Thursday, February 25, 2016

Upcoming Birthday and Present State

I'm turning 28 this year. I'm less focused on the age and more focused on the year. I sense things are going to go well, venturing into new territories. This week I was overwhelmed by how much potential work I now have available. It's all Freelance or Part-Time but it is adding up substantially. Now I have to make sure I stay organized and clear to get things done. 

In spite of my frequent instinct to under-react to things and keep calm until procrastination hits its limits I've felt very stressed out. I didn't know why since I'm generally so calm and ultimately have Heaven by my side, so I did a little reflective work and found out that the 2 entities that follow me have been having issues -not me. Basically they're still nervous about crossing over, and like me they KNOW the time is coming soon. Not sure why it's kind of been futuristicly determined but it has. They don't fear Heaven itself -which they know is nice. They fear that transition through the "entryway" to Heaven. They think that they'll have to face their past -which they will -and it will frighten them or overwhelm them because they've had negative past experiences. I try to reassure them, call on angels to reassure them, and bring peace when I can. All will be well. 

And it was interesting because the card Doreen Virtue drew today said that exact thing. She spoke of being "empathetic to the energies of those around you" and stressing out because of it. Right on the money.

But I've stopped drawing my own cards for now. I drew 3 cards of deep relevance that I feel are going to carry me for a couple weeks or so.

Basically I need to remember to Ground myself -which I always forget to do until it NEEDS to be done and then I'm always like, "Wow! I have seriously underestimated the gravity this energy practice has on the spiritual environment around me." It essentially pushes negative energy down and draws positive energy from above to Earth." 

Then next card goes hand in hand. On February 22nd I had a breakthrough and essentially Founded the spacing of Heaven around me. It feels like a giant bubble that allows you to breath. I feel less claustrophobic spiritually and still can't believe it's lasted for this many days. Last time this "energy bubble" was felt it only lasted that night and was gone the next day. 

The last card is going to help me with all of my professional job projects. Basically when I have multiple tasks to do it feels bogged down like work. But if I focus on the concept of Giving Back and Contributing then it will hit my heart chakra and I'll get that nice feeling of caring. 

There have been other cards posted online this week that have been pretty accurate. There was one that denoted something positive would happen on 2-22-16:

There were  2 cards that denoted synchronicity and all the right things finally falling into place -which I can feel is happening spiritually. 

Two other cards reminding me to be patient and to LISTEN. I always lead the conversation with the Divine: "I ask The Holy Spirit to give Grace and Peace to this situation..." But I don't usually stop to just Listen and let them work with my soul to do whatever they need to do. So today when I meditated LISTENING was the main focus. 

Then there was an interesting card on the 3rd Eye Chakra -which is the one I resonate in most frequently. I'm in transition now between that one and the Crown Chakra. I don't want to be "psychic" but I do want to "see" and know what the heck is going on around me spiritually. So my 3rd eye is kind of fuzzy -like seeing without glasses -but I can still make out things well enough. 

But the Crown Chakra rises above it ALL. It's this amazing feeling like Being a flower that blossoms and opens entirely until there is nothing holding you down or holding you back. The issue I have is letting go of being in observation and solidarity with the pains and troubles of this world. I know these issues bog down my mind and distract from my soul and Heaven, but I also turn to Heaven for solution and peace so I feel like something positive can come out of it. The Crown Chakra is a little kid finally giving up his toys to say, "I want more. I'm ready for the next thing in life. I've let go of this and toys just don't mean anything to me anymore." Crown Chakra is the realm of the Heavens rising above and beyond the Earth as if no pain or darkness ever existed. 

Then lastly there was yet another reminder to work on the frickin book. I've actually started a folder and a couple Word documents outlining what I want the books to consist of. There will be 5 to 6 books. They will be weird. They will be far more visually-oriented than just text-oriented. The messages will be simple and straight forward. I will publish the books online for anyone to read for free and then one day they will be made into print copies that anyone can have for Free. 

