Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Workshop Logistics

My friend was hosting an all-day workshop today for assessing and establishing people's goals and values. I'm pretty clear about what those are for me already -especially with the Goal thing since everyone is reiterating it these days, but I'm always up for helping a friend, giving feedback, and seeking new knowledge.

First I'd like to compare the logistics that worked/didn't work for the workshop I went to on Saturday and this one today:

Saturday (The Good):

-We filled out a survey at the end of the workshop to give our feedback and the surveys were then put in a raffle jar and one was pulled out for someone to win a free stay at the hotel the event was hosted at.

-We were given bubbles and bubble wands to amuse ourselves with as part of the Inner-Child Workshop.

-I enjoyed the one-on-one group activity

-They had a color theme of Blue and Yellow (seats, decorations...) to tie in with a story the speaker told about wanting a space that was Green to host the event at.

-There were snacks and drinks readily available

-We were given a gift bag at the end that had a bunch of stuff in it (book, candle, things from the hotel...)

Saturday (The Bad):

-They needed to do a better job of creating a context with regard to saying "There are no wrong answers and this is an open space with no judging"

-The speakers needed to share more facts/data and personal stories

-The Inner-Child workshop wasn't as interactive

Today (The Good):

-It was a free workshop and a free lunch

-Very well organized, with Power Point slides printed out with note spaces for you to write in a neatly organized binder

-Name placers were given for those participating so everyone could clearly see everyone's names

-2 Hostesses (one of whom was the Speaker)

-Had to sign posts directing participants to the room

-There were 2-3 participants that new the speaker/hostesses well and they were placed throughout the room and could be easily turned to for response and participation during the workshop

-A casual atmosphere with a formal appearance

-Stated the "Bow-out" Policy clearly for those who needed to leave during the workshop as well as taking breaks and turning off cell phones.

-Clearly stated the "What happens in the workshop, stays in the workshop" Policy. Also noted that people shouldn't drag on and on with their responses, no gossiping, you are free to take notes, do not criticize others, and only speak about your own personal experiences.

-The speaker stated her background and credentials

Today (The Bad):

-It started at night and it wasn't stated clearly whether there would be breakfast or not (there wasn't any).

-The signage wasn't very easy to see Color-wise and Logo-wise. It needed to be more eye catching.

-They should have had a theme, or a color theme

-Some of the Power Point slides were hard to read, and some parts of the workshop became a little redundant

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