Thursday, March 1, 2012


I think I might want to move to San Diego - or at least visit down there to get a feel for it. My brain warns me the San Andreas Fault isn't something to be blinked at. But the warmth of the tropics mixed with the green of the farms that still manages to maintain a cosmopolitan feel sounds like too good a combination to pass up. I think I would do well there.

In San Jose, engineers and CEOs rule. It's technical and corporate, but still down-to-earth.

In Santa Cruz its tourist and hippie-surfer territory. Waves rule down there.

San Fran is way too crowded and compact. The buildings are dismal and the weather is always cold. It's to confused too have a cohesive sense of common culture.

L.A. is too busy with smog and wannabees.

Oakland is just frightening.

Modesto and Stanislaus are too country for their own good and people there seek simple lives and simple like-minded people.

San Diego is touristy, but also relaxed and artistic. They're a little too hippie/spiritual -but then again most of California is since it's a Liberal State.

I've lived in the Oakdale/Modesto region long enough to know that despite the fact that some amazing friends live out there, the area is a place you get "stuck" in. There isn't much room for change, diversity, growth, or spirituality.

I've also lived in San Jose long enough to know that people here are more mentally-oriented. Oakdale is more physical/emotional/practical/family-oriented, less educational/business/money/excitement -oriented.
The people in San Jose aren't as warm and inviting, but you can have deeper conversations regarding a wider range of topics, so it is far more intellectually stimulating.

And both of those laces are well and good, but I'm a Pisces.
Water Sign = Emotional + Spiritual.
Pisces = Emphasis on the Spiritual.

But I was raised in a Libra household. Libra = Mental.
And my best friend growing up was a Capricorn.
Capricorn = Physical/ Worldly/ Practical/ Common Sense/ Business

If you were to break things down into their four elements: Physical/Worldly, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual:

I am 10% Physical/Worldly, 20% Emotion, 35% Mental, and 35% Spiritual. Basically I'm Mentally focused on Spiritual things. I need an environment that caters to that.

Oakdale = 40% Physical, 30% Emotion, 20% Spiritual, 10% Mental

San Jose = 40% Mental, 30% Physical, 20% Spiritual, 10% Emotional

It's like that stupid Goldy Locks v. Bowls of Pourage conundrum.

Santa Cruz = 40% Emotion, 30% Physical, 20% Spiritual, 10% Mental

L.A. = 40% Physical, 30% Mental, 20% Emotion, 10% Spiritual

San Fran = 40% Emotion, 30% Spiritual, 20% Physical, 10% Mental

San Diego = 40% Spiritual, 30% Emotion, 20% Physical, 10% Mental

I'll be a little lacking in the mental department in terms of relating to others, but then again the education system in this country isn't that bad. And I've been in this mentally-focused region long enough to compensate for whatever San Diego may lack. I will not be demoted to the position of Scorpio. I think my soul deserves to be somewhere it can be acknowledged and understood. It needs warmth and light. I feel SD is the area mos oriented towards the soul.

As long as my mental focus doesn't get lost -which it shouldn't after 24 years of being a primary personality trait - then I can bring mental focus to the SD and they will bring more spiritual focus back to me. But first I need to finish my mental trainings here -namely learning the Bible and examining a few other religions. I give San Jose 2 more years tops to finish its work. 

When I turn 26 I'm finding and creating my spiritual sanctuary. I need a respite I can turn to and refocus my energies back on God and soul. Life will be challenging but the biggest challenge will be remembering that the main point of challenges is to learn and grow. This life can take everything away from me, but it can't take my soul.

It will also be important for me to make sure my soul does not get misled by the random musings of hippies -which I would inevitably come in contact with down in SD. A lot of Wiccans are down there and being a spiritual zone, SD leaves itself open to being led too far over the edge.

But it would be a beautiful place to live.

March 1st

Today are 2 birthdays I'd like to look at closer.

First off, Justin Bieber.

I didn't know what he was, but I would have probably guessed Cancer. He's no Adam Levine. But Jessica Biel is March 3rd -another Pisces, and he does remind me of her a lot.

Either Bieber will grow more into a Cancer, or he will grow more Pisces. It's weird because Pisces is a sign denoting spirituality/religious interest. Jessica Biel was on a show about a father who was a pastor raising his 7 kids to be upright and honorable. So she's definitely had some spiritual-related roles. But Bieber hasn't quite distinguished that part of himself yet.

Then there's Bieber's girlfriend, Selena Gomez. She's born July 22. She is technically a Leo, but also has Cancer tendencies as well. Pisces/Cancer and Leo/Cancer are a fairly good combination -though it can end disastrously if ither falls into vice -which they seem far from at the moment.

For the record, Jessica Biel is currently engaged to Justin Timberlake who was born January 31st - an Aquarius. Awww... an Air sign and a Water sign. Pisces and Aquarius are the closest fit to being almost the same personality, but their elements make them a lot less compatible romantically. Water and Air don't mix. They will make each other better people, and since both are spiritually oriented they will grow stronger that way as well, but ultimately they will lack a deeper connection to each other.

Then on the other end of the spectrum we have Ke$ha's birthday today. It's interesting because she's too far into vice to really be distinguished as anything in particular. She is too worldly and physically oriented to fit the Pisces profile. She also lacks mental focus, so at best she would be stuck in the Cancer region. I wouldn't say she's very emotionally sensitive though, so even that doesn't fit her well. She's too far away from her "true self" to really be recognized as anything in particular. The fact that she plays a character she passes of as "herself" named Ke$ha doesn't exactly help out either...

Chad Kroeger and Nicolas Cage remind me of each other...

For the record, Chad is a "Sagittarian" (Nov. 15) that lacks education and mental focus... aka a Leo.

Cage is a Capricorn (Jan. 7) who lacks oiginality but is still successful at what he does.