Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Cover for a New Book

My friend who's a minister in a church asked me many months ago if I could make a cover for a book he was writing called, What Your Church Should Be Known For. I said sure, but then moved to Colorado and the plan fell to the back of my mind.

Then last week my friend told me his book was complete and he needed the cover. So I got to work creating the image that would be on the cover.

The image itself I came up with the day he asked me for the cover many months ago. The concept is this:

On a cross would lay the "Crown of Thorns" -denoting Christ's sacrifices -but the crown would then be turned into a Nest -representing a Home -which is what the church sets out to be. This sacred Nest/Home would then be used as a safe haven for those seeking peace -which is why the Bird of Peace would rest upon it. The Bird of Peace is also similar iconography to the Holy Spirit. 

So you have a couple cross-over concepts merging together:

-Crown of Thorns becomes Nest/Home for Peace
-Bird of Peace is similar to Holy Spirit

Today I completed the Artwork by scanning in the sketch I made and editing it in Illustrator. Here is the journey the image went on from concept to fruition:

Monday, January 18, 2016

Dreaming the Final Coming

I had a dream last night I was in Colorado driving on my way to work. It was several years from now and I was a little older. My sister was living out here as well. It was summer time and I was late for work driving to the office. Then I got this overwhelming feeling that I should head out to the mountains. 

I knew it was intuition and I knew something spiritually important was happening but I told myself, "I can't just not show up for work -they need me there. And my sister was going to meetup with me for lunch so I have to go to see her."

The sense that I got was that the Final Coming was going to occur -kind of out of nowhere -and that going to the mountains/ higher ground was a wise decision. It felt logical to me at the time to ignore my intuition but reviewing my dream after I woke up, I think I'll head for the mountains next time. :)

I also wondered when I was awake whether my soul would grow more in Heaven. The sense I got from the dream was, "You're on a ferris wheel ride and then it ends sooner than you expected and you're left with this feeling like, 'But I wasn't done yet...'"

I still have things that I want to accomplish in this life and more importantly I still have growing to do. But I do realize that you DO continue to learn and grow in Heaven. 

Then the question becomes at some point, beyond a couple thousand years of internally evolving in Heaven, do you become like the Angels are? Is that the goal. And if it is, do I WANT to be that angelic? Do I want to be that kind of being? Because as crappy as being Human can be sometimes with the waxing and waning of spiritual embodiment, it's still this amazing Blossoming and Emerging and Resurfacing. That to me is what being Human is about: Redemption. But if in the end you reach this state beyond that one -a state where nothing can ever drag you down -is it as great? 

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chakra Cleansing Meetup

Last night I went to a Chakra Cleansing Meetup group. They were set to meet from 6pm to 7pm in a business suite. 

When I entered the room I was greeted by a nice man who had me fill out a basic info sheet. The information up on the walls of the room clearly stated they believed in 4 main stages of psychic experience. A Level 1 would be the most basic and least intuitive and a Level 4 psychic would probably be able to tell you where you were born. 

We were supposed to have our chakras healed for 10 minutes by a Level 3 psychic. They would call people in one at a time to sit in one of 5 chairs. Each chair had a corresponding healer who shook your hand and asked if there was anything specific you wanted healed.

I told my healing woman I was having side pains in my lower abdomen. She said she'd focus on healing that. She was really nice and I could see was very spiritually in tuned. The energy in the room before anything began was unique. Lots of subtle vibrations going on. 

I shut my eyes and the healing woman began to put her hands around my head -which then started to feel pretty light. From there what was supposed to be a 10 minute session turned into a 20 minute one. 

I have to entities that are attached to me. "Montalvo" is a positive entity that isn't ready to cross over into Heaven, although he embraces God openly. "Don" is a negative entity that refuses to go to Hell but still has an aversion to Heaven. Occasionally Don will try to physically harm me but 1. lacks the verility and 2. is halted by the Holy Spirit. 

The psychic healer actually attempted 7 minutes in to send Don to Hell after he started interfering. He gets aggressive and volatile when positive, Heavenly energy or entities come around. There were moments during the healing that I received Words that came to me and answered back psychically. The healer and I border-line had a psychic conversation which was pretty remarkable. 

She asked me why Don was around and why I didn't have a problem with him. I explained that Hell is no place for any entity to be and if he wanted to stay here and out of that place he could so long as he did no harm. 

The "top" chakras were easy for her to get to -the Crown, Head, Throat, Chest... But the lower chakras were the ones Don in particular clung to and prevented her from accessing. Eventually she did reach the lower chakras and told me the pain was affiliated with negative past-life experiences my soul was still clinging to. She said it would clear up in a couple weeks. 

She also "said" during the 20 minute healing the word "Level 3". At first i thought she was clarifying to me that that was her level of psychic ability. Then I came to understand she was referring to me. It was nice getting the spiritual validation from her on multiple fronts including that one. 