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Who Polices the Police?

The following was posted by T. Greg Doucette: @greg_doucette on February 23rd, 2016. 

Need to rant briefly. You've been forewarned.
1. I get asked -- often -- if I hate police
2. I don't; I look at "police" generally like I look at teachers generally
3. When a teacher decides to rape a student, we don't demonize all teachers. Same w/ teachers who are woefully inept at teaching.
4. But, at the same time, no sane person denies there are teacher-rapists and teachers who suck at their job
5. I view police the same; I'm willing to take a leap of faith and assume you're competent, until you prove otherwise
6. Soooooo that brings me to court today
7. Client is a 17yo black male, "YBM" in defense lawyer parlance
8. My YBM client is charged with reckless driving to endanger, a very serious. He's terrified. Cried in my office explaining situation
9. Insisted he was just trying to avoid an animal that darted into the road, and swerved to the right
10. I pull the shuck, and read the officer's narrative of what happened: "Neighbor saw driver doing donuts in street, nearly hit wife."...
11. Cont'd: "Skid marks show clear 360° circles. Driver claimed he was trying to avoid hitting cat."
12. Re-read that: "clear 360° circles"
13. Thankfully (how f*cking sad is it that "thankfully" is the appropriate word here?) his mom didn't trust the officer, and took pics
14. Which she kept, and sent to me
15. (Most of which were useless. Ppl take pictures of a lot of useless sh*t when they're terrified btw.)
16. The money shot:

17. Now go back and re-re-read: "clear 360° circles"
18. What. The actual. F*ck.
19. Do I hate police? No. I hate raging incompetent cowboys w/ badges financed by my tax money who clearly haven't had an eye exam recently
21. The DA was kind enough to dismiss the case without putting up a fight.
22. My YBM client's family is out what they paid me. Client himself is traumatized. And basis for police mistrust gets a fresh exhibit.
23. While the officer who (wrongfully) charged him — and pretty clearly lied on official court documents — will face -0- repercussions.
24. This is what police brutality looks like. It's not just people having their rights violated and the sh*t kicked out of them.
25. It's an innocent 17yo black kid trying to be a good human being and not running over a cat getting thrown headlong into our court system
26. It's having to come up with money you don't have, to defend yourself against charges that shouldn't have been filed
27. And recognizing that — but for photographs that someone had the foresight to take immediately — you'd have been convicted
28. Based solely on the word of a law enforcement officer who swore an oath to serve and protect who then lied to the court with impunity
29. The State doesn't care of course. For every one case dismissed, hundreds more plead guilty. Court costs are $188+ apiece
30. A day's worth of traffic cases can finance an ADA's salary for a year. Likewise for a clerk or a judge.
31. Guess what that means for legislators? They can cut preexisting court funding and put it somewhere where it'll buy them more votes
32. So you've got a court system that ends up somehow being underfunded despite charging a sh*tload of money for minor offenses...
33. Police routing more and more people (predominantly young and black) into the court system, patting themselves on the back
34. (For protecting us from eeeeeevil 17yo YBMs trying not to hit cats while driving)
35. While the politicians fiddle as their constituents burn, because people naively assume things like this would never happen
36. Welcome to the clusterf*ck that is our criminal justice system. I filed to run for the State Senate precisely b/c of this bullsh*t.
37. It doesn't matter if you put an R or a D or a U beside your name — this is wrong.
38. Sorry for taking up your TL. For reasons I don't understand, I'm *still* in disbelief that this sh*t *still* happens, when I know better
39. I'm now going to clog my arteries with Bojangles in the hope/prayer that I won't still be flamingly pissed after lunch.

40. "clear 360° circles"

And this is my biggest issue with the "Justice" System. When people in positions of authority -especially officers- commit a crime they are NOT always held accountable. And worse, the system usually tries to support them by covering up the crime or intimidating the victim. 

