Friday, January 25, 2013

President Zodiac Birthsigns

I decided to assess the Presidents of the United States based on their Zodiac Birth Signs (not knowing them personally enough to distinguish what their actual signs lived out were). I theorized that the majority would be fire signs (especially Aries) and some Aquarius. Fire signs are known for having natural leadership ability and a desire to pursue prestigious positions of authority that allow them to shine in that field. 

At the opposite end of the spectrum I originally suspected Pisces would be the fewest in number and probably also Gemini because they tend to lack leadership abilities to that degree.
The results were of my findings were as follows: 

Firstly no real Zodiac sign patterns emerged for Democrat v. Republican tendencies. There was also no tendencies with regard to Yin (being born in an odd year) and Yang (being born in an even year) –which were pretty evenly matched. 

There was an interesting pattern that emerged for the beginning Presidents. 5 were Water Signs (3 Pisces and 2 Scorpio) and one was an Aries –which are known for being Visionary signs, which I felt was a little more than coincidental since most of those men shaped the government and founded it at that point in time. 

A second pattern emerged for the Fire Signs as well. Over the course of 28 years there was a fire sign serving as president every other time. 3 were Sagittarius and the other was an Aries. After that the pattern shifts dramatically and over the span of about 20 -30 years only one Fire sign would emerge as president –up until Barack Obama was elected which broke the pattern. 

The last pattern that emerged was a tendency for presidents serving one after the other. An Earth sign president would often be followed by another Earth sign president –and so on for
Air and Water signs. For instance: Virgo followed by Capricorn followed by Scorpio followed by Pisces followed by Gemini followed by Libra. Earth and Earth, Water and Water, Air and Air. 

As far as assessing the Top 9 most well-known presidents goes: 

George Washington –Pisces
Thomas Jefferson –Aries
Abraham Lincoln –Aquarius
Theodore Roosevelt -"Scorpio" (Born Scorpio but I suspect was really a Cancer or Pisces)
Franklin D. Roosevelt –Aquarius
Dwight D. Eisenhower –Libra
John F. Kennedy –Gemini
Richard Nixon –Capricorn
Ronald Reagan –Aquarius 

As far as the overall pattern of percentages regarding the Zodiac Signs by Birth over the span of 43 presidents (Grover Cleveland served 2 terms in-consecutively and therefore still counts as one): 

Aquarius = 5 (12%)
Scorpio = 5 (12%)
Capricorn = 4 (9%)
Pisces = 4 (9%)
Taurus = 4 (9%)
Cancer = 4 (9%)
Leo = 4 (9%)
Libra = 4 (9%)
Sagittarius = 3 (7%)
Aries = 2 (5%)
Virgo = 2 (5%)
Gemini = 2 (5%)

Aquarius and Scorpio seem to be the highest in number among presidents. Lastly seems to be Aries, Virgo, and Gemini. 

If you look by Zodiac Signs by element: 

Earth = 10 (23%)
Water = 13 (30%)
Air =11 (25%)
Fire = 9 (21%)

Water seems to have a slight lead but overall the playing field is pretty even. 


Scorpio and Aquarius seem to make the most powerful and impactful –and in most cases memorable- presidents. I was surprised that fire signs came amounted to the least total and were not more numerous given their natural inclination toward leadership. I was also pleasantly surprised to see so many water signs taking charge and leading the pack. It also seems that the majority of presidents were born under either Emotionally-Oriented or Spiritually-Oriented signs. I guess we as a nation prefer to be led by the heart or the soul rather than just the mind alone. We are a spiritually passionate people. It would be interesting to see the history of Europe’s elected leaders as well but they’ve had less time to develop patterns since they have been ruled primarily by monarchies inherited by birthright.

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