Thursday, February 18, 2016

Speed Traps and Poor Education

My friend had to go to court yesterday to try and diminish her Speeding Ticket. Apparently she was driving through a small town called Lyons, CO on her way to Estes Park and a cop pulled her over. When you pull into the small town you're initially going about 50-55mph when a 45mph sign pops up so you start to slow down to 45mph. Less than 600 feet after that sign there is a 25mph that pops up out of nowhere. You'd essentially have to hit the breaks from the 45mph to the 25mph to slow to that speed but COULDN'T if you didn't know that sign was there.

Nina was going about 35mph when she came upon the 25mph sign and a cop ticketed her. 
In the small courtroom there were about 20 other people. 18 out of those 20 people were there for the SAME stop sign issue. Some were clocked going 35-40mph. Only two were clocked going 60mph -which is is insane. The 2 other people not there for the stop sign had unrelated traffic issues.

For me if someone gives you a car like a Mazda ZN10 and you drive the car and it breaks down. Then you find 90% of all other customers who bought that car also had the same make and model break down unexpectedly, something tells me it's NOT the driver's fault. 

The average charge of a speeding ticket, with court costs, was $145. Then the drivers did get their "points" decreased for showing up and were filed under a lesser charge. When someone complained to the Judge, including a man who had NO driving incidents in over 20 years, she said, "We didn't put up the signs, it's not in our jurisdiction to change them. Every 5 years there's another group that reviews signs and changes them if needed..." Bullsh*t.

A small town is essentially committing an unjust practice do to misplacement of speeding signs and their defense is, "Well it's just there so... it's like there." 

And this is common in many small towns in many states. There should be a way citizens can do something to change this. They just profited $2320 innocent, hardworking people (some of whom were living on minimum wage, were out of work and looking for a job, or were only working part time while living with a relative). 

The other disturbing discovery I made yesterday was how uneducated an average 18 year old was in this country. 

-I mentioned the Black Panthers. She said, "I've never even heard of them."

-I mentioned that the KKK still meets up regularly in many states and the FBI hasn't disbanded them. She said, "WHAT?! I thought that group ended a longggggg time ago."

-I mentioned Bill Cosby going to trial finally for one of the 30+ women he had raped because of that stupid statute of limitations. She said, "What?! Cosby? The comedian guy? The guy from the family show? When did this happen???..." 

I don't know which is more disturbing, that our public education system failed this human being or that in spite of her MANY hours spent on the internet she STILL is out of the loop on BIG issues occurring in our country. 

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