Monday, January 11, 2016

Meta/Physical Empathy and Dejavu

Ever since I moved out to Colorado I've been experiencing 2 new phenomenon. 

The first is what I call Meta/Physical empathy. 

Normally when you feel empathetic spiritually it's a wounding you feel within yourself over some else's pain. It HITS you deep and disturbs you. This is psychic/empathetic understanding. It's actually one of the downsides to being in touch with your own soul: You get far more easily wounded by the pain in other souls. Hence the reason they call that kind of person a "sensitive". 

Lately however my empathy has been physically manifesting itself. My step-mom has had intestinal issues and lately my left side and my right side of my body have been sore. 

Then when my sister was visiting I kept having this anxious paranoid feeling come over me and I realized after about a week the nerves were actually coming from her. 

I then felt compelled to tell my sister, "If you ever SEE a negative entity appear to you, let me know. I'll tell you how to handle it." It was kind of awkward saying it out of nowhere, but I knew it needed to be said. Then she said, "Actually I already saw one. I was lying in bed and it kind of flashed in front of me. It was big and dark." I told her if things got worse to let me know. She and I have always had entity problems... 

The second thing I've been experiencing is DejaVu. In September 2014 I either had one dream or a series of dreams I've been recalling lately in fragmented pieces. In my dream several things were fortold to me. I didn't understand or remember them until they occurred though. 

#1 You will play Farmville on your computer
I re-started Farmville back in early 2015 but quite it again after about 2 months. But in my dream I actually responded to being told I would play it again by saying, "I'd never play that again. I'm over that whole game..."

#2 You will get a new cell phone cover
This I didn't understand originally because it's not like I was told "cell phone cover" instead it was described and alluded to. And I didn't think I'd get one because my phone didn't need one. Then in Spring 2015 my cell phone fell in the toilet and I had to get a new one. The new one was thinner than the old one and needed a thick case -so I bought one. 

#3 Jared Fogle will be found to have slept with a young girl and he will say, "It was amazing!" 
I actually ignored this because I thought it was random, implausible, and outlandish. Then when it happened I remembered the dream and had dejavu. 

#4 You will meet a young girl and go hiking with her. 
I actually saw a glimpse of the girl in the dream and asked who she was. The voice said, "Don't worry, you will meet her and know her when you do..." That was Nina, my new traveling companion and closest friend in Colorado. She's like a sister to me now. One of the first things we did when we got here was hike to the Hanging Lake. 

So I've found that dejavu from the dream as well as dejavu in general have increased this past year and in Colorado in general -which is interesting. 

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