Monday, June 24, 2013

I Made My Mother Cry

I went to my mom's this past weekend. My friend Katie who I've known since the 7th grade was getting married out there, so I drove the 2 hours to my mom's house to visit with her and my step-dad and attend the wedding.

The wedding was great/awkward. I met up with some people from high school that had been in our social circle but I had never really gotten close to. Then the one other friend who was there that I was pretty close to and wanted to catch up with was one of the bride's maids so I didn't get to talk with her much.

It was amazing seeing my friend Katie though. She's 24 so there were moments when she looked like a grown woman and then other times when she looked like she had in high school. One of the other friends I sat with at the table (one of the "less familiars") had a 2 year old and was married. It was weird seeing someone from high school "grown up" at the same age as you. 

The wedding was kind of out in the boondocks of nowheresville.  Down a dirt road past some houses out in the country and then BAM! Beautiful garden oasis.

The day after the wedding was spent at my mom's house watching episodes of Snapped. My mom wouldn't stop bugging me about my weight. This is a recent problem we've been having where she constantly tells me I'm  "too skinny". Even though I eat just fine and am just as tall and gangly as always.

Most of the people I know complain that their parents say they should lose more weight -not mine. It reached a head this weekend. She told me my grandmother had mailed me a gift card so I could go buy more food. When my mom came to visit at my house for Mother's Day the #1 take away she got from it was that I was starving myself to death because I didn't have that much food in the apartment.

3 hours before I was set to leave and head back home mom came up to me and said sternly in an authoritative tone: "Before you leave we're going to sit down and plan out a grocery list so I know for sure what you're buying at the store..." I Snapped. Which was ironic because I was watching Snapped.

I was tired of my mom micromanaging my life and judging me. It was frustrating and hurtful because I have always watched my weight to ensure I never came close to anything like anorexia. I'm not stupid. I also suffer from low blood sugar so even if I were to go more than 5 hours without eating I'd start to feeling weak and pass out. My body tells me when it needs food: I get hungry, I get headaches, I get grumpy, I get weak and light-headed. I eat fine. I also get filled up pretty easily because my body-type doesn't demand much food. So it was like someone looking at me and saying, "Who you are as a person, with the body you've been God-given, is wrong and needs to be changed because obviously you're anorexic." 

I was a little pissed by this perception and I let my mom know it. I don't often push back or raise my voice, so when I'm angry it's because I've been shoved into a corner and I'm fed up. Then my mom brought up the years of worrying she had when I would get weak because of my low blood sugar and how she was just innocently being concerned and trying to be helpful in a non-demanding way.  

I didn't feel much pity. I was just kind of done. 1 week spent cleaning my apartment for my mom and her friend to stay over as she continued to nag about how it didn't meet her standards has come to continue haunting my existence. NEVER let your parents stay over at your place. even for a night. NEVER...

Friday, June 21, 2013

State of the Planet

So just for the record...

-The East Coast of the U.S. has now suffered from Hurricanes, storms, and bombings

-The Upper-Middle of the U.S. has Fires and Flooding

-The South is suffering from Tornadoes 

-The West Coast has Wild Fires 

-Canada, Europe, and now India are suffering from massive Floods

Did I miss anything?...

Monday, June 17, 2013

Career Closet

I met with the VP of Career Closet in San Jose, CA.

Career Closet receives donations of women's business wear and then organizes them onto racks and helps low-income women pick out clothes and dress appropriately for job interviews and professional careers. They also offer work experience training.

The area/space for the non-profit isn't the most spacious or glamorous -but that's to be expected. We were led throughout the building and each room area was explained to us.

The main room displays shoes, jewelry, slacks, blouses, and other clothes on racks. They are trying to make it look as much like a Macys as they can -including their standard for apparel.

When they receive clothes they sift through and sort the clothes that are inadequate which include:

1. Clothes that are older than 3 years
2. Clothes that have holes or missing buttons
3. Clothes that smell like cigarette smoke
4. Underwear that has stains

Basically the women in charge say: if we wouldn't wear it, it's not going in the showroom.

The clothes that don't qualify as business wear but are still wearable are then donated to another charity based in San Francisco.

The shoes and clothes that are kept are sorted by size and type. When a lower income woman comes in she is warmly welcomed and her wardrobe taste and style are discussed briefly before trying on clothes.

