Friday, January 25, 2013

President Zodiac Birthsigns

I decided to assess the Presidents of the United States based on their Zodiac Birth Signs (not knowing them personally enough to distinguish what their actual signs lived out were). I theorized that the majority would be fire signs (especially Aries) and some Aquarius. Fire signs are known for having natural leadership ability and a desire to pursue prestigious positions of authority that allow them to shine in that field. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum I originally suspected Pisces would be the fewest in number and probably also Gemini because they tend to lack leadership abilities to that degree.
The results were of my findings were as follows: 

Firstly no real Zodiac sign patterns emerged for Democrat v. Republican tendencies. There was also no tendencies with regard to Yin (being born in an odd year) and Yang (being born in an even year) –which were pretty evenly matched. 

There was an interesting pattern that emerged for the beginning Presidents. 5 were Water Signs (3 Pisces and 2 Scorpio) and one was an Aries –which are known for being Visionary signs, which I felt was a little more than coincidental since most of those men shaped the government and founded it at that point in time. 

A second pattern emerged for the Fire Signs as well. Over the course of 28 years there was a fire sign serving as president every other time. 3 were Sagittarius and the other was an Aries. After that the pattern shifts dramatically and over the span of about 20 -30 years only one Fire sign would emerge as president –up until Barack Obama was elected which broke the pattern. 

The last pattern that emerged was a tendency for presidents serving one after the other. An Earth sign president would often be followed by another Earth sign president –and so on for
Air and Water signs. For instance: Virgo followed by Capricorn followed by Scorpio followed by Pisces followed by Gemini followed by Libra. Earth and Earth, Water and Water, Air and Air. 

As far as assessing the Top 9 most well-known presidents goes: 

George Washington –Pisces
Thomas Jefferson –Aries
Abraham Lincoln –Aquarius
Theodore Roosevelt -"Scorpio" (Born Scorpio but I suspect was really a Cancer or Pisces)
Franklin D. Roosevelt –Aquarius
Dwight D. Eisenhower –Libra
John F. Kennedy –Gemini
Richard Nixon –Capricorn
Ronald Reagan –Aquarius 

As far as the overall pattern of percentages regarding the Zodiac Signs by Birth over the span of 43 presidents (Grover Cleveland served 2 terms in-consecutively and therefore still counts as one): 

Aquarius = 5 (12%)
Scorpio = 5 (12%)
Capricorn = 4 (9%)
Pisces = 4 (9%)
Taurus = 4 (9%)
Cancer = 4 (9%)
Leo = 4 (9%)
Libra = 4 (9%)
Sagittarius = 3 (7%)
Aries = 2 (5%)
Virgo = 2 (5%)
Gemini = 2 (5%)

Aquarius and Scorpio seem to be the highest in number among presidents. Lastly seems to be Aries, Virgo, and Gemini. 

If you look by Zodiac Signs by element: 

Earth = 10 (23%)
Water = 13 (30%)
Air =11 (25%)
Fire = 9 (21%)

Water seems to have a slight lead but overall the playing field is pretty even. 


Scorpio and Aquarius seem to make the most powerful and impactful –and in most cases memorable- presidents. I was surprised that fire signs came amounted to the least total and were not more numerous given their natural inclination toward leadership. I was also pleasantly surprised to see so many water signs taking charge and leading the pack. It also seems that the majority of presidents were born under either Emotionally-Oriented or Spiritually-Oriented signs. I guess we as a nation prefer to be led by the heart or the soul rather than just the mind alone. We are a spiritually passionate people. It would be interesting to see the history of Europe’s elected leaders as well but they’ve had less time to develop patterns since they have been ruled primarily by monarchies inherited by birthright.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Facebook Zodiac Assessment -for My Sister

So after my findings with my own Zodiac Facebook study I decided to try this out on my sister’s Facebook. Emily is a Pisces turned Cancer. I found her Facebook friend situation to be entirely different from my own. Emily is on Happy Pets –which means some of her “friends” are 15 year olds and 57 year olds who live in foreign countries like Germany. Yah. Excluding as many of those people as possible, I tried to dilute the pool to only include actual friends she knows. The other problem is not knowing these friends. I cannot say to date what signs any given person actually is. Part 2 that was completed in my previous study could not be done so all I really have to go on are birth days. So when it says a person is a “Cancer” –they were only born a Cancer and may actually be a Scorpio or a Pisces. 

