Monday, February 22, 2016

What the Future Holds: Angel Cards 4

I decided to do a concentrated meditation and then card reading. Specifically asked for greater clarity about my Present and about my Future. As soon as I thought the word "Future" in requesting guidance the word lit up in my mind and I heard it out loud in my head as if someone had said the word at the same time I had only TO me. I got the message that this one was going to be specifically about my FUTURE. 

First card: Entrepreneur. That card actually says this path suites me because I can work more Intuitively and Spiritually that way. And it is true. If money was of no concern to me, I would follow more of an entrepreneurial path. 

The next 3 cards drawn (one "accidentally" flipped over): ENJOY Life. It's not enough to make a living if you don't have a good life. 

The interesting thing about these cards is they are all bordered in different hues of PINK. They also all feature a female with Wings. This to me is indicative of the synchronicity of the message. Run! Be FREE! Enjoy Nature! Take care of Yourself! Take Life IN! 

It's hard for me when this world is so pressing with it's templated expectations. And yet I'm taking on several freelance graphic design jobs right now and possibly going to work part-time. It seems like God is aligning my work opportunities with this new path I'm meant to be venturing down. 

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