This was also an issue in the Catholic Church not that long ago when priests were committing acts of pedophilia and the church then sought to hide them and prevent civil actions from taking place. Imagine if our school system did the same with Teachers and not only failed to hold them accountable for those kinds of crimes, but ASSISTED them in covering them up -as is what happened with Sandusky and Penn State. 

ANY institution that does NOT hold people WITHIN that institution accountable for crimes they commit, and even tries to assist them in covering the crimes up, is a CORRUPTED institution in need of reform. 

If police want to be trusted and if the justice system wants to be deemed "JUST", they must actually uphold the law and defend the rights of people. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

What the Future Holds: Angel Cards 4

I decided to do a concentrated meditation and then card reading. Specifically asked for greater clarity about my Present and about my Future. As soon as I thought the word "Future" in requesting guidance the word lit up in my mind and I heard it out loud in my head as if someone had said the word at the same time I had only TO me. I got the message that this one was going to be specifically about my FUTURE. 

First card: Entrepreneur. That card actually says this path suites me because I can work more Intuitively and Spiritually that way. And it is true. If money was of no concern to me, I would follow more of an entrepreneurial path. 

The next 3 cards drawn (one "accidentally" flipped over): ENJOY Life. It's not enough to make a living if you don't have a good life. 

The interesting thing about these cards is they are all bordered in different hues of PINK. They also all feature a female with Wings. This to me is indicative of the synchronicity of the message. Run! Be FREE! Enjoy Nature! Take care of Yourself! Take Life IN! 

It's hard for me when this world is so pressing with it's templated expectations. And yet I'm taking on several freelance graphic design jobs right now and possibly going to work part-time. It seems like God is aligning my work opportunities with this new path I'm meant to be venturing down. 

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Angel Cards Part 3

I now have 3 main sources for readings. First there's the daily postings on Facebook from Doreen Virtue. Then there's my own personal Angel Card drawings. Then there's the signs I find on the internet that have synchronicity. Here's the readings from this past week:

Feb 16th -This card did NOT apply to me that day. I was feeling particularly Spiritual, but not Emotional. 

These two Quotes I found resonated with me and it felt like I was meant to "receive" them. The first is a reminder to me to not rush progress and personal growth. These things take time. The second re-affirmed that same notion. Both images have trees -further leading me to believe in there Intention for me, and not just random happenstance.   

Feb 17th -Six cards presented on this day and Four have Unicorns in them. Again to me Unicorns represent a being that is Spiritually Unique.

I've been struggling lately with accepting my Spiritual Path to create artwork, graphic design, and write a book. I've also been struggling with Negative Entities. Sometimes I think these cards are reaching out to them as well. It's been challenging trying to contend with them and having to wait for them to cross over. They still aren't ready yet, though I understand it will happen soon. 

I basically just put it in God's hands as literally as I could by spiritual means. I understood that extending Patience and Compassion was Essential. 

I've also been struggling with the insecurity of stepping out in a far more spiritual way with my life path. Creating a Spiritual Book and Spiritual Art while great accomplishments for the soul, may not be received in this life by other people as enthusiastically. 

Feb 18th -This one helped a lot. I found that when the negative entities around me are stressed out I actually pick up on their energies and confuse it for my own. I'm actually pretty laid-back and relaxed most of the time but these days I've been pretty stressed out. It's the entities attempting to make peace and cross over into Heaven -which they are very nervous about. 

This one also came up and is kind of how I feel when I talk to people about the "job search"...

Feb 19th -Two cards, reiterating the need for me to Write the Book and to enhance my graphic design skills by going to school. I think I'm just going to end up taking a Photoshop class. I saw 3 random videos on this day that had something to do with PHOTOSHOP. Good to know the spiritual powers that be are getting more specific. 

Feb 20th -This was interesting because I drew 3 cards for myself this day and one of the cards was the exact same as the one Doreen Virtue drew. We're getting in sync. 

Basically it reiterated: 

#1 My Creative Projects are INTENDED by Heaven.