Career Closet also doubles as a boutique that sells both vintage and modern clothes at affordable prices. The sales of these clothes, purses, and dresses goes to paying for the rent of the building -which costs $35,000.

When asked what kind of support the non-profit was looking for we were told of several immediate concerns they face:

1. Women's suites and dress in the right sizes.  
2. Jewelry, Handbags, Makeup, Perfume, Lotion
3. Volunteer dressers to help women pick out clothes
4. Volunteers to assist with practicing for job interviews
5. Volunteer teachers to help with Work Experience Program

The charities main concerns right now are also space to hold all of the clothing items and the occasional robbery that occurs because they're housed in a neighborhood that isn't as prosperous as others. 

I know now where to send my clothes, shoes, and unused lotions I get that don't fit anymore. :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

New Tweets/Status Posts

Emily: "...There is a good chance that there is a Star Trek 2 meme out there... the bromance between Spok and Capt. Kirk is unmistakable. They clearly got drunk one night and slept together at some point, but wont admit their love for each other."

Ken: "Broke back ship??"

Emily: "Yes!!! The way they talk, you know they are lovers."

Me: "I sensed it as well. That's probably what Spock and his girlfriend were really arguing about..."

Emily: "It all makes sense! Kirk sleeps around with random women because he secretly desires Spock. Spock is too naive to realize Kirk's true feelings, since logic dictates that a captain hunk like him would never go for the half-human Spock, and has thus friend-zoned him. Uhura senses the love bond between the two. She wishes to further them apart as she views Kirk as a rival. She also knows that Spock is fiercely loyal to Kirk and so cannot stand in his way."

Me: "It's a love triangular-square thing..."

They're always striving to make technology more intuitive -which is great because you have to be psychic to figure anything like that out these days.

This is why I love technology... somebody created a parody Twitter account for "@Federal_PRISM" -the system the NSA uses to wiretap and secretly check people's emails and phone calls.

That awkward moment when someone outside of town comes in and has more fun in your town in 7 days than you do in a year.

"reciate"... There's an App for that...

My new favorite word: Scribe. It's a devoted writer.

Today's News: A celebrity is rumored to be spreading rumors about a rumor she heard. Further details at 11...

A good tv series is tragically removed from Youtube. Check back in 2 months later: ALL episodes are back. God bless you sir!

was trending on Yahoo! News and I thought it was because of something he did... He won a CMT award! It's Good news!

Chef Ramsey has 5 or 6 different food shows. I think he should make a 7th: The winners from his shows compete to win best of the best.

I am a nature junkie and National Geographic is my dealer.

Every once in a while I'll look back at past-me for helping out future-me and I think, "Wow! I was really thinking ahead that day."

"I appreciate your time." ~Gob as he slight-of-hand steals Michael's watch from him.

Bing -I don't want to hear it. I can't get the picture on your page. You had One job Bing, ONE job... so no more complaining about Google.

"I took my family to a movie last week... to stay consistent with my history of making bad financial decisions." ~

“The worst part of holding the memories is not the pain. It’s the loneliness of it. Memories need to be shared.” -Lois Lowry, The Giver

My official review of the movie Star Trek 2: It's funny, lots of action, visually amazing, and Spock cries. Worth seeing in 3D.

The Best Way to Rest: Rest easy, Rest assured, Rest in peace, and leave the Rest to fate.

Niki Minaj and Mariah are off Idol. Randy's gone too. It's just Keith Urban now -the way God intended things to be. :)

I should make a new show. Call it "Moderately-Good Chef". I can handle toast and Rice-A-Roni, but not a souffles.

I was totally conscious for that 2 and a half hour Employee Awareness ISO Presentation and I have the notes to prove it. Audit away...

The end of life is not to be happy, nor to achieve pleasure and avoid pain, but to do the will of God, come what may. ~Martin Luther King Jr

How Society Reacts to Your Grades: Bad at the Arts -You just have a technical mind. Bad at Math -You must be stupid.

Things that are working for me today: Heard a good joke, found my coat so I'm not freezing, drinking coffee, and got free banana bread.

Wheel of Foodtune: How 4 people at the office can now decide on what they want to eat for lunch.

People dissing the new Arrested Development and I haven't even gotten the chance to see it yet. NO SPOILERS!!!

I will never complain about the weather again...

"When I eventually met Mr. Right I had no idea that his first name was Always." -Rita Rudner

"Depression is when you don’t really care about anything. Anxiety is when you care too much about everything."

