like most things in the Bible it says what you should do, but never WHY. And so it falls upon the individual to reflect within your own soul and devise by reasoning and intuitive guidance WHY that would be. 

And I came to the conclusion that throughout my life I was never actually ABLE to claim credit. People tried accrediting me for the quality of my artwork or the tireless work I had done behind the scenes of one project or group -but I never actually took credit myself. I couldn't. In the back of my mind was always the understanding that:

#1 GOD had something to do with it. God gifted me the ability to create art. God led me to meet person XYZ and to help them out in whatever way I was intended to. The closer you get to God the more clearly God appears in life and the shows up in the things that you do. 

#2 I did not do these things for credit. I never accredited myself because I never sought it. When I did art it was because I loved it. When I helped friends and completed projects to help them, it was because I loved helping. 

I can acknowledge the truth: "I did XYZ." But as far as taking credit goes, I never COULD. 

It always belongs to God and it's always through the act of GIVING. 

Credit is TAKING. 

Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year's Revelations: 2017

Manifesting Desired Outcomes 
The first mini breakthrough in understanding came when a women's group leader asked me what I thought "Masculinity" was and what "Femininity" was in spiritual terms. After reflecting I came to the conclusion that Masculinity is represented in external action and Femininity is represented in internal interaction and soul, but the unity of both is found when a person is PRESENT in being. When you're fully in being it's like everything clicks and it feels right -like that's the way it's supposed to be. When you're in that state, Spirit is within you and around you. There is no division between you and God's presence. In this state, because the masculine and feminine are coming together as they do in procreation -one singular, combined union -you are then able to Manifest things much more easily. This is especially true for manifesting things you want or need like money or friendship. 

Love Covers All
I've been seeing this spiritual solidarity play out more and more. But basically what I experienced was if you extend loving energy and caring presence onto a person or situation then God is able to come through much more easily and a kind of path is cleared for Divine Beings of Heaven to come through. You can call it praying over people or situations, but is genuinely extending loving energy to them. Love then "covers" or is able to protect a person -or heal a situation. 

I was thinking about this about a week ago -mostly because I was led to reflecting more and more on the life of Sir Thomas Moore who lived (and died horrifically) during the reign of Henry the 8th. He claimed to be a humanist -an early form of humanitarian that cared about he wellbeing of people and the safe keeping of their souls. A spiritual humanitarian. Unfortunately Moore had his short-comings (including a strong hatred for Lutherans) and ended up burning some people alive for not being Catholic. He was later executed himself for not conceding to Henry the 8th's religious views. 

2 days after reflecting on what it means to genuinely be a humanist (which by definition means a humanitarian that sees all people as being inherently beloved by God and ensouled by virtues) I came across this post by a friend of mine that's actually kind of agnostic. He basically said this was the closest to religion that he could get:

I like being a humanist instead of just humanitarian. Humanitarians concern themselves with the physical state of mankind. Humanists not only see human condition, they see Humanity within all people and intrinsic value of each life. 

Deja Vu 
I actually decided this a while ago after I had several days in a row that consisted of over 10 instances of deja vu. When you are PRESENT in a moment -including a future moment -then you experience deja vu. Your past (aka your current present) has a flash of that spark of a moment when you are awake and present as a soul in being in the future. Time doesn't exactly work the way people think it does. Deja vu isn't psychic prediction it's the past/present receiving the future echo of a spiritual moment. The moments aren't usually significant, but being present in that moment is what starts it. The more present you are, the more likely that habit will form and glimpses of the future will be flashed to you more often. 

Dragon Fly
I went "spiritually shopping" for Christmas and ended up at an antique shop that catered to the intuitive with Native American items, Buddhist items, Christian items and so on. I KNEW I needed to get this purse/pouch that was hand-made and had a dragonfly on it. In no way shape or form is that my totem. So I also knew it was intended to be gifted to someone else. One of the first people that flashed in my mind was my friend Amy who is about as intuitive as it gets most of the time. But I didn't know if it was her totem or not. 

So you feel kind of like a crazy person when you put yourself out on a limb and gift this person a dragonfly purse and a dragonfly bracelet and just kind of hope it's meant for them -because otherwise it's reallllyyyyy awkward when it's not. 