I was pretty disoriented when the healing was over. I think I almost walked sideways out of the building -like you just got off a tilt-a-whirl. 

Today when I was driving I had this overwhelming sensation that, "I don't know where I'm going right now, but I'm going with God. And as long as God's near me I'll just enjoy the ride and see where it goes." It feels like I'm being carried right now and God has everything mapped out. I don't need to worry about anything. :)

Monday, January 11, 2016

Meta/Physical Empathy and Dejavu

Ever since I moved out to Colorado I've been experiencing 2 new phenomenon. 

The first is what I call Meta/Physical empathy. 

Normally when you feel empathetic spiritually it's a wounding you feel within yourself over some else's pain. It HITS you deep and disturbs you. This is psychic/empathetic understanding. It's actually one of the downsides to being in touch with your own soul: You get far more easily wounded by the pain in other souls. Hence the reason they call that kind of person a "sensitive". 

Lately however my empathy has been physically manifesting itself. My step-mom has had intestinal issues and lately my left side and my right side of my body have been sore. 

Then when my sister was visiting I kept having this anxious paranoid feeling come over me and I realized after about a week the nerves were actually coming from her. 

I then felt compelled to tell my sister, "If you ever SEE a negative entity appear to you, let me know. I'll tell you how to handle it." It was kind of awkward saying it out of nowhere, but I knew it needed to be said. Then she said, "Actually I already saw one. I was lying in bed and it kind of flashed in front of me. It was big and dark." I told her if things got worse to let me know. She and I have always had entity problems... 

The second thing I've been experiencing is DejaVu. In September 2014 I either had one dream or a series of dreams I've been recalling lately in fragmented pieces. In my dream several things were fortold to me. I didn't understand or remember them until they occurred though. 

#1 You will play Farmville on your computer
I re-started Farmville back in early 2015 but quite it again after about 2 months. But in my dream I actually responded to being told I would play it again by saying, "I'd never play that again. I'm over that whole game..."

#2 You will get a new cell phone cover
This I didn't understand originally because it's not like I was told "cell phone cover" instead it was described and alluded to. And I didn't think I'd get one because my phone didn't need one. Then in Spring 2015 my cell phone fell in the toilet and I had to get a new one. The new one was thinner than the old one and needed a thick case -so I bought one. 

#3 Jared Fogle will be found to have slept with a young girl and he will say, "It was amazing!" 
I actually ignored this because I thought it was random, implausible, and outlandish. Then when it happened I remembered the dream and had dejavu. 

#4 You will meet a young girl and go hiking with her. 
I actually saw a glimpse of the girl in the dream and asked who she was. The voice said, "Don't worry, you will meet her and know her when you do..." That was Nina, my new traveling companion and closest friend in Colorado. She's like a sister to me now. One of the first things we did when we got here was hike to the Hanging Lake. 

So I've found that dejavu from the dream as well as dejavu in general have increased this past year and in Colorado in general -which is interesting. 

New Year Serendipity

I recently went to 2 meetups that were women's groups focused on planning out the new year Intuitively. 

#1 The first was my friend Katie's group: Katie was in PHB and moved back from San Jose to Colorado a couple years ago. The meetup met at a Unity church -which featured Native American artwork by an artist named "Ridge" on the wall much to my enjoyment.

Katie walked me and the 2 other women in the group through a writing exercise meant to flesh out a better understanding of our goals and what's holding us back.

-The Struggle: Lately my issues have revolved around procrastination, feeling lethargic, and thoughts of self-doubt.

-The Money: When asked what I would do if I was given a superfluous amount of money right now, I envisioned: Having a place of my own to live, focusing on creating a business off of my artwork, writing a book, and spending time in nature. When i actually envisioned myself outside in the woods sitting in the sun I actually FELT liberated and free. What I realized was I really just want that Freedom. Freedom from FEELING confined. 

-The YOU: What makes you unique/are your attributes of self? I listed: Open-minded, Creative, Spiritual, Honest, Visionary, Caring, Reflective, Delving Deeper, Loyal, Calm.

Then being an entrepreneur, Katie tried leading us into our "Heroes Story" which is supposed to help you sell a product/service. Basically you say, "My life is wonderful because blah, blah, blah. But not so long ago I struggled with issues XY and Z. But then I overcame those issues and am here today greater than ever..." 

Here we hit conflict. After experiencing Landmark Forum, I came to the understanding that every person has their sob-story life tragedy tale. Some are genuinely intense and inspiring to see and hear others overcome. But ultimately these are issues we are meant to move on from and only discuss openly in the right moments to inspire others. Oprah is a good example of this since she has had success for many years but only recently opened up about her traumatic childhood experiences. She didn't share that for attention or profitability, but because she has moved on from it and wanted others to know how far she's come to inspire them to do the same. 

So for someone to take their tragic story and use it to manipulate people into buying a product or service from them... It's something I've seen people do but you see right through and usually come to resent the person for emotionally twisting your mind that way to make a sale. 