"I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends." ~Walt Whitman

Word on the streets is Window 8 sucks. The downside to upgrades...

Written in the dust on the the back of a mini van in front of me: "If wish my wife was this dirty." Classy...

We went from the Year of the Dragon to the Year of the Snake. Downgrade... When's the Year of the Squirrel?

"How many people here have telekenetic powers? Raise my hand." -Emo Philips

"You can lead a man to Congress, but you can't make him think." -Milton Berle

Ever notice that if a website has a ".org" ending it's legit and actually aspires to do some good? .Org is the PBS of Internet sites.

A high school physics class is at Great America today on a "field trip". Why couldn't my high school have done that?

"Never play leap frog with a unicorn." -Advice from a Commercial on the Radio

Rain = Nature's car wash

Andrea: "I now have whiplash from all the back and forth miscommunications here at work. I'm going to apply for worker's comp..."

Facebook: "11 friends and 10 million other people are playing this game". Well I guess that's a legit reason to join it then...

Today I found out why parents never move in with their kids. My apartment is not the Taj Mahal. My condolences.

Quote the Raven: 'Never more.' Quote the Crow: 'We're in a tree! It's 6am! We're annoying! We're in a tree!'

A. W. E. : A Wondrous Experience

"Remember the first rule of book club: Don't read 'Fight Club'." ~Stephen Colbert

My wit's end has been extended.

What would life look like if I didn't procrastinate? I should try to envision that later...

If you want a fun, amusing job work with a bunch of engineers. When they get bored and decide to entertain themselves... Genius.

"Oh, bless his heart, he's just being stupid right now. He'll figure it out later." -Shouldn't you be blessing his brain then?

Spring Weather Report: Eat Coast = Frozen. West Coast = On Fire. Middle America = Blow away by Tornadoes.

Clerk: "Did you find everything ok?" Dean: "You're all out of free stuff." Clerk: "That's usually the first thing to go in the morning."

Congress should take notes from the Kentucky Derby for filibusters. 3 hour coverage for a 2 minute race.

There's this strange language called 'Anime'. It's like Japanese but instead of symbols they use images of people with big eyes and neon ...

Opens email: "If you are reading this email you just proved email marketing works..." Deletes.

My first attempts at working with Nespresso coffee machine this morning were...awkward. But somebody brought in donuts, so all is well.

Remember the good old days when president's took the time to make quotes to live by... JFK, FDR, Lincoln, Washington...

I wish I could "like" posts on Twitter -because I like that post but I don't feel comfortable re-posting. I don't like it THAT much...

Million dollar idea for today: Instead of strawberries dipped in thin chocolate syrup, make it chocolate frosting. Call them "Frostberries".

Am I the only one who automatically thinks there's a plane crashing down somewhere when people say "May Day"?

I'm putting some new pictures up in my cubicle -or "deskorating" as I like to call it.

If I were a Pokemon I would be odd-ish.

Cameron: "There's more to being a great leader than being a jerk." Dr. House: "The world will never know."

Just saw 2 marathon walkers in Los Gatos come out of a Starbucks. Athletics at its finest.

Just saw my first Estate Sale. It's creepy. It's in the person's house -not on the lawn. It's creepy...

"The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits." -Albert Einstein

I hate statistic updates. In sum: Everything you enjoy doing is killing you and everything you hate doing would make your life 79% better.

When somebody says, "This is going to sound weird..." I usually think of Smurfs riding unicorns -Which makes whatever they say sound normal.

Order issue with Quill for a month now. Feel like going Julia Roberts/Pretty Woman on them. I buy lots of office supplies. I don't need you.

Hate when a person in a group talks on and on and on... Unless you're giving a speech, let's keep it to a 10 minute maximum.

"Do pre-recorded calls drive you nuts?" You should have asked me that before you sent the pre-recorded call asking that question.

Dear partying neighbors from last night: Cinco de Mayo is not this week. Cinco = 5, de = of, Mayo = Mayonnaise. Update your calendar.

Our current currency. A long video, but one everyone needs to see:

If it looks like I'm friends with a bunch of little kids and babies on Facebook it's just my friends posting their kids as their profile pic

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Workshop Logistics

My friend was hosting an all-day workshop today for assessing and establishing people's goals and values. I'm pretty clear about what those are for me already -especially with the Goal thing since everyone is reiterating it these days, but I'm always up for helping a friend, giving feedback, and seeking new knowledge.