#2 It's not bad to Daydream as frequently as I do, it's deeply beneficial -which is a nice affirmation.

#3 Stay to the LIGHT. Don't let darkness distract you or drag you under. 

#4 Step into your power and don't hold back or doubt it. 

Feb 21st -I was lazy today and didn't draw my own cards. This is the one contributed by Doreen on Facebook. ANIMALS have been coming up for the past week and I couldn't figure out why. And my daydreams lately have involved Nature in general. I thought maybe it's because I'm house-sitting right now and looking after my friend's dog Annie. But then I received insight that there's something BIGGER going on with Animals in the world right now and just as I am looking after this dog and trying to "raise her spirits" -God and Heaven are trying to do the same for Animal-kind in general right now. 

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speed Traps and Poor Education

My friend had to go to court yesterday to try and diminish her Speeding Ticket. Apparently she was driving through a small town called Lyons, CO on her way to Estes Park and a cop pulled her over. When you pull into the small town you're initially going about 50-55mph when a 45mph sign pops up so you start to slow down to 45mph. Less than 600 feet after that sign there is a 25mph that pops up out of nowhere. You'd essentially have to hit the breaks from the 45mph to the 25mph to slow to that speed but COULDN'T if you didn't know that sign was there.

Nina was going about 35mph when she came upon the 25mph sign and a cop ticketed her. 
In the small courtroom there were about 20 other people. 18 out of those 20 people were there for the SAME stop sign issue. Some were clocked going 35-40mph. Only two were clocked going 60mph -which is is insane. The 2 other people not there for the stop sign had unrelated traffic issues.

For me if someone gives you a car like a Mazda ZN10 and you drive the car and it breaks down. Then you find 90% of all other customers who bought that car also had the same make and model break down unexpectedly, something tells me it's NOT the driver's fault. 

The average charge of a speeding ticket, with court costs, was $145. Then the drivers did get their "points" decreased for showing up and were filed under a lesser charge. When someone complained to the Judge, including a man who had NO driving incidents in over 20 years, she said, "We didn't put up the signs, it's not in our jurisdiction to change them. Every 5 years there's another group that reviews signs and changes them if needed..." Bullsh*t.

A small town is essentially committing an unjust practice do to misplacement of speeding signs and their defense is, "Well it's just there so... it's like there." 

And this is common in many small towns in many states. There should be a way citizens can do something to change this. They just profited $2320 innocent, hardworking people (some of whom were living on minimum wage, were out of work and looking for a job, or were only working part time while living with a relative). 

The other disturbing discovery I made yesterday was how uneducated an average 18 year old was in this country. 

-I mentioned the Black Panthers. She said, "I've never even heard of them."

-I mentioned that the KKK still meets up regularly in many states and the FBI hasn't disbanded them. She said, "WHAT?! I thought that group ended a longggggg time ago."

-I mentioned Bill Cosby going to trial finally for one of the 30+ women he had raped because of that stupid statute of limitations. She said, "What?! Cosby? The comedian guy? The guy from the family show? When did this happen???..." 

I don't know which is more disturbing, that our public education system failed this human being or that in spite of her MANY hours spent on the internet she STILL is out of the loop on BIG issues occurring in our country. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Colleges Are Weird

So in the process of trying to find a job I got contacted by someone who made it seem like they wanted to help me find a job and then ended up referring me to several colleges that had Graphic Design programs. But I was feeling pretty open-minded so I decided to follow-up with one of the colleges here in Colorado that had some Graphic Arts classes.

First off, I'm not new to the college experience. Went to a great college for 4 years and got a B.A. in Studio Art (with emphasis on Graphic Design). Then worked as a Graphic Designer and Marketing person for 3 years. I'm not interested in the classes I've already taken or have no interest in. My policy is, "You don't waste my time and I won't waste yours." Luckily it sounds like my previous college transcripts could eliminate those unwanted classes previously taken. 

So we went over the classes offered over a 2 to 3 year period for an Associates in Graphic Design and then 4 years for Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. 

