Monday, January 16, 2017

New Year's Revelations: 2017

Manifesting Desired Outcomes 
The first mini breakthrough in understanding came when a women's group leader asked me what I thought "Masculinity" was and what "Femininity" was in spiritual terms. After reflecting I came to the conclusion that Masculinity is represented in external action and Femininity is represented in internal interaction and soul, but the unity of both is found when a person is PRESENT in being. When you're fully in being it's like everything clicks and it feels right -like that's the way it's supposed to be. When you're in that state, Spirit is within you and around you. There is no division between you and God's presence. In this state, because the masculine and feminine are coming together as they do in procreation -one singular, combined union -you are then able to Manifest things much more easily. This is especially true for manifesting things you want or need like money or friendship. 

Love Covers All
I've been seeing this spiritual solidarity play out more and more. But basically what I experienced was if you extend loving energy and caring presence onto a person or situation then God is able to come through much more easily and a kind of path is cleared for Divine Beings of Heaven to come through. You can call it praying over people or situations, but is genuinely extending loving energy to them. Love then "covers" or is able to protect a person -or heal a situation. 

I was thinking about this about a week ago -mostly because I was led to reflecting more and more on the life of Sir Thomas Moore who lived (and died horrifically) during the reign of Henry the 8th. He claimed to be a humanist -an early form of humanitarian that cared about he wellbeing of people and the safe keeping of their souls. A spiritual humanitarian. Unfortunately Moore had his short-comings (including a strong hatred for Lutherans) and ended up burning some people alive for not being Catholic. He was later executed himself for not conceding to Henry the 8th's religious views. 

2 days after reflecting on what it means to genuinely be a humanist (which by definition means a humanitarian that sees all people as being inherently beloved by God and ensouled by virtues) I came across this post by a friend of mine that's actually kind of agnostic. He basically said this was the closest to religion that he could get:

I like being a humanist instead of just humanitarian. Humanitarians concern themselves with the physical state of mankind. Humanists not only see human condition, they see Humanity within all people and intrinsic value of each life. 

Deja Vu 
I actually decided this a while ago after I had several days in a row that consisted of over 10 instances of deja vu. When you are PRESENT in a moment -including a future moment -then you experience deja vu. Your past (aka your current present) has a flash of that spark of a moment when you are awake and present as a soul in being in the future. Time doesn't exactly work the way people think it does. Deja vu isn't psychic prediction it's the past/present receiving the future echo of a spiritual moment. The moments aren't usually significant, but being present in that moment is what starts it. The more present you are, the more likely that habit will form and glimpses of the future will be flashed to you more often. 

Dragon Fly
I went "spiritually shopping" for Christmas and ended up at an antique shop that catered to the intuitive with Native American items, Buddhist items, Christian items and so on. I KNEW I needed to get this purse/pouch that was hand-made and had a dragonfly on it. In no way shape or form is that my totem. So I also knew it was intended to be gifted to someone else. One of the first people that flashed in my mind was my friend Amy who is about as intuitive as it gets most of the time. But I didn't know if it was her totem or not. 

So you feel kind of like a crazy person when you put yourself out on a limb and gift this person a dragonfly purse and a dragonfly bracelet and just kind of hope it's meant for them -because otherwise it's reallllyyyyy awkward when it's not. 

But sure enough she said, "Wow, how did you know this is my totem???" Apparently her husband had even gifted her dragonfly earrings for her birthday not that long ago. Then we discussed totem animals and she said she would help me understand "The Fox" which has been coming up for me lately but it's not my totem and it's hard for me to understand what the fox represents since it's kind of elusive. 

Anyway, I sort of gave God a spiritual high five after that one. You feel like God is leading you to enact meaningful things that get through and reach other people. 

Figure Skating 
I knew there was something spiritual about figure skating, but I didn't really understand what until recently. Sometimes for seemingly no good reason I'll be purposely drawn to Youtube to lookup past figure skating events. And it finally clicked with me why. 

When there is a graceful fluid motion of a swift circle being made (which is what figure skating usually consists of) your crown/head chakra gets enacted and basically starts resonating outward. This pulse of the chakra is inherently healing which is kind of why you want to do that every once in a while. It clears the chakra out. And especially since heads and minds can accumulate a lot of negative thoughts it's important to find a way to clear that space. I genuinely feel better after watching figure skating scenes -even if it's only for 15 minutes. 

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