Monday, January 21, 2013

Vegan/Vegetarian Zodiac Tendencies

In a recent magazine a bunch of “celebrity” guys were singled out and promoted for being 1. Hot and 2. Vegan or Vegetarian. Granted this list of men was not gathered from the most intellectual of magazines and certainly had nothing to do with the Zodiac initially, but after doing some basic analysis of these 24 men a pattern emerged that does in fact reveal tendencies some signs have towards being vegan and vegetarian over others. 
I first divided the group into 2 groups: Vegans and Vegetarians. Vegetarians eat veggies but also can eat bi-products of animals such as honey (from bees), milk and cheese (from cows), and so on. Vegans are hard-core versions of vegetarians who basically eat only tofu and NO animal related products or bi-products. 

The (11) Vegans listed here were:
Alan Cumming, Ben Stiller, Brian Bell, Dax Shepard, Mac Danzig, Mickey Madden, Russel Brand, Steve-O, Thomas Dekker, Tobey Maguire, and Woody Harrelson. 

The (13) Vegetarians listed were:
Adam Levine, Adam Young, Anthony Kiedis, Brad Pitt, Bruce Springsteen, Chris Martin, Casey Affleck, Herschel Walker, Jason Mraz, Jason Schwartzman, Johnny Galecki, Kal Penn, and Milo Ventimiglia. 

I then listed the dates these men were born and discerned what their related Zodiac Sign was as well as whether they were born on an odd year (such as 1977) denoting “Yin” or an even year (such as 1978) denoting “Yang”. Yin = feminine, soft, ethereal… Yang = edgy, dark, masculine strong…
After I got the results for the 11 Vegans and 13 Vegetarians I did some basic math analysis and concluded that: 

For the Vegans:
Capricorns = 27%
Sagittarius = 18%
Gemini = 18%
Aquarius = 9%
Taurus = 9%
Cancer = 9%
Leo = 9%
Yin = 73%  Yang = 27%
The year 1975 came up 3 times… 27% 

For Vegetarians:
Pisces = 23%
Cancer = 23%
Leo = 15%
Taurus = 15%
Sagittarius = 8%
Scorpio = 8%
Libra = 8%
Yin = 70% Yang = 30%
1977 comes up 4 times… 30%

Putting the 24 men together the average Zodiac elements were:
Water Signs = 33%
Fire Signs = 24%
Earth Signs =21%
Air Signs = 16%
Yin = 71% and Yang = 29%

For the Vegans overall with the Zodiacs being lumped into their elemental categories:
Earth = 36%
Fire = 27%
Air = 27%
Water = 9%

For the Vegetarians overall with the Zodiacs being lumped into their elemental categories:
Water = 54%
Fire = 23%
Earth = 15%
Air = 8%

The final conclusions drawn from this study were as follows:
1. Earth signs are most likely to become Vegan.
2. Water signs are 50% likely to be Vegetarian –which increases to 70% if they are “Yin”.  
3. Yin in general is 70% more likely to become Vegan-Vegetarian than Yang.
4. Fire signs seem consistently second place with Vegan-Vegetarian. (But only for Sags and Leo and NO Aries.)
5. For Vegetarians the year 1977 came up 4 times -which is 30% of the people.
6. For Vegans it was the year 1975 which comprised 27%. (It should also be mentioned that one Vegetarian had the year 1975 as well).  
7. Air signs are overall least likely to be Vegetarian or Vegan.
8. Capricorn, Taurus, Cancer, Pisces, Sagittarians and Leos are at the top for most prone to being Vegan/Vegetarian.
9. Signs completely absent were Virgo and Aries.

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