An Associates degree costs $40,000 total -which includes books and a free laptop you get to keep. 

The Bachelors was $75,000 which I can't even comprehend attempting to pursue right now.

Either way I'd have to wait about 6 months until I had a stable job and THEN try to figure out if it would work financially and time-wise. 

With scholarships they thought they could get the price down to $30,000 for the Associates. 

Then with Government Loans it would still be about $1300 a year. 
It's incredible that a college can make you think that what was once a $40,000 price tag on classes is now ONLY $4000 over 3 years. 

And yet, LOANS don't really work that way. That is $30,000 you're then indebted to pay after college with INTEREST. 

On the way home I just thought, "Education costs money. Healthcare costs money. 2 things I consider to be basic necessities. You need Education to get a good job and to be an Enlightened Human Being and you need Healthcare so you DIE. It's not like either of those 2 things are luxuries people opt into out of Boredom.

But GOD is free. The infinite ABOVE is free. Forever and ALL time the greatest thing ANY human can experience globally is FREE. 

How amazing is it that that System exists that those Beings exist that Grace exists and no one ever gets CHARGED anything for them. They're as Free ans the Freedom they instill in the souls who connect to them. 

This is why I don't like this world. It's still caught up on superficial hang-ups and archaic understandings. Where God roams free Mankind stands in line waiting to pay their bill. 

Using Angel Cards

So for the 3rd week in a row the Angel Cards posted online from 2 other people who don't know one another or me and are just posting for the masses have posted things that are VERY in tuned with what's going on (and even what's going to happen).

I thought this one was weird and didn't apply to me. I don't really WANT to go back to college or focus on education right now. Then yesterday I had a conversation on the phone with a potential college in the area that can provide Graphic Design classes. I do need to brush up on my Photoshop and possibly get into Dreamweaver. It would be in the FUTURE -maybe 6 months from now -but today I'm going to look into the college itself and find out more. Did NOT see that coming. 

This one was freaky because I specifically spent 3 nights in a row telling the angels to bless Doreen Virtue for sharing these cards and also bless her with happiness. I then asked them to see if I sent them to her if she could send out my Name or say that she recognized it was Me. Then this card came up. I could tell in her post about it she didn't necessarily know what that particular card was speaking to. "Power" is my last name...

Again a reminder of letting go of the past and walking forward into the new. Also the image of a Woman in Water paying homage to my Pisces sign. 

AGAIN with the writing I get it!!! I'm supposed to start organizing my thoughts for my books. I'm definitely going to need to make more than one.

This was interesting because Jesus is always around, but the night this one was posted I had a closer moment with Him and really felt a connection specifically to Him. I also thought it was interesting because of the animals. The theme of NATURE has been coming up a lot in my mind this week...

Then this one came up the same day from a completely different person. The jaguar is my totum animal. Still don't specifically know WHY animals keep coming up, but it's interesting. 

I spent weeks putting my resume out in the world with no leads and then yesterday I got in contact with 2 potential companies I could work for AND a freelance graphic design job. I'm actually feeling overwhelmed right now like there are now too many options to choose from as far as work goes... 

Since all the other cards online were working I decided to just buy the Angel Card set. I sat down, spread the cards out, meditated, brought in God's energy, called in Divine Beings of Heaven by name, Founded Heaven in that space, prayed over the cards, and then drew 2 I was drawn to. 

The first says I need to purify my body -which was interesting because today I had the overwhelming urge to drink orange juice and avoid Hot Chocolate like the black plague. I think my Being just needs to clear itself. 

The second card was about letting a sun set so that a new sun could rise. AGAIN it's about letting go of old ways and transitioning into new one. I think for me it's stepping into MORE control over my life and delving more into spirituality and connection... and TRUTH. 

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Career Path v. Spiritual Path

Went to a workshop at the job center today to try and answer the afflicting questions of, "What am I meant to be doing and How can I make money right now?" 

