Monday, January 30, 2017

The Current State of Things

There were 3 things that needed to be acknowledged at this very harsh point in time. 

#1 Both sides claim to want the same thing: Peace with the other side. 

Actual Republican posts:

Actual Democrat posts from the Women's March

Both sides ironically consist of mostly Christian people. Both sides also are comprised largely of white people. The problem comes where diversity in both religion and race and other matters becomes an issue -where practice isn't following what's being preached and some seek Exclusion and others seek Inclusion: 

And so once again there are 2 divided sides -only this time these sides are divided into 2 ways over many many issues making it that much more complicated. Thankfully the solution is still the same: Seek WISDOM and Rise Above. God is the ultimate side and God doesn't take sides and I take solace in the knowing God is unifying in the souls of all people in the end. 

I choose to stand with Unity -including the Inclusion of Diversity -for that reason. 

And there is a way to rise above the fray without getting caught up in the noise so this solace is maintained and the focus on these truths aren't lost. Where faith in humanity and man-kind's ability to look after people compassionately is lost: There is God. God remains the absolute solution. And good will come through the people that are in genuine alignment with that. 

#2 Moves on a Checkerboard 

I wondered what God's pan was for all of this since it's all ramping up towards Something. And a couple months ago I was given my answer -it's just become that much more obvious to me now. 

When playing the game Ticket to Ride -which is basically the new Monopoly -I decided to do it with God. If I win it will be with God and if someone else wins I will rejoice in the knowing it was their turn to and I will be happy with them.

I noticed a pattern. When I was genuinely going to win, from the beginning of the game I was calm and even enthusiastic.  I took my time, I collected my cards, and then I waited. Every one else was fast to lay down their tracks and make headway on the game -increasing their points swiftly while mine remained the same. And I waited. And I KNEW. 

Then the time came and in one hand I laid down 6 tracks where others only laid down 2 per turn. Because I laid down that number my points were also increased more than if I had only laid down a few at a time. The next turn... BAM! Another 6 tracks laid. Suddenly I was reaching my destination and moving ahead of everyone "out of nowhere". Even towards the end when it seemed uncertain: I KNEW. Because I had laid the tracks down as 1 single track and not divided, separate ones I got an extra 10 points and took the win. 

This is how God moves. Hell will seem to gain grown and ruin things taking instance by instance like water creeping unto a land, swallowing it below, making everything sink beneath. But God waits. Then when it's time, God moves with BIG impact and changes everything. It makes the efforts of Hell amount to nothing and seem empty. 

Patience is needed. Deep patience. And the KNOWING that this is how God works. 

#3 Chained to an Elementary School 

This needs to be acknowledged as well. The real reason everyone is displeased and deeply discontented right now. The bigger issue. 

There are past lessons that have been learned and have become understood to the majority of people. These people -as it is with children in school -are now in high school and understand things beyond kindergarten days. 

Unfortunately some kids in the class weren't paying attention and you are seeing history repeat itself again as a student would repeat a grade because they didn't learn enough from the one they were just in. 

Because we are bound to one another in these times, high school students are now being forced to sit in the 4th grade with students their age who have progressed in understanding. They are frustrated and angry that this is required of them because they have already learned these things and seek to progress to greater knowing. 

The 4th graders are also angry because they are stuck in a  classroom with high school students telling them they should know more than they do and explaining things they genuinely don't grasp in understanding. 

This creates a DIVIDE within a shared classroom. Those that have learned from the past and see it repeating and hate it, fear it, and want to move beyond it. And those that like the past because they don't understand why it was wrong or mistaken in he first place. 

God will also provide peace as this as well. We need patience though. We that understand beyond 4th grade need to understand the lack of understanding within those in the 4th. You can't hate a 4th grader for not understanding Geometry. They're not there yet. And apparently they're still struggling with multiplication and in this case Division. 

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