Monday, April 4, 2016

Angel Cards #7

I've been keeping less and less of a track on the Angel Cards. In general they're still accurate, with some being freakishly accurate, but I find the visions I draw to be more significant in general even if they don't speak to what's going on in my present life. 

Doreen's Card March 18th + 21st: I've been struggling with finding a job and have the instinct to sink more and more into positions I don't want for companies I don't like. These cards came as a reminder to "stick to the path" and be patient. 

Doreen's Card March 22nd: I keep veering from healthy eating and self-care. These reminders pop up about once a week for me to eat healthier and go outside and do something. 

Doreen's Card March 23rd through 29th: Again another reminder to be consistent and don't veer from the path. It's hard with so much uncertainty to trust Heaven to align everything swiftly. Control is a hard thing to let go of. 

Doreen's Card March 31st: These I feel have something to do with my spiritual life purpose and future. I saw an ad for Reiki Healing class, but ended up signing up for a Photoshop class instead. But chakra healing keeps popping up. I think I'm meant to get educated on spiritual healing so I can help "heal nature". I know chakras/spiritual healing and nature are a major component of my future. 

Doreen April 4th: I'm supposed to succeed at something today. I succeeded in going outside for a while and not stressing out as much. Did not succeed at eating healthier. Was hoping to succeed at finally finding the right job... 

Me March 29th: Sometimes visions will come to me in a still framed image and other times they'll come to me like a moving video clip or gif. This was about a 3 second clip. This round orb came slowly down and several angel beneath it "bowed" in a echoing semi-circular motion. As their wings unfolded down, it created this movement as if they were clearing a path for the orb. No idea what it means though. 

Me March 30th: Kind of had a break through. Found out that if you call on the Holy Spirit and let your soul lead, your soul will "lock arms" with the Holy Spirit almost in an embrace like a hug and you can then push forward through space against a negative entity that is being invasive. Attempted to draw this phenomenon. As I push through the space I think words like "Autonomy" and "Grace" to help the energy flow over me like a protective shield. 

Me March 31st: Decided to pull some cards from my 2 favorite Angel decks. Got PLAY -which basically means stop stressing over the job thing and enjoy life. Got "follow your heart" with homage being payed to nature and animal kind (part of my life's purpose). I got energy work and spiritual protection -which I had just used the night before. 

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