Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Thoughts on Women's Issues and Life

It seems like this year my desire to post is less frequent, but my desire to post deeply relevant things upon greater pondering has increased. 

Horses and Women: 

There was a movie I saw once that was about a girl and a horse and it went into the history of horses in general. There was a time when horses lived alongside mankind and were treated with respect and consideration. Many native and indigenous tribes considered them to be almost family. 

Then the day came when the relationship between man and horse was fractured. Horse became slave, object, and property. They were used and thrown away with little consideration. Horses have always been intuitive creatures and what became ingrained in the genetics, the lineage of decedents, and the souls of these animals was a FEAR of mankind. 

Things have shifted and most people treat horses with most respect and seek to have some kind of bond and partnership with them so they can both once again enjoy that kind of unity. 

In kind, women for millennia were treated as slave, object, and property. Written in the genetics, the lineage of decedents, and the souls of women is the instinct not to trust men inherently. In fact, most people -men and women -would consider you an idiot if you did. To blindly trust a man you do not know is to risk your own safety and well-being. 

And so it is that a time must come when men heal this relationship with women-kind and the two can find between them a mutual respect and partnership. Until then, you can't expect any woman to inherently trust man anymore than you could ask a horse that an unknown man was approaching to do so. 

Women in Power:

Was looking at the examples of "Bloody Mary" and Queen Elizabeth again. Some people like to argue that women in power are unfavorable and will list prior negative examples while ignoring the history of the reign of various men. Others will argue that women would be better in positions of power while ignoring those women that acted woefully and can be named as being less than desirable in terms of leadership. 

In the end, it has nothing to do with gender and everything to do with which HUMAN is in power, how they respect or abuse that power, and what kind of influence they have over the people they claim to serve. 

Taking Credit: 

This came up this morning actually. There was something in the Bible that said, "Do things anonymously and take no credit for yourself and life will essentially be better for you." Paraphrasing there a little bit. :) 

And like most things in the Bible it says what you should do, but never WHY. And so it falls upon the individual to reflect within your own soul and devise by reasoning and intuitive guidance WHY that would be. 

And I came to the conclusion that throughout my life I was never actually ABLE to claim credit. People tried accrediting me for the quality of my artwork or the tireless work I had done behind the scenes of one project or group -but I never actually took credit myself. I couldn't. In the back of my mind was always the understanding that:

#1 GOD had something to do with it. God gifted me the ability to create art. God led me to meet person XYZ and to help them out in whatever way I was intended to. The closer you get to God the more clearly God appears in life and the shows up in the things that you do. 

#2 I did not do these things for credit. I never accredited myself because I never sought it. When I did art it was because I loved it. When I helped friends and completed projects to help them, it was because I loved helping. 

I can acknowledge the truth: "I did XYZ." But as far as taking credit goes, I never COULD. 

It always belongs to God and it's always through the act of GIVING. 

Credit is TAKING. 

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