But sure enough she said, "Wow, how did you know this is my totem???" Apparently her husband had even gifted her dragonfly earrings for her birthday not that long ago. Then we discussed totem animals and she said she would help me understand "The Fox" which has been coming up for me lately but it's not my totem and it's hard for me to understand what the fox represents since it's kind of elusive. 

Anyway, I sort of gave God a spiritual high five after that one. You feel like God is leading you to enact meaningful things that get through and reach other people. 

Figure Skating 
I knew there was something spiritual about figure skating, but I didn't really understand what until recently. Sometimes for seemingly no good reason I'll be purposely drawn to Youtube to lookup past figure skating events. And it finally clicked with me why. 

When there is a graceful fluid motion of a swift circle being made (which is what figure skating usually consists of) your crown/head chakra gets enacted and basically starts resonating outward. This pulse of the chakra is inherently healing which is kind of why you want to do that every once in a while. It clears the chakra out. And especially since heads and minds can accumulate a lot of negative thoughts it's important to find a way to clear that space. I genuinely feel better after watching figure skating scenes -even if it's only for 15 minutes. 

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

If Money Was No Issue

I have visionary tendencies and have wayyyy too many thoughts in my head that would likely reach fruition if money (and other limitations) weren’t a factor.

I actually thought of a new one the other night and that’s pretty much when I decided I needed to take this growing, scattered list that’s been accumulating over the years and just write it out for the sake of my own sanity.

#1 Holistic Non-profit for taking Countries out of Poverty

I first envisioned this when I was 24 (so about 4 years ago). I initially just imagined myself going to Brazil and South America because for spiritual reasons I feel pretty drawn to those places and feel meant to be there at some point in the future. But when I envision going there the issues of poverty and favelas are pretty extensive. So I pretty swiftly envisioned this organization arising therefrom.

Why start with Brazil? Several reasons.

First, it’s in poverty, but its poverty isn’t as extensive and deeply embedded as in some other places. In some places, even if you gave people money they’re environment and governmental systems are so oppressive it almost wouldn’t make much difference.
Secondly, South America in general is affiliated with spirituality and religion to a good extent, so they would more or less be what I would call “spiritually receptive” to working towards these changes.

Lastly, I’m tired of South America, Central America, and Mexico being looked down upon by the United States. If these countries were given a leg up and leveraged each other’s strengths they could give the U.S. a run for its money and would increase affluence in the world. U.S. needs to be humbled.

The non-profit (as I think I’ve explained in previous blogs) would focus on 5 main areas of every country, starting with Brazil: Infrastructure, Residential Housing, Medical Services, Job Creation + Personal Development, and the Environment.

Infrastructure would work on improving the quality and safety of roads, buildings, schools, and other things influenced or operated by the government.

“Residential Housing” would focus on home repairs and making sure every person in that country had a good home to live in.

Medical Services would ensure that everyone had access to healthcare –regardless of financial means.

Job Creation + Personal Development would ensure the adult education, work skills, and new potential job ventures being supported.

Environment would deal with ensuring that as all these other objectives are being achieved –especially infrastructure and housing –that environmental sustainability, preserving natural resources, and not destroying the living system within the country was maintained.

If there was a last category added to the list it would be the support of 

Art/Culture/Spirituality within a country.

This non-profit would start with one country, holistically, and then after 2-3 years move onto the next and then the next and then the next. It would simultaneously encourage all countries to come together and support one another during the process.

#2 Spiritual Sanctuaries

Thought of this one last night because I reallllllyyyyy wish there was an open, spiritual community center where people could come and immerse themselves in a receptive, divine location.

These spaces would be “blessed” in every sense of the word and be a respite for those seeking solace, healing, and/or guidance.

There would be a library in one room full of various spiritual/religious books and books on wisdom.

There would be spiritual healers offering their services for free and training others on how to heal spiritually for free. These gifts are given freely by God and should NEVER be charged for.

There would be intuitives/guides offering advice and counseling to those lost or in pain.

There would be various kinds of artistic groups, music groups, writing groups…

Lastly there would be meditation rooms where you could go and connect.
The spaces would be encouraged to locate somewhere out in nature. Each room would be painted/decorated differently in a divine, artistic way. Spiritual symbols and gemstones would abound.

