Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Average Spiritual Reflections and Epiphanies

I had multiple issues going on the other day with too many heavy thoughts weighing my mind down. And one of the things that kept occurring to me was, "You're SUPPOSED to be worried about finding a job right now." And yet I didn't seem to worry about that so much as other things. I could be starving and living on the street and I'd still be worried about people suffering in the Middle East. So my thoughts stretch vast regions tripping over movies and online news articles that make first painful then enlightening discoveries enter into my mind. 

Here are the thoughts of a single day:

#1 Watching the movie The Duchess for the 7th time in my life.

The movie is about a 15 year old girl, Georgiana Cavendish, in England during the 1700s who gets married to a 50 year old man who is also the Duke of Devonshire. Being a Duchess sounds glamorous -like being a princess -but in reality it was a harsh life to lead. Georgiana mistakenly believed the Duke loved her only to find she was nothing more to him than an incubator to bare his children and keep her mouth shut. He has multiple affairs, sleeps with her friend, and at one point actually rapes Georgiana. 

As I was watching this woman's life devolve into greater cruelty and pain I thought, "WHY doesn't she TELL someone?!!! Why can't she just go public with this? I'm sure people would have compassion upon hearing her story..."

But the 1700s were sh*tty times for people -especially women. It's like expecting a woman in Syria to be heard and respected by the people in that country. No, it took 300 years for a society to come along to FINALLY hear Georgiana's story. But the truth did finally come to light. 

And so I wonder, what people exist in this world right now that have no voice, but a story to be heard? How many centuries do we have to wait until such a time when human beings can compassionately be there to listen and console other human beings? Who's story has not come to pass yet? 

I think the shift has occurred and is occurring. I think it will start with India. Stories from INDIA will become more prevalent in America. American and European history has already been produced into film. Not for Indian stories to be heard. and then maybe Native Americans. Then maybe South Americans. Then tales from Asia or Japan. Then at last maybe even the Middle East and Africa. SOOOO many lives lived that haven't been acknowledged and are worth taking in and understanding. 

#2 Still during The Duchess

At the end of the movie, when Georgiana has to try to make peace with the duke who has acted so cruelly against her, he looks out the window at their children and says, "How wonderful to be that free". 

And it's true. Even during the tight, stoic, constrained era of European history CHILDREN were still CHILDREN. They ran in grass yards and climbed trees and chased butterflies and played with toys. How FREE we are born to this world. Unbridled and uncaring. And yet how society and the world can DRAIN that life away. To not just take the lives away from children, but their SPIRITS. 

God intended us to be FREE. Hence the reason Children in every country now to this day and as it has been for millennia all act the same. They act FREE until they learn otherwise from this world. 

#3 The news reports Boko Haram sets children on fire and murderers up to 80 people in a village.

I finished the movie The Duchess and went online to see what was going on in the world. To my utter dismay I find this. 

I immediately prayed. I prayed for the souls of the children and other victims that they would not be distracted by their pains and stay mistakenly behind here as ghosts. For when HELL prays upon the innocent and takes their lives sometimes they lose site of Heaven in that fire. I prayed their souls be swiftly lifted by God's grace and angelic beings of light. That they might come to know their pains can be washed away from them as if that darkness had never touched them. 

And so it was I received understanding from Heaven that they had been received in by God. And a thought then came to me without my seeking, "How wonderful it is that even a grave, horrific experience like being burned alive can be followed moments after with the most Joyous and Uplifting feeling of GRACE any soul could ever come to know." That pain -even long lasting pain -can ALWAYS be overcome. 

They say prayer has no place here on this Earth. That it does no good. But I have prayed for others and others have prayed for me and I have SEEN and EXPERIENCED its bounty. Do not question God's ability to reach the souls of His creations. Just because it may take a little while, doesn't mean it doesn't occur. 

#4 Seeds to Trees 

I was having difficulty making peace with the dark men of this world. Men like those in Boko Haram and ISIS that destory lives so easily without concern. 

But they are YOUNG souls. Unwise to the world and ignorant of genuine spirituality and true human worth. And there are many people like that in the world. 

They're like SEEDS. Small tiny seeds buried deep beneath the soil unaware of the wondrous world of light above them. But in time, these seeds may come to grow vast and beyond their current state of being. They may in fact grow vast and above the earth stretching up into the sky -gazing beyond great vistas before them. 

It is not for us to say that a SEED was never intended to become a TREE or is incapable. It is for us to PRAY that the Seeds do grow, for Prayer nourishes the soul and stretches it beyond itself into the lives of those God would Grace with His PEACE. 

And so I do not hate the dark men of the world, as they aspire to be hated and feared. But instead I pray they grow beyond the limitations of their current state into the state of grace God ultimately intends ALL for. 

#5 Divine Times

These are Divine Times. The suffering isn't knew. People have suffered thousands of years in the same ways they do today. The difference now is how we have chosen to handle the pains of this world. We have chosen to RISE together in Solidarity and Unity (or at least most people have) and call out these sufferings by name that they may be addressed and ENDED. 

Many seek individual spiritual enlightenment and connection -not because society or a religion mandated it, but because the Soul itself seeks its Creator and the Light sides with Light. 

These are the beginnings of greater times. Days of Heaven's founding on Earth are coming. 

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