I also don’t remember the predicted trend for a Cancer to follow. For me -a Pisces- it was Libra, Capricorn, Aries = buddies, Gemini = not so much. 

My sister’s “friends” totaled 324 –almost exactly twice as many as mine. It seems pretty easy to establish Cancer usually make more friends than Pisces –although personally I think if we were to weed out the acquaintances she claims as friends we’d be about even. 

The total for my 324 friends were as follows:
39 Total Taurus
35 Total Aquarius
33 Total Capricorn
33 Total Cancer
31 Total Virgo
28 Total Sagittarius
24 Total Pisces
23 Total Gemini
23 Total Aries
22 Total Leo
22 Total Scorpio
11 Total Libra

Breaking that down in terms of overall percentages:
Taurus = 12%
Aquarius = 11%
Capricorn = 10%
Cancer = 10%
Virgo = 9%
Sagittarius = 8%
Pisces = 7%
Gemini = 7%
Aries = 7%
Leo = 7%
Scorpio = 7%
Libra = 3%

Overall result based on Elements:
Earth Signs = 32%
Water Signs = 24%
Fire Signs = 23%
Air Signs = 21%

Theories I concluded based on the results:

Firstly the results from my sister’s friends list seemed very different from mine while still maintaining similar patterns. We switched basically switched Capricorn for Taurus –which makes sense since Cancer is more Emotional and Pisces is more spiritual –their compatible buddy signs would be Emotional Earth sign and Spiritual Earth Sign. 

The most surprising was the switch from my 4% Gemini to her 3% Libra. Cancer get along better with Gemini than Pisces, but I didn’t realize how at-odds they were with Libra. 

The overall percentages for Elements remained exactly the same though. Crazy sh*t…

Monday, January 21, 2013

Facebook Zodiac Assessment

Facebook is a useful tool for connecting with your friends and family. As a curious Pisces I have noticed that most of my friends’ birthdays tend to pop up around the same time of the year –especially in January. I finally decided to take note of the birth dates of my friends to see if the Zodiac legends were true for Pisces Friendship Tendencies…

According to traditional Zodiac belief Pisces pretty much get along with anybody –but they get along least with Gemini. Gemini can be manipulative, overly talkative, and intimidating to a Pisces. Pisces is also said to be Best Friends with Capricorns. They have an “opposite attracts” thing with Libra. They don’t get along as well with Sagittarians. 

Part 1
I decided to check the birth dates of 115 of my Facebook friends and see if any patterns popped up. They did…

Part 1: The total for my 115 friends were as follows:
16 Total Capricorns
10 Total Aquarius
8 Total Pisces
11 Total Aries
10 Total Taurus
5 Total Gemini
11 Total Cancer
6 Total Leo
10 Total Virgo
11 Total Libra
8 Total Scorpio
9 Total Sagittarius 

Breaking that down in terms of overall percentages:
Capricorn = 14%
Aries = 10%
Cancer = 10%
Libra = 10%
Aquarius = 9%
Taurus = 9%
Virgo = 9%
Sagittarius =    8%
Pisces = 7%
Scorpio = 7%
Leo = 5%
Gemini = 4%

Overall result based on Elements:
Earth Signs = 32%
Water Signs = 24%
Fire Signs = 23%
Air Signs = 21%

Theories I concluded based on the results:
Best friends to a Pisces are Capricorn so it makes sense that the largest number of my friends would be Capricorn as predicted.
Aries = Builder Sign for Pisces so it’s good to have friends like those around.
Cancer = Emotional Water Sign. Means it’s within my comfort zone to be around them.
Libra = Opposites Attract. Plus Libra tend to get along with everyone anyway.
Aquarius = Spiritual Sign in Air. Call them a distant cousin to a Pisces.
Taurus = Earth Sign buddies.
Virgo = Earth Sign buddies.
Sagittarius -less likely to get along unless they are humble
With other Pisces it's just awkward so it makes sense they would be in lower number.
Scorpio are sad to be around if they lack spirituality -which they often do being more Mentally-oriented.
Leo… why? This one is kind of an anomaly. Don't know why the Leo count is down.
Gemini is least likely to get along w/ Pisces so that one made sense.
Overall the previously stated beliefs mentioned by numerous zodiac sources seem to be correct. 

