Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Colleges Are Weird

So in the process of trying to find a job I got contacted by someone who made it seem like they wanted to help me find a job and then ended up referring me to several colleges that had Graphic Design programs. But I was feeling pretty open-minded so I decided to follow-up with one of the colleges here in Colorado that had some Graphic Arts classes.

First off, I'm not new to the college experience. Went to a great college for 4 years and got a B.A. in Studio Art (with emphasis on Graphic Design). Then worked as a Graphic Designer and Marketing person for 3 years. I'm not interested in the classes I've already taken or have no interest in. My policy is, "You don't waste my time and I won't waste yours." Luckily it sounds like my previous college transcripts could eliminate those unwanted classes previously taken. 

So we went over the classes offered over a 2 to 3 year period for an Associates in Graphic Design and then 4 years for Bachelors of Science in Graphic Design. 

An Associates degree costs $40,000 total -which includes books and a free laptop you get to keep. 

The Bachelors was $75,000 which I can't even comprehend attempting to pursue right now.

Either way I'd have to wait about 6 months until I had a stable job and THEN try to figure out if it would work financially and time-wise. 

With scholarships they thought they could get the price down to $30,000 for the Associates. 

Then with Government Loans it would still be about $1300 a year. 
It's incredible that a college can make you think that what was once a $40,000 price tag on classes is now ONLY $4000 over 3 years. 

And yet, LOANS don't really work that way. That is $30,000 you're then indebted to pay after college with INTEREST. 

On the way home I just thought, "Education costs money. Healthcare costs money. 2 things I consider to be basic necessities. You need Education to get a good job and to be an Enlightened Human Being and you need Healthcare so you DIE. It's not like either of those 2 things are luxuries people opt into out of Boredom.

But GOD is free. The infinite ABOVE is free. Forever and ALL time the greatest thing ANY human can experience globally is FREE. 

How amazing is it that that System exists that those Beings exist that Grace exists and no one ever gets CHARGED anything for them. They're as Free ans the Freedom they instill in the souls who connect to them. 

This is why I don't like this world. It's still caught up on superficial hang-ups and archaic understandings. Where God roams free Mankind stands in line waiting to pay their bill. 

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