Then Katie had us break with 2015 and write about what the main issues we had with that year were and then what we learned so we could let them go... Which was kind of ironic given her previous writing exercise... 

-Going Forward: What will you do and bring about in the new year? I'm definitely meant to spiritually grow some more. I'm sensing I'm meant to learn the lesson of "Just Do It" since I tend to overthink things. 

Then Katie actually mentioned the understanding, "You have to Dive Deep to Rise Up". I thought that was kind of spiritually "coincidental" since I actually wrote the words "Dive Deep" earlier and was kind of thinking about that. 

Then I actually had a moment of DejaVu. I remembered seeing Katie in front of me in that space as it was happening. Definitely a "meant to happen" kind of moment. 

#2 The second meetup I went to was a group of about 15 business women who had come to hear the psychic Michelle DesPres speak. I was pretty skeptical and was "listening in" to see how spiritual she came off. 

She started talking and I could actually tell she was kind of nervous. This to me was an indication that she was introverted -a psychic tendency -and simultaneously might not be in as great a spiritual place as she could be since an enlightened spiritual state would tend to ease uneasiness or "dis ease" as she called it. 

At this point I decided to send her support spiritually. I called on the Holy Spirit to guide her with talking -since that's one of the qualities it's known for. I also decided to bless the whole room. I brought God's presence in, asked Jesus to bring Peace to all the people in the room, Mary to give love, and Michael to protect. After the room was "filled" with their light and positive energy I went back to focusing on her. 

The first thing she had us do was choose a partner at the table we were sitting at and describe the person as we sensed them by comparing them to a flower. A women who hadn't been at our table came and sat down next to me and became my partner. 

I told this woman, Amy, that in all honesty that I couldn't do the flower thing. I was struggling with it. I said, "I'd rather just try to describe you as I sense you to be as is." So I did. Amy reminded me of my Aunt Carol actually. Tall, slender, spiritual, wise in glance, composed, focused on her career, respectful, good at listening, well spoken/carefully spoken, and confident. 

Then she described me and was pretty spot on. She definitely had a spiritual thing going on that was surprising. She said, "I got this vision of a flower -a rare, purple iris -before the flower assignment was even given and it was definitely about you." She said I was like the flower and that's why she wanted to sit by me.

Then she tried guessing what I did and was on the right track of sensing I was an artist. Then I got this image in my head of writing, but didn't have the guts to tell her that's what I thought she did. Then she told me she helps people write books and publish them. I told her she reminded me of J.K. Rowling because her personality was kind of similar. 

Then Michelle started walking us through the next part of what became a writing exercise. 

-The Goal: What do you want to manifest? Again I pretty much listed the things I had at Katie's meetup when asked what would I do if money was no object. I also added that, "Ultimately God provides for us. It just takes time. But when God decides to make something happen -it happens." 

-The Struggle: What's holding you back? Again it was the self-doubt and procrastination, but at the same time I also acknowledged and wrote that there was some kind of bigger underlying issue underneath and I wasn't sure what the Source of the problem was.

That's when Michelle said, "Remember, don't just focus on the surface issues but really try to figure out what's holding you back spiritually..." 

She said, "Lot's of things can hold a person back like past pains, self -doubt..."

And it was then that I thought and actually listed, "Past life issues, Lack of belief in seeing myself achieve God's plans that seem bigger than me, not receiving unconditional love on Earth..."

And that's when Michelle said, "Past life issues can also be at play or negative relationships we have with people..." 

Every time my mind would wonder off on its own she would essentially Speak to what I was thinking and draw my attention back. It was like she was cluing me into the fact she was listening in. 

-The Rise: How can you overcome these issues? So I started listing the ways I felt that I could spiritually overcome my listed. I was kind of mopey and focused in on what I was writing. Then I started smiling for no reason and felt kind of happy and I looked up and Michelle was standing up there smiling at me. We had a silent exchange of smile/happiness that lasted 3 seconds for no good reason. 

Afterwards I realized she was essentially playing "bounce back". I had brought in positivity to her when she was speaking so she wouldn't feel so nervous and she had sent positivity to me when I was writing so I wouldn't feel so mopey. 

Then the last part of the session occurred in which we had to write down the things we wanted/were committed to do. I actually wrote down "Delving Inward" and meditation/relaxation because I feel like that's what I need to be doing right now -like a Hibernation state. Then Michelle said, "There are many forms of meditation one can do -sitting down and going blank-minded is my least favorite and I actually think public speaking is a great form of meditation. I silently agreed to disagree... 

I'm basically waiting for God to put all the puzzle pieces in my lap so I can link them together. And apparently meeting Amy was one of those pieces since I've been wanting to create a Coloring Book and a regular book for a long time and she knows the way down that path very well. 

God takes care of all things in time. 

Right now I need to reflect, relax, focus on strategy, make the right connections with the right people, find spiritual affirmation, and explore more spiritual possibilities and understandings.