Part 2: Establishing Shifts within Zodiac Sign Elements
I also wanted to simultaneously see who many people “stayed” the sign they were born or changed to another sign. I therefore numbered the signs depending on which they were in the element. 

1 = Cancer, 2 = Scorpio, 3 =Pisces

1 = Taurus, 2 =Virgo, 3 = Capricorn

1 = Leo, 2 = Sagittarius, 3 = Aries

1 = Gemini, 2 = Libra, 3 = Aquarius

Capricorn Born
Stayed 3 = 54%
Became 2 = 27%
Became 1 =  18%

Aquarius Born
Stayed 3 = 75%
Became 2 = 25%
Became 1 =  0%

Pisces Born
Stayed 3 = 34%
Became 2 = 13%
Became 1 =  50%

Aries Born
Stayed 3 = 71%
Became 2 = 14%
Became 1 =  14%

Taurus Born
Stayed 1 = 54%
Became 2 = 7%
Became 3 =  38%

Gemini Born
Stayed 1 = 25%
Became 2 = 38%
Became 3 =  38%
Cancer Born
Stayed 1 = 55%
Became 2 = 22%
Became 3 =  22%

Leo Born
Stayed 1 = 50%
Became 2 = 20%
Became 3 =  30%

Virgo Born
Stayed 2 = 50%
Became 1= 8%
Became 3 = 42%

Libra Born
Stayed 2 = 60%
Became 1= 30%
Became 3 = 10%

Scorpio Born
Stayed 2 = 50%
Became 1= 20%
Became 3 = 30%

Sagittarius Born
Stayed 2 = 67%
Became 1= 0%
Became 3 = 33%

Assessing the results:

1.      Capricorns are most likely to stay the same or shift slightly toward Virgo -least to Taurus.
2.      Aquarius are highly likely to stay the same -secondly and less likely to shift to Libra.
3.      Pisces are most likely to become Cancer -second likely to stay the same.
4.      Aries are highly likely to stay the same -equally less likely to shift to the others.
5.      Taurus are most likely to stay the same -secondly likely to become Capricorn.
6.      Gemini are equally likely to shift to any other -less likely to stay the same.
7.      Cancer are most likely to stay the same -less likely to shift to either other.
8.      Leo are most likely to stay the same -slightly higher chance to shift secondly to Aries over Sagittarius
9.      Virgo are slightly more likely to stay the same than shift to Capricorn
10.  Libra are highly likely to stay the same -second likely to shift to Gemini
11.  Scorpio are most likely to stay the same -slightly higher chance to shift second to Pisces over Cancer
12.  Sagittarius are most likely to stay the same -second and less likely to shift to Aries

Theories drawn based on the results:
1.      Capricorns know themselves and are content to be on a Spiritual path -especially being a Spiritual Sign

2.      Aquarius know themselves and are content to be on a Spiritual path -especially being a Spiritual Sign. As for the reasons why they shift only to Libra -Air signs are Mental signs. Libra is the Mental Sign of Air.

3.      Pisces are Water Sign =Emotional. They are either going to be Spiritual or Emotional. It's easier to be Emotional.

4.      Aries is a Fire Sign. Fire signs know themselves and will follow their path -and for Aries that's a Spiritual one.

5.      Taurus are emotional and physical -likely to stay the same. But most Earth signs also lean towards Spirituality over mentality.

6.      Gemini are Versatile and shift often -and are often confused about their own identity.

7.      Cancer are Emotional Sign and a Water Sign = Emotional. Most likely to stay the same and know themselves.

8.      Leo are mutable AND a fire sign. Likely to stay the same. Also spiritual so slightly likely to become Aries.

9.      Virgo are likely to do well as Virgo and know themselves. But most Earth signs also lean towards Spirituality over mentality, so may shift to Capricorn.

10.  Libra most likely to stay the same -Mental sign in a Mental Element. Balance is Key.

11.  Scorpio are mutable and likely to stay the same -then it's a coin toss between Emotional/Spiritual being a Water Sign.

12.  Sagittarius are most likely to stay the same -being a Fire Sign and knowing themselves. Second to become Aries -they do like to study religion and be right all the time.