Sunday, February 21, 2016

Angel Cards Part 3

I now have 3 main sources for readings. First there's the daily postings on Facebook from Doreen Virtue. Then there's my own personal Angel Card drawings. Then there's the signs I find on the internet that have synchronicity. Here's the readings from this past week:

Feb 16th -This card did NOT apply to me that day. I was feeling particularly Spiritual, but not Emotional. 

These two Quotes I found resonated with me and it felt like I was meant to "receive" them. The first is a reminder to me to not rush progress and personal growth. These things take time. The second re-affirmed that same notion. Both images have trees -further leading me to believe in there Intention for me, and not just random happenstance.   

Feb 17th -Six cards presented on this day and Four have Unicorns in them. Again to me Unicorns represent a being that is Spiritually Unique.

I've been struggling lately with accepting my Spiritual Path to create artwork, graphic design, and write a book. I've also been struggling with Negative Entities. Sometimes I think these cards are reaching out to them as well. It's been challenging trying to contend with them and having to wait for them to cross over. They still aren't ready yet, though I understand it will happen soon. 

I basically just put it in God's hands as literally as I could by spiritual means. I understood that extending Patience and Compassion was Essential. 

I've also been struggling with the insecurity of stepping out in a far more spiritual way with my life path. Creating a Spiritual Book and Spiritual Art while great accomplishments for the soul, may not be received in this life by other people as enthusiastically. 

Feb 18th -This one helped a lot. I found that when the negative entities around me are stressed out I actually pick up on their energies and confuse it for my own. I'm actually pretty laid-back and relaxed most of the time but these days I've been pretty stressed out. It's the entities attempting to make peace and cross over into Heaven -which they are very nervous about. 

This one also came up and is kind of how I feel when I talk to people about the "job search"...

Feb 19th -Two cards, reiterating the need for me to Write the Book and to enhance my graphic design skills by going to school. I think I'm just going to end up taking a Photoshop class. I saw 3 random videos on this day that had something to do with PHOTOSHOP. Good to know the spiritual powers that be are getting more specific. 

Feb 20th -This was interesting because I drew 3 cards for myself this day and one of the cards was the exact same as the one Doreen Virtue drew. We're getting in sync. 

Basically it reiterated: 

#1 My Creative Projects are INTENDED by Heaven.

#2 It's not bad to Daydream as frequently as I do, it's deeply beneficial -which is a nice affirmation.

#3 Stay to the LIGHT. Don't let darkness distract you or drag you under. 

#4 Step into your power and don't hold back or doubt it. 

Feb 21st -I was lazy today and didn't draw my own cards. This is the one contributed by Doreen on Facebook. ANIMALS have been coming up for the past week and I couldn't figure out why. And my daydreams lately have involved Nature in general. I thought maybe it's because I'm house-sitting right now and looking after my friend's dog Annie. But then I received insight that there's something BIGGER going on with Animals in the world right now and just as I am looking after this dog and trying to "raise her spirits" -God and Heaven are trying to do the same for Animal-kind in general right now. 

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