Monday, February 8, 2016

The Universe is Speaking

Well crap. Each day I go on Facebook to see what the Angel Cards have to say and each day they get more and more freakishly accurate. 

1. Still worried about finding a job and there was a SECOND job prediction: 

2. Was stressed so I took a bath and tried to connect to the water because water is a healing element that revitalizes the soul. Then this card came up...

3. Felt compelled to do NOTHING this weekend because I was kind of drained, but was feeling a little guilty about being lazy. Then these cards came up:

4. Then today feeling especially unmotivated to look for jobs online because I know I only want a job for the money so I can then focus on what I really want to do/ need to do which is Writing a Book. Then this came up: 

It's like the Universe is saying, "I support you" and "Why aren't you doing what you're meant to be doing stupid?" and "I love you no judgments..." 

5. STOP WORRYING. Lately as days go on I've begun to Feel that everything is in God's hands and He has it covered. 

6. Career Path Change? I was given a career assessment to go through and see where I'm at skill-wise for being a Graphic Designer and Online Marketer. And as I went through it and really strove to see what I WANT to be I felt conflicted. Part of me wants to play it safe and go with the Graphic Design-Online Marketing because I'm "established" in that arena and can find a good 9-to-5 job that way. But part of me just isn't that interested in it anymore. I want to be outdoors, in nature, in artwork, in spirituality, in LIFE. Not confined to a cubicle space again. It killed my soul towards the end of my last job being trapped in that kind of space. So this Thursday I'm taking a 3 hour workshop on career paths to figure out what the heck I'm supposed to be doing with my life. Then this card came up:

7. This was today's card. It's ME!!! I'm on a CARD!!! The symbolic number for my life is "9" and I'm a water-sign Pisces! It's me finally coming to Fruition. My True Self coming through. :)

8. Felt cooped up and lethargic for the past couple days and I KNEW it was time to go outside and take in the sunshine with meditation. God is better able to EXPAND His true energy in open places outside in the Natural World He created. Felt a million times better afterwards and look at what card just popped up: 

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