On the upside the 2 hour assessments I took AFFIRMED I am God gifted me with several abilities:

#1 Creativity and Artistry
#2 Analytical Thought and Understanding which are great for Writing
#3 Deep Understanding of Human Nature
#4 A Heart for Humanitarian Causes 

I also got clearer on my Ideal Values for the work place and job position.

#1 Something that will allow me to be Fulfilled and Achieve Goals
#2 Somewhere I can make Friends and have a sense of Connection
#3 Somewhere founded in Long-Term Stability 
#4 Somewhere Orderly and Logical
#5 Somewhere Collaborative 
# Somewhere with Integrity that Contributes 

Jobs suggested to me from these assessments include:

-Graphic Design*** (Highly Recommended)
-Proofreading and Copy Writing
-Religious Work
-Office Administration 

Unfortunately this does NOT help me figure out how to write a book (which Doreen Virtue's angel cards are getting particularly insistent about) AND get a job that pays.  

Just to catch you up on the latest from the Angel Cards, here's the past couple days worth:

#1 Choose MEANING over MONEY (easier said than done)

#2 Don't Worry about Financial Concerns (easier said than done)

#3 You Realllllyyyyyy should Write that frickin Book we mentioned... 

Anyways, after NOT finding out what the heck I should be doing with my life with more specificity than "Find a good company you like to be a Graphic Designer for until you earn enough money to work on that frickin book we mentioned"... I decided to go to the library. 

There I went to the Spiritual, then Religious, then Philosophical, then Focused on World Issues section of the library to track down a Doreen Virtue book. 

To my dismay they only had 1 book of hers and it was on Crystals. It's interesting because I've actually set some quartz crystals aside to give to my sister for her birthday. And I was thinking about Crystals the other day and how they can essentially "trap and dissipate" negative energy. 

I flipped through her book and found something I'd come across many years ago called "Platonic Solids".

Basically the Elements are listed in order geometrically based on Spirituality. Fire is the least spiritual element and Water is the most -even over Spirit which is surprising to me. 

The book then goes on to describe various kinds of crystals and what they do and which gemstones are affiliated with which angels and how to use them to heal and perform other spiritual practices of a positive nature. 

I get it. I really do. We humans need HUGE radio antennas and cell towers to stay connected with one and other and so it makes sense Heaven might need a little assistance too with reaching human beings on Earth. So these gemstones and crystals are supposed to help with reception and connecting to the divine. 

However I always figure if you have to go that far out of your way to do something in a forced way it (1) isn't worth the effort ultimately and (2) isn't something that will come naturally -even though "Spirituality" is about as natural and intuitive as it gets.

So ultimately I'm not interested in using crystals and gemstones. I've collected those kinds of things instinctually since I was a kid and have a HUGE pile of those kinds of rocks around if I ever change my mind. I definitely feel like I'm MEANT to understand and appreciate these stones for one reason or another. But as far as getting that "into" crystal collection and making a spiritual alter... not that interested. 

Whatever is meant to be will come about naturally.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Average Spiritual Reflections and Epiphanies

I had multiple issues going on the other day with too many heavy thoughts weighing my mind down. And one of the things that kept occurring to me was, "You're SUPPOSED to be worried about finding a job right now." And yet I didn't seem to worry about that so much as other things. I could be starving and living on the street and I'd still be worried about people suffering in the Middle East. So my thoughts stretch vast regions tripping over movies and online news articles that make first painful then enlightening discoveries enter into my mind. 

Here are the thoughts of a single day:

#1 Watching the movie The Duchess for the 7th time in my life.

The movie is about a 15 year old girl, Georgiana Cavendish, in England during the 1700s who gets married to a 50 year old man who is also the Duke of Devonshire. Being a Duchess sounds glamorous -like being a princess -but in reality it was a harsh life to lead. Georgiana mistakenly believed the Duke loved her only to find she was nothing more to him than an incubator to bare his children and keep her mouth shut. He has multiple affairs, sleeps with her friend, and at one point actually rapes Georgiana. 

