Monday, June 15, 2015

Latest Visit to Oakdale

2 main updates:

#1 My step-dad doesn't have a "restraining order" against him with regard to my mom, but instead has a restraining order preventing him from getting on the property. It isn't the kind that prevents him from being around my mom -unlike the way she described it as being. Count that as lie #4935734975934 from mom. 

#2 Mom still doesn't talk about or acknowledge anything that happened -which makes things sort of more peaceful. But instead she acts super happy and upbeat like everything in the world is wonderful and does this really fake laugh... making things kind of creepy given everything she's done. 

She also continues to post stuff on Facebook like, "None of the men I have been with have been loving, supportive, honest...". Make that one #456749694372834723 of her lies...

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