Thursday, January 14, 2016

Chakra Cleansing Meetup

Last night I went to a Chakra Cleansing Meetup group. They were set to meet from 6pm to 7pm in a business suite. 

When I entered the room I was greeted by a nice man who had me fill out a basic info sheet. The information up on the walls of the room clearly stated they believed in 4 main stages of psychic experience. A Level 1 would be the most basic and least intuitive and a Level 4 psychic would probably be able to tell you where you were born. 

We were supposed to have our chakras healed for 10 minutes by a Level 3 psychic. They would call people in one at a time to sit in one of 5 chairs. Each chair had a corresponding healer who shook your hand and asked if there was anything specific you wanted healed.

I told my healing woman I was having side pains in my lower abdomen. She said she'd focus on healing that. She was really nice and I could see was very spiritually in tuned. The energy in the room before anything began was unique. Lots of subtle vibrations going on. 

I shut my eyes and the healing woman began to put her hands around my head -which then started to feel pretty light. From there what was supposed to be a 10 minute session turned into a 20 minute one. 

I have to entities that are attached to me. "Montalvo" is a positive entity that isn't ready to cross over into Heaven, although he embraces God openly. "Don" is a negative entity that refuses to go to Hell but still has an aversion to Heaven. Occasionally Don will try to physically harm me but 1. lacks the verility and 2. is halted by the Holy Spirit. 

The psychic healer actually attempted 7 minutes in to send Don to Hell after he started interfering. He gets aggressive and volatile when positive, Heavenly energy or entities come around. There were moments during the healing that I received Words that came to me and answered back psychically. The healer and I border-line had a psychic conversation which was pretty remarkable. 

She asked me why Don was around and why I didn't have a problem with him. I explained that Hell is no place for any entity to be and if he wanted to stay here and out of that place he could so long as he did no harm. 

The "top" chakras were easy for her to get to -the Crown, Head, Throat, Chest... But the lower chakras were the ones Don in particular clung to and prevented her from accessing. Eventually she did reach the lower chakras and told me the pain was affiliated with negative past-life experiences my soul was still clinging to. She said it would clear up in a couple weeks. 

She also "said" during the 20 minute healing the word "Level 3". At first i thought she was clarifying to me that that was her level of psychic ability. Then I came to understand she was referring to me. It was nice getting the spiritual validation from her on multiple fronts including that one. 

I was pretty disoriented when the healing was over. I think I almost walked sideways out of the building -like you just got off a tilt-a-whirl. 

Today when I was driving I had this overwhelming sensation that, "I don't know where I'm going right now, but I'm going with God. And as long as God's near me I'll just enjoy the ride and see where it goes." It feels like I'm being carried right now and God has everything mapped out. I don't need to worry about anything. :)

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