Monday, June 15, 2015

Paranormal Occurrence

There are 2 entities currently following me. It's been interesting. 

I don't fear them, for now I realize more than ever I should fear NO entity. The Holy Spirit stepped in the other day and I felt from its energy the understanding that negative entities are NOTHING in comparison to God. Period. 

But one of the entities definitely only "tolerates" me being around. He made it clear his attachment is only for the purposes of travel. Entities SUCK at traveling through the physical plane given their limited physical nature. It's like moving through a pool of silly puddy. Instead they latch onto people and move through the world that way. 

I've tried crossing these entities over multiple times. They don't want to go. And since Heaven can't be forced on anyone, they are presently allowed to stay as long as they do no harm. 

This morning while in bed I was lying there looking at the ceiling around 9am. Then "Whoooiish!" I heard and felt energy coming from the entity lying next to me on the bed. It blew air at me. And its energy read what I'll call "moderately threatening". But I wasn't scared like I have been with past instances, only surprised. And then impressed. I usually make a note to commend these entities when they do break through the physical barrier and make a sound or move something. It takes a lot of focus and energy for them to do it. 

Latest Visit to Oakdale

2 main updates:

#1 My step-dad doesn't have a "restraining order" against him with regard to my mom, but instead has a restraining order preventing him from getting on the property. It isn't the kind that prevents him from being around my mom -unlike the way she described it as being. Count that as lie #4935734975934 from mom. 

#2 Mom still doesn't talk about or acknowledge anything that happened -which makes things sort of more peaceful. But instead she acts super happy and upbeat like everything in the world is wonderful and does this really fake laugh... making things kind of creepy given everything she's done. 

She also continues to post stuff on Facebook like, "None of the men I have been with have been loving, supportive, honest...". Make that one #456749694372834723 of her lies...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paranormal Stuff

Was having entity issues that were getting pretty intense last night. 
Hard to breathe, and my chest felt like it was closing up and was that strange burning/scratching feeling I've now come to associate with negative energy from entities. 

So I got up and brought God in, which I hadn't done in a while. 

And whenever God's presence finally gets through and that energy fills the room at some point I always reach this understanding of, "Ok. Everything's in God's hands now. You don't have to worry, it'll all be taken care of."

And it was. The activity died down and issued dissipated. 

Then a mosquito-catcher bug started flying around as soon as I'd finished my meditation. And it was a strange, darting bug that kind of came out of nowhere. Then my cat came in the room and immediately started chasing after it -my protector. 

Then I went to go back to bed and my dog Owen came in the room, which was weird because he never comes in or sleeps downstairs with me ever. But that night he did -my other protector.

In the morning the weather was strange. The temperature was humid, but the sky was gray and the wind was blowing moderately. Whisps of white pollen spores were twisting around, almost suspended in air. It seemed kind of mystic and slightly foreboding. Not sure what it meant.