Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Cover for a New Book

My friend who's a minister in a church asked me many months ago if I could make a cover for a book he was writing called, What Your Church Should Be Known For. I said sure, but then moved to Colorado and the plan fell to the back of my mind.

Then last week my friend told me his book was complete and he needed the cover. So I got to work creating the image that would be on the cover.

The image itself I came up with the day he asked me for the cover many months ago. The concept is this:

On a cross would lay the "Crown of Thorns" -denoting Christ's sacrifices -but the crown would then be turned into a Nest -representing a Home -which is what the church sets out to be. This sacred Nest/Home would then be used as a safe haven for those seeking peace -which is why the Bird of Peace would rest upon it. The Bird of Peace is also similar iconography to the Holy Spirit. 

So you have a couple cross-over concepts merging together:

-Crown of Thorns becomes Nest/Home for Peace
-Bird of Peace is similar to Holy Spirit

Today I completed the Artwork by scanning in the sketch I made and editing it in Illustrator. Here is the journey the image went on from concept to fruition:

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