As I was watching this woman's life devolve into greater cruelty and pain I thought, "WHY doesn't she TELL someone?!!! Why can't she just go public with this? I'm sure people would have compassion upon hearing her story..."

But the 1700s were sh*tty times for people -especially women. It's like expecting a woman in Syria to be heard and respected by the people in that country. No, it took 300 years for a society to come along to FINALLY hear Georgiana's story. But the truth did finally come to light. 

And so I wonder, what people exist in this world right now that have no voice, but a story to be heard? How many centuries do we have to wait until such a time when human beings can compassionately be there to listen and console other human beings? Who's story has not come to pass yet? 

I think the shift has occurred and is occurring. I think it will start with India. Stories from INDIA will become more prevalent in America. American and European history has already been produced into film. Not for Indian stories to be heard. and then maybe Native Americans. Then maybe South Americans. Then tales from Asia or Japan. Then at last maybe even the Middle East and Africa. SOOOO many lives lived that haven't been acknowledged and are worth taking in and understanding. 

#2 Still during The Duchess

At the end of the movie, when Georgiana has to try to make peace with the duke who has acted so cruelly against her, he looks out the window at their children and says, "How wonderful to be that free". 

And it's true. Even during the tight, stoic, constrained era of European history CHILDREN were still CHILDREN. They ran in grass yards and climbed trees and chased butterflies and played with toys. How FREE we are born to this world. Unbridled and uncaring. And yet how society and the world can DRAIN that life away. To not just take the lives away from children, but their SPIRITS. 

God intended us to be FREE. Hence the reason Children in every country now to this day and as it has been for millennia all act the same. They act FREE until they learn otherwise from this world. 

#3 The news reports Boko Haram sets children on fire and murderers up to 80 people in a village.

I finished the movie The Duchess and went online to see what was going on in the world. To my utter dismay I find this. 

I immediately prayed. I prayed for the souls of the children and other victims that they would not be distracted by their pains and stay mistakenly behind here as ghosts. For when HELL prays upon the innocent and takes their lives sometimes they lose site of Heaven in that fire. I prayed their souls be swiftly lifted by God's grace and angelic beings of light. That they might come to know their pains can be washed away from them as if that darkness had never touched them. 

And so it was I received understanding from Heaven that they had been received in by God. And a thought then came to me without my seeking, "How wonderful it is that even a grave, horrific experience like being burned alive can be followed moments after with the most Joyous and Uplifting feeling of GRACE any soul could ever come to know." That pain -even long lasting pain -can ALWAYS be overcome. 

They say prayer has no place here on this Earth. That it does no good. But I have prayed for others and others have prayed for me and I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED its bounty. Do not question God's ability to reach the souls of His creations. Just because it may take a little while, doesn't mean it doesn't occur. 

#4 Seeds to Trees 

I was having difficulty making peace with the dark men of this world. Men like those in Boko Haram and ISIS that destory lives so easily without concern. 

But they are YOUNG souls. Unwise to the world and ignorant of genuine spirituality and true human worth. And there are many people like that in the world. 

They're like SEEDS. Small tiny seeds buried deep beneath the soil unaware of the wondrous world of light above them. But in time, these seeds may come to grow vast and beyond their current state of being. They may in fact grow vast and above the earth stretching up into the sky -gazing beyond great vistas before them. 

It is not for us to say that a SEED was never intended to become a TREE or is incapable. It is for us to PRAY that the Seeds do grow, for Prayer nourishes the soul and stretches it beyond itself into the lives of those God would Grace with His PEACE. 

And so I do not hate the dark men of the world, as they aspire to be hated and feared. But instead I pray they grow beyond the limitations of their current state into the state of grace God ultimately intends ALL for. 

#5 Divine Times

These are Divine Times. The suffering isn't knew. People have suffered thousands of years in the same ways they do today. The difference now is how we have chosen to handle the pains of this world. We have chosen to RISE together in Solidarity and Unity (or at least most people have) and call out these sufferings by name that they may be addressed and ENDED. 

