Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Paranormal Stuff

Was having entity issues that were getting pretty intense last night. 
Hard to breathe, and my chest felt like it was closing up and was that strange burning/scratching feeling I've now come to associate with negative energy from entities. 

So I got up and brought God in, which I hadn't done in a while. 

And whenever God's presence finally gets through and that energy fills the room at some point I always reach this understanding of, "Ok. Everything's in God's hands now. You don't have to worry, it'll all be taken care of."

And it was. The activity died down and issued dissipated. 

Then a mosquito-catcher bug started flying around as soon as I'd finished my meditation. And it was a strange, darting bug that kind of came out of nowhere. Then my cat came in the room and immediately started chasing after it -my protector. 

Then I went to go back to bed and my dog Owen came in the room, which was weird because he never comes in or sleeps downstairs with me ever. But that night he did -my other protector.

In the morning the weather was strange. The temperature was humid, but the sky was gray and the wind was blowing moderately. Whisps of white pollen spores were twisting around, almost suspended in air. It seemed kind of mystic and slightly foreboding. Not sure what it meant. 

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