Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Angel Cards and Dreams 1-24-17

Things have been intense lately. Thank God that God is around. 

I'll praise God for God. I can do that...

Things have been frightening and frustrating in the world. I take solace in the ability to hand it all over to God knowing it is not my world but God's world and that I am only here as a tiny part of it with no ultimate control over it. It's better in God's hands -especially when you see the mess mankind makes of it. 

So these were my angel cards the other day and kind of the theme of this year in general: 

Yup. There you go. 

It's not that bad things aren't going to happen -you can see them like crashing dominoes from a mile away. It's that God's got moves to make on this checker board as well and they are great, profound, and loving. 

In other news, had some interesting dreams recently. 

Dream 1/05/17: 

Been a follower and fan of Jason Mraz for a while now. Someone once posted on Facebook that they wished there was a celebrity they could name that championed multiple causes instead of just one as she was doing and so I listed him and she thanked me. 

He cares about LGBTQ+ Rights, Ending Child Slavery, and Environmentalism/Farming in particular. So this dream came and it was interesting to see. 

Dreamed I went to the Jason Mraz Foundation -which was essentially a big, colorful building. There was a giant playhouse/tree house for kids to run around in. There were lots of animals around -including animals just wandering the grounds and a station to pet them in. There was a LGBTQ+ department. There was a giant field for farming various crops anyone could then come by and eat for free. He also had a gift shop and was capitalizing on all things vegan-related. 

And so I got the chance to meet him at this place and he requested that I look after a kiddy pool full of small turtles. This was important because I've had a hard time relating to turtles and looking after them. They are a hard animal to connect with in any way and I once referred to them as "moving rocks". So I think the dream was encouraging me to stretch compassion to all animals and seek understanding of them better because one day I might be called upon to look over them. 

Dream 1/06/17:

Had a very vivid dream that I was IN a video game. In the game I was working somewhere, drinking coffee, and doing marketing and graphic design. I've had a couple dreams about work since my old position ended and I'm back on the hunt for a job. I'm actually better than I was last time though -very patient and deliberate with what I'm doing. 

Dream 1/12/17: 

This dream was particularly important. Had a dream -like many I've had before -that I was running around and in an abandoned 20 story building avoiding being eaten by 2 T-Rexs. Then the dream turned into a video game and I had the ability to kill the dinos from above with any number of guns from the Xbox game Halo. I went with rocket launcher. 

When the dinos were shot they turned into bones, only to be reanimated back to life and complete health again 1 minute later. When I realized I couldn't END the situation, I just went back to avoiding them. 

Then I came across a BABY t-rex. I immediately treated it like any other baby animal and started watching over it and feeding it. I realized: This animal can grow to trust me and can protect me form the other 2. Then at one point I went out onto the balcony of this building and all the other people running around had gathered below with all the herbivore dinosaurs like a Stegosaurus and Brontosaurus. 

When I woke up I realized the balcony scene -which even in the dream seemed random and didn't make sense to me -resembled the scene from The Lion King. You have a young carnivore almost like a king-to-be looking and presiding over a variety of herbivores. 

And this is weird because I have felt pretty compelled to watch that movie lately for some reason -but don't own it. I think there is some kind of prolific or futuristic message in the movie sort of being prophesied. 

Vision 1/14/17: 

This is a vision I saw while awake that just kind of appeared out of nowhere in my mind. I could have drawn it down, but didn't feel like it. 

There was a warm and radiant sun above and it beamed down rays of light. These singular rays then appeared as chords attached to a vast array of people below. The people were dressed in a variety of colors making the appearance of a kind of rainbow-like spectrum when standing together. 

I think it represents God's unity with people and the desire and fulfillment achieved by UNITY in general. 

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