Many seek individual spiritual enlightenment and connection -not because society or a religion mandated it, but because the Soul itself seeks its Creator and the Light sides with Light. 

These are the beginnings of greater times. Days of Heaven's founding on Earth are coming. 

Monday, February 8, 2016

The Universe is Speaking

Well crap. Each day I go on Facebook to see what the Angel Cards have to say and each day they get more and more freakishly accurate. 

1. Still worried about finding a job and there was a SECOND job prediction: 

2. Was stressed so I took a bath and tried to connect to the water because water is a healing element that revitalizes the soul. Then this card came up...

3. Felt compelled to do NOTHING this weekend because I was kind of drained, but was feeling a little guilty about being lazy. Then these cards came up:

4. Then today feeling especially unmotivated to look for jobs online because I know I only want a job for the money so I can then focus on what I really want to do/ need to do which is Writing a Book. Then this came up: 

It's like the Universe is saying, "I support you" and "Why aren't you doing what you're meant to be doing stupid?" and "I love you no judgments..." 

5. STOP WORRYING. Lately as days go on I've begun to Feel that everything is in God's hands and He has it covered. 

6. Career Path Change? I was given a career assessment to go through and see where I'm at skill-wise for being a Graphic Designer and Online Marketer. And as I went through it and really strove to see what I WANT to be I felt conflicted. Part of me wants to play it safe and go with the Graphic Design-Online Marketing because I'm "established" in that arena and can find a good 9-to-5 job that way. But part of me just isn't that interested in it anymore. I want to be outdoors, in nature, in artwork, in spirituality, in LIFE. Not confined to a cubicle space again. It killed my soul towards the end of my last job being trapped in that kind of space. So this Thursday I'm taking a 3 hour workshop on career paths to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Then this card came up:

7. This was today's card. It's ME!!! I'm on a CARD!!! The symbolic number for my life is "9" and I'm a water-sign Pisces! It's me finally coming to Fruition. My True Self coming through. :)

8. Felt cooped up and lethargic for the past couple days and I KNEW it was time to go outside and take in the sunshine with meditation. God is better able to EXPAND His true energy in open places outside in the Natural World He created. Felt a million times better afterwards and look at what card just popped up: 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wisdom on Facebook

Lately it's been wounding to go on Facebook. I found out some of my friends are racist, religist (xenophobic), bigoted, and even misogynistic. It's been harsh through these deeply political times to see the hatred spewed forth from Facebook and other places online. But it is Honest and it is Truth that these are hatreds and fears people have demeaned into their souls. And so I accept this as Truth and try to push past the dark language and cruel sentiments of this age. 

But even the quotes of wisdom I was used to seeing seem to have run dry to my mind. They were either too familiar or too foreign in thought. Quotes about dating the right person or quotes of "don't give up"... Nothing DEEP or REAL or NEW for me to nourish my soul with. 

Then a few days after I kind-of openly complained to the secret universe around me that this was a hard weight to hold onto, the quotes I had been seeking appeared in vast number on Facebook. The political banter of hatred was washed away by the cleansing quotes I found. I've decided to post them here as a reminder that God hears you and ANSWERS back when you truly wish for His wisdom: 

I've also been following Dorren Virtue on Facebook and she posts daily "insights" to what Divine beings of Heaven wish for you to understand. I've been struggling with the not-knowing and the waiting for a job to come along. Uncertainty even though I've been told and understand God has a plan and it is coming to fruition soon. But Dorren's cards have helped AFFIRM what I have spiritually come to understand and it is clear I am meant to wait for a good career to come along. In the meantime, God wishes for me to focus Internally on connecting to Soul and through Soul to the Divinity Above. 

I don't know why so many Unicorns keep popping up, but when I was a kid that was my favorite animal. For me it represented being Unique and Spiritual. Maybe that's what I'm meant to be ultimately. :)