Monday, January 18, 2016

Dreaming the Final Coming

I had a dream last night I was in Colorado driving on my way to work. It was several years from now and I was a little older. My sister was living out here as well. It was summer time and I was late for work driving to the office. Then I got this overwhelming feeling that I should head out to the mountains. 

I knew it was intuition and I knew something spiritually important was happening but I told myself, "I can't just not show up for work -they need me there. And my sister was going to meetup with me for lunch so I have to go to see her."

The sense that I got was that the Final Coming was going to occur -kind of out of nowhere -and that going to the mountains/ higher ground was a wise decision. It felt logical to me at the time to ignore my intuition but reviewing my dream after I woke up, I think I'll head for the mountains next time. :)

I also wondered when I was awake whether my soul would grow more in Heaven. The sense I got from the dream was, "You're on a ferris wheel ride and then it ends sooner than you expected and you're left with this feeling like, 'But I wasn't done yet...'"

I still have things that I want to accomplish in this life and more importantly I still have growing to do. But I do realize that you DO continue to learn and grow in Heaven. 

Then the question becomes at some point, beyond a couple thousand years of internally evolving in Heaven, do you become like the Angels are? Is that the goal. And if it is, do I WANT to be that angelic? Do I want to be that kind of being? Because as crappy as being Human can be sometimes with the waxing and waning of spiritual embodiment, it's still this amazing Blossoming and Emerging and Resurfacing. That to me is what being Human is about: Redemption. But if in the end you reach this state beyond that one -a state where nothing can ever drag you down -is it as great? 

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