#3 Emergency Spiritual Centers

Building off of the last vision (and having previously blogged about this one already –I think I called it ERS or something…) there would be emergency centers for the spiritually afflicted. Members of various religions and spiritual beliefs would be there to take anyone in and see to it that they had –for free –access to whatever they needed.
There would be books, spiritual objects, gemstones, incense, and other items given freely to any in need as well as services such as counseling, guidance, and professionals that know how to contend with negative entities.

#4 Non-profit that helps homeless individually and holistically

This one I envisioned a couple years ago as well, but actually goes hand in hand with spiritual sanctuaries. At some point someone would come in homeless off the street and be in need of more practical things than spiritual guidance alone. So this non-profit would take each individual homeless person, find out who they are and what their deeper underlying struggles are, and swiftly provide support.

Within the first couple days the person would receive a week’s worth of clothes –both casual and professional attire. They would be cleaned and provided a haircut or any other services. Their health issues would be addressed and tended to. The mental health issues and counseling would be provided. Then they would focus more in depth on developing workplace skills and helping the individual find a job.

Address the person first as a PERSON and a HUMAN then help them find work –not treating them like a vending machine whose only purpose in life is to procure cash.

#5 Healing/Counseling centers to help those who are victims of violence, abuse, and trafficking

Physical –and in particular sexual abuse – haunt a soul for years. It’s debilitating and how people can just expect someone to “get over” something like that I don’t know. I would see victims of violence, abuse, and trafficking healed in SOUL and liberated from the pains of their past.

This non-profit would leverage the services of others already around –though usually few in number –and would centrally focus on these kinds of pains in particular.
They would also offer spiritual services -overlapping with places like the spiritual community center –to address chakra complications and other aspects of the soul that may also be in need of healing –not just Body, Mind, and Emotions alone.

#6 Give money to those in poverty until system is corrected

The economic system –whatever country you’re in –perpetuates poverty. If everyone in poverty was given $500,000 magically tomorrow there would inevitably come a time where people either returned to poverty or more people gave way to poverty. The SYSTEM is part of the problem.

And right now you have situations where this glaring reality of “money amounting to more than human life” becomes more than evident. You have more homes sitting vacant and empty than homeless people in this country. Think about that.
But until such a time when society finally recognizes this issue and decides it’s willing to change and re-arrange the way we live, we have to find easier, more direct solutions.
This is why I would opt to give directly to people in poverty. As much as I love non-profits that help people in poverty, giving money directly to the people and cutting out “middle men” might help.

Most people would be against this practice because they say the money would be spent on drugs or gambled away. I do not take ownership of what someone would decide to do with the money –that’s there life and their choice. I would give people the option of spending on necessities and more important things than prejudge a person and deny them what they NEED.

As with most things, the majority of people would spend the money where it was needed rather than on a sports car or something stupid.

Waiting around and trying to get people to “earn” money being offered seems pretty cruel when you take everything into account. I’d rather roll the dice and take a chance on someone’s own autonomy and free will being used to rise above circumstances with the money given. Both arguments defer to the individual themselves playing a part in moving out of poverty –it’s just mine puts MORE faith in that person and doesn’t mandate that they first need to try really, really hard to make it on their own…

#7 Interior Design

I’m tired of watching HGTV and thinking, “Well it’s nice but it’s still kind of generic and doesn’t apply as much artistry as could be done…” I would take my artistic skills and my style and create interior home designs that were unique, different, spiritual, and elegant. It’s something I would and probably will end up doing in Heaven at some point. Creation for the sake of creation in and of its self is a passion and something to be pursued.

#8 Buy a House and Write Books

I’ve described my house several times and even written out the mains themes of my 7 volume book set. Just haven’t written anything or discovered the home itself.

The house will be out in the woods and there will be a pond and deer that visit. I would plant fruit trees and have a greenhouse to raise vegetables. I’ll also have a menagerie of animals and a small cabin with a fairly small interior to encourage me to spend more time outside.

The books will be written when I’m old and have had the most time to reflect on things so I don’t affirm beliefs that are still variable and may change with time. I would only write of things I was certain of and only theorize about a little. The books would seek to bring spiritual insight and clarity to people.

