Thursday, February 25, 2016

Upcoming Birthday and Present State

I'm turning 28 this year. I'm less focused on the age and more focused on the year. I sense things are going to go well, venturing into new territories. This week I was overwhelmed by how much potential work I now have available. It's all Freelance or Part-Time but it is adding up substantially. Now I have to make sure I stay organized and clear to get things done. 

In spite of my frequent instinct to under-react to things and keep calm until procrastination hits its limits I've felt very stressed out. I didn't know why since I'm generally so calm and ultimately have Heaven by my side, so I did a little reflective work and found out that the 2 entities that follow me have been having issues -not me. Basically they're still nervous about crossing over, and like me they KNOW the time is coming soon. Not sure why it's kind of been futuristicly determined but it has. They don't fear Heaven itself -which they know is nice. They fear that transition through the "entryway" to Heaven. They think that they'll have to face their past -which they will -and it will frighten them or overwhelm them because they've had negative past experiences. I try to reassure them, call on angels to reassure them, and bring peace when I can. All will be well. 

And it was interesting because the card Doreen Virtue drew today said that exact thing. She spoke of being "empathetic to the energies of those around you" and stressing out because of it. Right on the money.

But I've stopped drawing my own cards for now. I drew 3 cards of deep relevance that I feel are going to carry me for a couple weeks or so.

Basically I need to remember to Ground myself -which I always forget to do until it NEEDS to be done and then I'm always like, "Wow! I have seriously underestimated the gravity this energy practice has on the spiritual environment around me." It essentially pushes negative energy down and draws positive energy from above to Earth." 

Then next card goes hand in hand. On February 22nd I had a breakthrough and essentially Founded the spacing of Heaven around me. It feels like a giant bubble that allows you to breath. I feel less claustrophobic spiritually and still can't believe it's lasted for this many days. Last time this "energy bubble" was felt it only lasted that night and was gone the next day. 

The last card is going to help me with all of my professional job projects. Basically when I have multiple tasks to do it feels bogged down like work. But if I focus on the concept of Giving Back and Contributing then it will hit my heart chakra and I'll get that nice feeling of caring. 

There have been other cards posted online this week that have been pretty accurate. There was one that denoted something positive would happen on 2-22-16:

There were  2 cards that denoted synchronicity and all the right things finally falling into place -which I can feel is happening spiritually. 

Two other cards reminding me to be patient and to LISTEN. I always lead the conversation with the Divine: "I ask The Holy Spirit to give Grace and Peace to this situation..." But I don't usually stop to just Listen and let them work with my soul to do whatever they need to do. So today when I meditated LISTENING was the main focus. 

Then there was an interesting card on the 3rd Eye Chakra -which is the one I resonate in most frequently. I'm in transition now between that one and the Crown Chakra. I don't want to be "psychic" but I do want to "see" and know what the heck is going on around me spiritually. So my 3rd eye is kind of fuzzy -like seeing without glasses -but I can still make out things well enough. 

But the Crown Chakra rises above it ALL. It's this amazing feeling like Being a flower that blossoms and opens entirely until there is nothing holding you down or holding you back. The issue I have is letting go of being in observation and solidarity with the pains and troubles of this world. I know these issues bog down my mind and distract from my soul and Heaven, but I also turn to Heaven for solution and peace so I feel like something positive can come out of it. The Crown Chakra is a little kid finally giving up his toys to say, "I want more. I'm ready for the next thing in life. I've let go of this and toys just don't mean anything to me anymore." Crown Chakra is the realm of the Heavens rising above and beyond the Earth as if no pain or darkness ever existed. 

Then lastly there was yet another reminder to work on the frickin book. I've actually started a folder and a couple Word documents outlining what I want the books to consist of. There will be 5 to 6 books. They will be weird. They will be far more visually-oriented than just text-oriented. The messages will be simple and straight forward. I will publish the books online for anyone to read for free and then one day they will be made into print copies that anyone can have for Free. 

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