Thursday, February 11, 2016

Career Path v. Spiritual Path

Went to a workshop at the job center today to try and answer the afflicting questions of, "What am I meant to be doing and How can I make money right now?" 

On the upside the 2 hour assessments I took AFFIRMED I am God gifted me with several abilities:

#1 Creativity and Artistry
#2 Analytical Thought and Understanding which are great for Writing
#3 Deep Understanding of Human Nature
#4 A Heart for Humanitarian Causes 

I also got clearer on my Ideal Values for the work place and job position.

#1 Something that will allow me to be Fulfilled and Achieve Goals
#2 Somewhere I can make Friends and have a sense of Connection
#3 Somewhere founded in Long-Term Stability 
#4 Somewhere Orderly and Logical
#5 Somewhere Collaborative 
# Somewhere with Integrity that Contributes 

Jobs suggested to me from these assessments include:

-Graphic Design*** (Highly Recommended)
-Proofreading and Copy Writing
-Religious Work
-Office Administration 

Unfortunately this does NOT help me figure out how to write a book (which Doreen Virtue's angel cards are getting particularly insistent about) AND get a job that pays.  

Just to catch you up on the latest from the Angel Cards, here's the past couple days worth:

#1 Choose MEANING over MONEY (easier said than done)

#2 Don't Worry about Financial Concerns (easier said than done)

#3 You Realllllyyyyyy should Write that frickin Book we mentioned... 

Anyways, after NOT finding out what the heck I should be doing with my life with more specificity than "Find a good company you like to be a Graphic Designer for until you earn enough money to work on that frickin book we mentioned"... I decided to go to the library. 

There I went to the Spiritual, then Religious, then Philosophical, then Focused on World Issues section of the library to track down a Doreen Virtue book. 

To my dismay they only had 1 book of hers and it was on Crystals. It's interesting because I've actually set some quartz crystals aside to give to my sister for her birthday. And I was thinking about Crystals the other day and how they can essentially "trap and dissipate" negative energy. 

I flipped through her book and found something I'd come across many years ago called "Platonic Solids".

Basically the Elements are listed in order geometrically based on Spirituality. Fire is the least spiritual element and Water is the most -even over Spirit which is surprising to me. 

The book then goes on to describe various kinds of crystals and what they do and which gemstones are affiliated with which angels and how to use them to heal and perform other spiritual practices of a positive nature. 

I get it. I really do. We humans need HUGE radio antennas and cell towers to stay connected with one and other and so it makes sense Heaven might need a little assistance too with reaching human beings on Earth. So these gemstones and crystals are supposed to help with reception and connecting to the divine. 

However I always figure if you have to go that far out of your way to do something in a forced way it (1) isn't worth the effort ultimately and (2) isn't something that will come naturally -even though "Spirituality" is about as natural and intuitive as it gets.

So ultimately I'm not interested in using crystals and gemstones. I've collected those kinds of things instinctually since I was a kid and have a HUGE pile of those kinds of rocks around if I ever change my mind. I definitely feel like I'm MEANT to understand and appreciate these stones for one reason or another. But as far as getting that "into" crystal collection and making a spiritual alter... not that interested. 

Whatever is meant to be will come about naturally.

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