I would also try carpentry. I would create mostly tables and blend different kinds of wood to create images and then I would embed jewels into the designs.

#9 The Grove

This is already happening, but not the extent I would like. I would buy empty plots of land and grow fruit trees and other plants throughout. I would then have a sort of park with great statues and artworks depicting divine beings and symbols. These parks would be free to all and would also serve as a sanctuary to animals. Ultimately the goal would acclimate people into being in nature in more of an overtly spiritual place.

#10 Funding Musicians and Artists

This would be kind of like venture capitalists that look to invest in new businesses… only you would be investing in and acting as a patron for creatives. You would head and then fund various individuals you came upon on the internet to orchestrate different songs for an album or different artists for different pieces. As it was in the Renaissance you would commission artists based on their particular talents.

Hopefully that would create a movement for people to follow so more artistic/creative people could get work.

#11 Clothing Line?

I would either like to design clothes or -more likely –work with someone who already knows what they’re doing and has a style similar to what I’m seeking.

I feel like I’m starting to sound like Kanye with a million ideas –including some that stretch beyond my realm of expertise –but at the same time he has money to burn and this is sort of what I’d do if money was no issue; so letting ideas flow without barrier is kind of the result.

I wouldn’t seek to sell my clothing line for the most part, I’d just want it for me and would probably give it for free to anyone else that was interested so long as the designer I’m partnering with agrees.

#12 Travel

ALL of this would consist of travel. Particularly to Central/South America, Europe, and at some point India. And maybe the Philippines.

If violence and crime are affiliated with poverty and poverty contributes to a lot of other issues like drug abuse then giving people the necessities they need and improving external circumstances will help immensely with those problems and spirituality and creativity will help to address the rest.

#13 Website

I would create a website that would sort of work like PostSecrets where things could be posted either anonymously or with name. Tabs at the top would consist of different countries and subtabs would include various problems people have to contend with like Racism, Ant-LGBT, Xenophobia, Sexism… and people could then post their experiences and vocalize their thoughts freely. There would also be a section called “Solutions” where people could post about non-profits or groups seeking to alleviate these problems.

#14 Animal Connections

This non-profit would focus on healing abused animals –including spiritually, as well as working on divine connection with animals (kind of like psychic communication) to see what’s capable of being achieved.

#15 Prayer Circles

This wouldn’t really be a non-profit, more like a series of groups initially starting in the USA. These groups of 20+ people would go to spots where violent crimes, wars, slavery, or other pains were inflicted and repeatedly pray over them that the lands would be blessed and healed. I feel like large groups of people coming together –in some instances –is the only thing that would make a difference in some of the darker territories on the globe.

#16 Murals

Denver got the memo that artistic wall murals on buildings is awesome. It’s like a tattoo for the street. I would like to expand upon this –especially in areas that aren’t very visually appealing –and paint the town red, purple, orange, blue and any other color I feel like.

#17 Entrepreneur Website

This website would serve as a directory based on location and would have categories showing local entrepreneurs, star-ups, and mom and pop shops (with ratings like Yelp).
There are so many amazing services and products being offered up by networking marketing and even MLM businesses and yet no line of site on who’s selling what.

#18 Meetup Group?

I’ve been to several meetups before. Spiritual meetups, entrepreneur meetups, hiking meetups, coloring book meetups… they kind of suck. There’s always something missing and most of the time it’s Connection. People get so caught up in DOING things they forget to actually forge connections. Without connections there isn’t much bringing you back to the group. So I want a meetup where people can just meetup and be human with no agenda, and preferably no drinking. No “singles” meeting up, no women-only, no “we’re all meeting up because we all have something random in common like being vegetarian”… Just humans meeting humans to form friendships.

#19 Theming

I want to create a website where a prompt or theme or subject is posted and then people create images, paintings, writing, and music all pertaining to that one thing. Hit Record by Joseph Gordon Levitt does something similar and they then compile it all and create books and videos, but I kind of like it all being separate. And his themes mostly revolve around world issues. I want other kinds of themes that are more relatable and reflective of life –something deeper. Like “Self-Discovery” or “Inspired to Action”. Most of the themes would probably be positively-oriented.