First I'd like to compare the logistics that worked/didn't work for the workshop I went to on Saturday and this one today:

Saturday (The Good):

-We filled out a survey at the end of the workshop to give our feedback and the surveys were then put in a raffle jar and one was pulled out for someone to win a free stay at the hotel the event was hosted at.

-We were given bubbles and bubble wands to amuse ourselves with as part of the Inner-Child Workshop.

-I enjoyed the one-on-one group activity

-They had a color theme of Blue and Yellow (seats, decorations...) to tie in with a story the speaker told about wanting a space that was Green to host the event at.

-There were snacks and drinks readily available

-We were given a gift bag at the end that had a bunch of stuff in it (book, candle, things from the hotel...)

Saturday (The Bad):

-They needed to do a better job of creating a context with regard to saying "There are no wrong answers and this is an open space with no judging"

-The speakers needed to share more facts/data and personal stories

-The Inner-Child workshop wasn't as interactive

Today (The Good):

-It was a free workshop and a free lunch

-Very well organized, with Power Point slides printed out with note spaces for you to write in a neatly organized binder

-Name placers were given for those participating so everyone could clearly see everyone's names

-2 Hostesses (one of whom was the Speaker)

-Had to sign posts directing participants to the room

-There were 2-3 participants that new the speaker/hostesses well and they were placed throughout the room and could be easily turned to for response and participation during the workshop

-A casual atmosphere with a formal appearance

-Stated the "Bow-out" Policy clearly for those who needed to leave during the workshop as well as taking breaks and turning off cell phones.

-Clearly stated the "What happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop" Policy. Also noted that people shouldn't drag on and on with their responses, no gossiping, you are free to take notes, do not criticize others, and only speak about your own personal experiences.

-The speaker stated her background and credentials

Today (The Bad):

-It started at night and it wasn't stated clearly whether there would be breakfast or not (there wasn't any).

-The signage wasn't very easy to see Color-wise and Logo-wise. It needed to be more eye catching.

-They should have had a theme, or a color theme

-Some of the Power Point slides were hard to read, and some parts of the workshop became a little redundant

Monday, June 10, 2013

The Problem with the World

Yesterday I went over to my dad's house for dinner. I sat across the table from two 4 year old girls who had a bunch of miniature toys on the table. One girl (we'll call her Bethany) had gotten the toys from my dad (they were small porcelain figures he got from his tea boxes he drinks regularly). There were 26 total miniature figures. 

The second girl (we'll call her Georgia) saw these 26 toys and asked Bethany if she could play with 3 of them. Bethany said ok, but before she let her pick them she sorted all the individual figures out and had them all counted (hence the reason I knew there were 26 total). 

Georgia picked a Tree, a Horse, and a Dog from the random assortment of figures. Then when Bethany was playing with some of the other figures, Georgia realized there were 2 more she wanted. Thinking this wouldn't be an issue she picked an Elephant and a Cat from the overflowing pile of figures. 

Then Bethany noticed that Georgia had 2 more toys than previously agreed upon and said, "Hey I thought you said you were only going to have 3?..." 

I thought, "Really? You have 21 figures to play with and you're going to claim possession of 2 you didn't even notice were missing? None of these toys technically even belong to you in the first place..."

My sister seeing the potential confrontation between the two girls decided to take ALL of the figures and divide them up evenly so each girl individually picked a figure until each had an equal number of 13. 

I thought: This is what the world needs. An unbias mediator to sort out all of the resources evenly among all people. There will always be people with more than their fair share who seek to take and hoard from those with little or less who they feel have been given "more" than they are entitled to. And there will always be people who just want 5 (3 is not enough and they don't feel self entitled to a superfluous amount). Just 5 and they are perfectly contented and satisfied. 

At the end of the day -those with more will always be obsessed with maintaining the greatest amount they can accumulate and nit-pick over those who take even the slightest from them. Despite their abundance of items, they will never feel fully satisfied or contented. They will always want more. 

Love what you have and don't focus on what you don't. Don't feel greed and envy towards those who have what you want -be happy they are happy. Don't spite those who have more than you, they are burdened by their possessions and their obsessions with them.

