Monday, June 10, 2013

To-Goal List

Another thing I learned from the Personal Development Event from Saturday is to clearly write out your goals: which has been reiterated by many people since the dawn of time at this point. Still it's good advice and since I've already written down my To-Get List, I figure it's a good idea to chart out my goals as well. The universe beats you over the head with the same point over and over it's only a matter of time before common sense mandates you act on the advice being given...

Someone from Toastmasters gave us an idiot-proof chart to help map out our goals (They called it a "GPS Your Goals Chart"). Here goes:

Upcoming Goals to Achieve:

-Finish updating the 4Charity website with specific Needs of the non-profits (to make it very clear how people can get involved and contribute)

- Set Usana Strait (they're bugging me right now because I went to change my current product order and they said I couldn't make any changes at this time. Bullsh*t. If I'm paying money for the products I should be able to adjust/change my order at will. If Quill can handle this so can Usana...)

-Take Jeffery under my wing as the upcoming V.P. of Education for Toastmasters so he can learn the ropes because this officer role requires a lot of training.

-I created a new Spiritual website because it's awkward having spiritual stuff on my Art website so I need to transfer the Zodiac Facts and other spiritual-related content from my Art website to the new Spiritual website I'm creating. 

Physical/ Health Goals:

-Eat healthier (had an avocado for breakfast so I'm off to a good start)

-Workout/ Exercise (yah...) 

Financial Goals:

-Earn more money somehow
-Sell my Art on Etsy 

Social Goals:

-Finish the Mentoring Program I designed for PHB
-Master PHB Events/Mixers
-Plan out Charity Fundraiser I'm hosting in September 
-Get our Toastmasters club the "President's Distinguished" title
-Update and Refine the Toastmaster's Mentoring Program
-Finish my Advanced Communicator Series for Toastmasters
-Be an awesome Toastmasters President for the next 6 months of service 

Spiritual Goals: 

-Read ALL of the Bible (It's a long, ongoing journey through that book)
-Blog my spiritual insights and thoughts more often
-Go outdoors more
-Continue creating art
-Share and contribute to my Causes

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