Monday, June 10, 2013

The Problem with the World

Yesterday I went over to my dad's house for dinner. I sat across the table from two 4 year old girls who had a bunch of miniature toys on the table. One girl (we'll call her Bethany) had gotten the toys from my dad (they were small porcelain figures he got from his tea boxes he drinks regularly). There were 26 total miniature figures. 

The second girl (we'll call her Georgia) saw these 26 toys and asked Bethany if she could play with 3 of them. Bethany said ok, but before she let her pick them she sorted all the individual figures out and had them all counted (hence the reason I knew there were 26 total). 

Georgia picked a Tree, a Horse, and a Dog from the random assortment of figures. Then when Bethany was playing with some of the other figures, Georgia realized there were 2 more she wanted. Thinking this wouldn't be an issue she picked an Elephant and a Cat from the overflowing pile of figures. 

Then Bethany noticed that Georgia had 2 more toys than previously agreed upon and said, "Hey I thought you said you were only going to have 3?..." 

I thought, "Really? You have 21 figures to play with and you're going to claim possession of 2 you didn't even notice were missing? None of these toys technically even belong to you in the first place..."

My sister seeing the potential confrontation between the two girls decided to take ALL of the figures and divide them up evenly so each girl individually picked a figure until each had an equal number of 13. 

I thought: This is what the world needs. An unbias mediator to sort out all of the resources evenly among all people. There will always be people with more than their fair share who seek to take and hoard from those with little or less who they feel have been given "more" than they are entitled to. And there will always be people who just want 5 (3 is not enough and they don't feel self entitled to a superfluous amount). Just 5 and they are perfectly contented and satisfied. 

At the end of the day -those with more will always be obsessed with maintaining the greatest amount they can accumulate and nit-pick over those who take even the slightest from them. Despite their abundance of items, they will never feel fully satisfied or contented. They will always want more. 

Love what you have and don't focus on what you don't. Don't feel greed and envy towards those who have what you want -be happy they are happy. Don't spite those who have more than you, they are burdened by their possessions and their obsessions with them.

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