Friday, February 3, 2017

Angel Cards + Dreams for January - February 2017

These cards were drawn today. Got the clear and distinct message that I needed to meditate and connect with Heaven and these are the cards drawn during that session: 

I know I need to get out into nature more, create more artwork, but in this instance: Write more. Write more WISDOM. Which is coming pretty frequently these days, I just don't always post as often as I could. 

And to match that this is the card Doreen posted today:

Then I looked back over some of the other cards over the previous month that were posted by Doreen Virtue. The cards in general are 90% accurate so I don't always save them at this point -just the ones that really stick out. 

Doreen Card 1-16-17:

I've been trying to focus with aligning myself to not just a new job, but greater things that I'm meant to do or be. 

Doreen 1-29-17:

Deeply important to keep this in mind given how tumultuous the world has gotten these days. God is with you and this is God's earth and people. 

Then last week a couple things happened that kind of blended together into one. 

#1 Kept thinking about dolphins -which is weird because they aren't really one of my totem animals and I didn't know what ti meant. 

#2 Doreen posted a card with Dolphin on it specifically, but still wasn't sure what it was speaking to. 

#3 Started wanting to get the Doreen Virtue card set that features dolphins and underwater stuff in particular. Was going to see how much in costs in comparison to this gift I want to get my sister for her birthday and I only have $50 Amazon gift card to work with. 

#4 Had a dream about my mom 3 nights ago. In the dream my dad went to her house and fixed something that was kind of broken and my step dad was there as well wishing my mom happiness and joy. Both my dad and my step-dad had kind of moved on from my mom and were in a good place. 

Mom was seeing a new man and was in a new home, but wasn't happy. She was forlorn over the fact that there were issues between us and no one was really around to visit. She was lonely. 

Then she said, "Here I got you these", and she gifted me 3 different Angel Card decks. 

I woke up thinking that it meant I needed to repair things with my mom so she could fully move on in this life and enter into the afterlife in peace whenever that day might come. 

#5 My mom called me the next day and asked me what I wanted for my birthday. Went on Amazon and realized I couldn't afford to get my sister her present -which was $48 -and afford that dolphin card deck that /i wanted with the $50 gift card. 

So I told my mom which angel card decks I wanted -including the dolphin one -and we had a nice conversation that ended in peace. 

I feel like God's trying to heal things and that things are generally moving in the right direction in a spiritual, positive way. 

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