Sunday, April 10, 2016

Jesus' Thoughts

As I was lying in bed circling the thoughts in my mind, I noticed the presence of a divine being come in. Took me a second to recognize it as Jesus's peaceful energy. And so I wondered, "What does Jesus think about?"

So I asked Him, "Do you worry like I do, do you think about humanity and all of its issues, do you try to see the bigger picture behind things, do you have hope, do you wish you could intervene more, do you think about your own life -your past, present, and a future...?"

Then He calmly replied, "I don't worry... I KNOW." And I received the understanding that He sees ALL -especially Heaven and the Future. So He KNOWS that everything turns out ok and He knows souls are looked after in Heaven. He doesn't wonder or worry about anything. He KNOWS.

And it was kind of a "DUH" moment for me, like Why didn't I think of that before? He's an infinite divine being of God that was once enfleshed. Why would He worry?

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