To-Goal List

Another thing I learned from the Personal Development Event from Saturday is to clearly write out your goals: which has been reiterated by many people since the dawn of time at this point. Still it's good advice and since I've already written down my To-Get List, I figure it's a good idea to chart out my goals as well. The universe beats you over the head with the same point over and over it's only a matter of time before common sense mandates you act on the advice being given...

Someone from Toastmasters gave us an idiot-proof chart to help map out our goals (They called it a "GPS Your Goals Chart"). Here goes:

Upcoming Goals to Achieve:

-Finish updating the 4Charity website with specific Needs of the non-profits (to make it very clear how people can get involved and contribute)

- Set Usana Strait (they're bugging me right now because I went to change my current product order and they said I couldn't make any changes at this time. Bullsh*t. If I'm paying money for the products I should be able to adjust/change my order at will. If Quill can handle this so can Usana...)

-Take Jeffery under my wing as the upcoming V.P. of Education for Toastmasters so he can learn the ropes because this officer role requires a lot of training.

-I created a new Spiritual website because it's awkward having spiritual stuff on my Art website so I need to transfer the Zodiac Facts and other spiritual-related content from my Art website to the new Spiritual website I'm creating. 

Physical/ Health Goals:

-Eat healthier (had an avocado for breakfast so I'm off to a good start)

-Workout/ Exercise (yah...) 

Financial Goals:

-Earn more money somehow
-Sell my Art on Etsy 

Social Goals:

-Finish the Mentoring Program I designed for PHB
-Master PHB Events/Mixers
-Plan out Charity Fundraiser I'm hosting in September 
-Get our Toastmasters club the "President's Distinguished" title
-Update and Refine the Toastmaster's Mentoring Program
-Finish my Advanced Communicator Series for Toastmasters
-Be an awesome Toastmasters President for the next 6 months of service 

Spiritual Goals: 

-Read ALL of the Bible (It's a long, ongoing journey through that book)
-Blog my spiritual insights and thoughts more often
-Go outdoors more
-Continue creating art
-Share and contribute to my Causes

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Personal -Development Event

Went to an event today that's main purpose was to help women feel empowered. It was hosted from 10am-12:30pm at a hotel nearby.

The first speaker at the event was an "intricle" coach. Basically she focuses no just on psychology -like a therapist - not just on your business -like a career coach -but on your over-all well-being and achieving fulfillment.

She told us how most people get stuck doing what comes naturally to them -what feels most comfortable -and they then become stuck or dominated by those tendencies without even realizing it. She shared a story of a couple sitting at a park with their pet dog. The dog kept moaning in pain and finally someone asked the couple why the dog kept moaning. The wife said, "He's sitting on a nail." The inquirer then asked why the dog didn't get off the nail he was laying on. The wife responded, "It's just enough to make him moan, but not enough to make him move."

The speaker then asked us to turn to our neighbor and share what our "nails" were. What were we not changing, even though we want to and ultimately should.

The first woman who sat next to me said that she was concerned with financial matters. I was only half listening -I don't worry much about money, I've just never really cared that much about it.

The second woman had to whisper what her "nail" was. She said it was really bad and she felt really embarrassed about it. I thought she said it was snoring or sleeping too much, but I thought that neither of those were that bad. Then I heard her correctly and realized she had said "smoking". It was weird. I've met a couple people who smoke cigarettes, but only one other person who tried to hide the fact and keep it on the down-low. Why be embarrassed about it? It's unhealthy and a bad habit, but nothing to be ashamed of.

Then I was asked what my "nail" was and I said going outdoors more and being more physically active since I'm more of a home-body hermit. They looked at me weird. Kind of in a judgmental way, "Like really? You don't go outside much? That's weird..."

And I thought, "Really? You're going to judge me for being lazy while you guys are over there worried about money and hiding the fact that you smoke (which is stupid -let the world know because they won't ultimately care. Who here has ever disowned a person because they secretly smoke? Nobody.)

I thought, "People's nails are stupid to those around them. If you're fear is of swimming then let someone who loves to swim know so they can walk you through it (or swim you through it...).

If your issue is smoking let someone who's successfully quite know -or someone who can help you quite. There is no need for shame in any of it.

Then the event hostess spoke and shared about the pursuit of her dream. She wants to create a women's lounge/group -kind of like the YMCA but for women. She wants a place where women can gather to hangout, relax, eat, get massages, chat, share life stories, support one another, and overcome issues. She says her vision is finally coming together and she wants to help other women bring their dreams to fruition.

