Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Using Angel Cards

So for the 3rd week in a row the Angel Cards posted online from 2 other people who don't know one another or me and are just posting for the masses have posted things that are VERY in tuned with what's going on (and even what's going to happen).

I thought this one was weird and didn't apply to me. I don't really WANT to go back to college or focus on education right now. Then yesterday I had a conversation on the phone with a potential college in the area that can provide Graphic Design classes. I do need to brush up on my Photoshop and possibly get into Dreamweaver. It would be in the FUTURE -maybe 6 months from now -but today I'm going to look into the college itself and find out more. Did NOT see that coming. 

This one was freaky because I specifically spent 3 nights in a row telling the angels to bless Doreen Virtue for sharing these cards and also bless her with happiness. I then asked them to see if I sent them to her if she could send out my Name or say that she recognized it was Me. Then this card came up. I could tell in her post about it she didn't necessarily know what that particular card was speaking to. "Power" is my last name...

Again a reminder of letting go of the past and walking forward into the new. Also the image of a Woman in Water paying homage to my Pisces sign. 

AGAIN with the writing I get it!!! I'm supposed to start organizing my thoughts for my books. I'm definitely going to need to make more than one.

This was interesting because Jesus is always around, but the night this one was posted I had a closer moment with Him and really felt a connection specifically to Him. I also thought it was interesting because of the animals. The theme of NATURE has been coming up a lot in my mind this week...

Then this one came up the same day from a completely different person. The jaguar is my totum animal. Still don't specifically know WHY animals keep coming up, but it's interesting. 

I spent weeks putting my resume out in the world with no leads and then yesterday I got in contact with 2 potential companies I could work for AND a freelance graphic design job. I'm actually feeling overwhelmed right now like there are now too many options to choose from as far as work goes... 

Since all the other cards online were working I decided to just buy the Angel Card set. I sat down, spread the cards out, meditated, brought in God's energy, called in Divine Beings of Heaven by name, Founded Heaven in that space, prayed over the cards, and then drew 2 I was drawn to. 

The first says I need to purify my body -which was interesting because today I had the overwhelming urge to drink orange juice and avoid Hot Chocolate like the black plague. I think my Being just needs to clear itself. 

The second card was about letting a sun set so that a new sun could rise. AGAIN it's about letting go of old ways and transitioning into new one. I think for me it's stepping into MORE control over my life and delving more into spirituality and connection... and TRUTH. 

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