Then we broke off into 2 groups for 2 separate workshops. The first workshop was geared towards reconnecting with your inner-child.

She said to focus on the aspects of being a 9 year old kid that we liked most. It was a point in time when we were enough of ourselves to know what we liked/didn't like and old enough to accomplish goals. I wrote down words I associated with my youth like: simple, uninhibited, curious, inclusive, invention, vibrant. I was a weird kid.

I liked writing, reading books about mythology and nature and fantasy stories, drawing animals, exploring the outdoors, getting lost in my thoughts as I wandered along the playground, day dreaming, playing games, joking, swimming, biking, watching T.V., listening, blowing bubbles, going to the park...

The workshop leader encouraged everyone to do what came naturally to them: to go subversive and fight against the commonplace instincts we've been programmed to enact. Make a game out of being different and doing what you really want to do.

We were also given 3 questions to answer/think about:

1. What is power? Initially I was going to answer with, "My last name", but decided it would be too conceited. Words I wrote down for power included: Commitment, Autonomy, Ownership, Peace, Pursuing a Goal, Being Strong-Willed.

The hostess answered: It's the ability to know what you want and then make it happen.

2. What do you avoid? Confrontation, drama, negativity, judgmental people...

3. What are you Committed to? Faith, art, and learning.

The second workshop was aimed at handling stressors that come up in life. In pairs of two we were asked to share what events/people bring us the most stress via an overwhelming of responsibility.

She said Responsibility is your Ability to Respond. It's "Respondability". It's not what you get asked to do, it's how you handle being asked.

I said that being told last minute to do something with a limited time of preparation was a major stressor for me. But I'm pretty mellow. So when I get told, "Hey by the way, here's a last-minute responsibility you're going to have to fulfill in the next day or two..." I resent the person and then agitatedly adjust my schedule around to accommodate. I reprioritize my plans/schedule and roll with the punches. I do my best and let the chips fall where they may. I only stay stressed for about 20 minutes. Then I'm over it.

The woman I was paired with shared her frustrations over responsibilities. A 30 year old married woman who grew up in Africa and came to California when she was 19. She has 3 kids -two are off to college and the youngest is a boy who is suffering from autism. On top of that the woman's mother likes to "help around the house" and insists upon telling her daughter all the ways she could be doing things better as well as all the things that she (the mother) has done that day to help around the house. "You know you should fill the dog bowl right now, like I did yesterday..."

Anyways, I told her all moms are stressors to some extent. Most have a hard time drawing that line in the sand that says: My child has officially come of age and can now be considered an autonomous being responsible for his/her own life. You just have to let your mom/dad be who they're going to be and accept that it is just who they are. You have no control over it -you can only change the way you handle/react to it.

I'm very zen. I should run my own workshop.

Anyways, it was a good day connecting with a few people. 3 out of 30 women are people I'd say I wouldn't mind talking to again and hanging out with. The other women I either didn't meet or thought that the conversation wouldn't end up going that well since there wasn't much of a connection. How do negative people find their way into workshops/events like that? It's weir dhow positive people avoid negative people like the plague, but negative people track down and purposely hangout with positive people. Irony...

Saturday, June 1, 2013

To-Get List

There has been a long ongoing list of things I've wanted but haven't gotten yet. I use to buy CDs and DVDs once a month, but haven't gotten any in a while. Anyways, need to just get the list sorted out so I know what they are.


-Anna Karanina
-The Hobbit
-Buffy Season 5
-Need to see "Looper"
-Need to see "Les Mis"
-Great Gatsby


-Keith Urban's newest CD "FUSE"
-Florence and the Machine
-Taylor Swift "RED" (Don't judge me)
-Ke$ha "Warrior" (Ok judge me...)
-Keane "Strangeland"
-Augustana "Augustana"
-f.u.n. (only a couple songs)
-Marron 5 (One More Night and Misery)
-song called "Somethin' bout a girl..." by Kip Moore
-song: "Now you're just somebody that I use to know" -Gotye
-song: "You're my sweetheart" -Lumineers
-song: "Hey Pretty Girl" by Kip Moore
-song: "Madness" by MUSE
-song "Try" by P!nk
-song: "Stay" by Rhianna 
-Evanescence "Evanescence"
-Goo Goo Dolls "Magnetic"
-One Republic (from my dad since he has the CD...)